Mom Seeking Advise on 3 Year Old's IEP and Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Updated on December 03, 2007
B.H. asks from Detroit, MI
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My son was Diagnosed as being on the high end of the Autism Spectrum Disorder by our local school district back in October. Since then he has been receiving speech therapy and Occupational therapy as his daycare. We were told that in January he could be placed in a special education classroom. At first my husband and I were extremely disappointed because we wanted him place ASAP.

I don't feel the same way anymore. Even his speech therapist says that special education may not be the best option for him right now. It's his behavior that is the problem which I even blieve is improving at times. However, he continues to have a tantrum at least 2x a week when he does not get his way. I believe his speech has improved alot since October. He has gone from uses just one word phrases to attempting to make sentences.
Now, January is approaching and I'm thinking about not placing him in special education I would like him to start in regular preschool and then go to speical ed if problems arise. But he does constantly chalenge me with his behavior and potty training.
My husband believes that he should just to go special ed. because of all the time and effort it took to get him evaluated and get the process finished. If he does not go we would have to start the process over. But I'm wondering if that is a bad thing because he is not the same as he was 3 months ago or even last summer when he started in the Early on Program.
Any Suggestions would be so greatly appreciated. Or has anyone had any experience with this type of situation. I'm really glad to have the site to post because when I'm discussing this with friends or family no one has an opinion or much to add. I just want to make the right decision. And I'm looking for different opinions.

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Dear B., you can call my co-worker, Lori Huntington, who has an Autistic Daughter. WE are both Special-Needs Parent Advocates with Parent Support and Advocacy Program. Our services are free. Lori's number is 1-###-###-####. She is very experienced in Autism issues. God bless-K..

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hey mom! I think it's always a good idea to trust in your feelings first. And also to listen to the folks who have the most interaction with your child. Have a good talk with the evaluators and if needed ask them to re-evaluate, then go with what you believe works for you, and your child, and the situation you're in. good luck let us know how it's going!! KK :)



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Hi B.,
I don't know which district you're in, in my district you can write the IEP to meet your needs. In other words have them write it so that he retains his disability with placment
most of the day in a reg ed. classroom.It would be identified as mainstreaming. That way you don't have to re- evaluate to get him service. Also why isn't he getting School social work services to help with his tantrums? I'm sure he's a frustrated guy because of the speech delay. The SSW and the speech therapist can work together to help him. Social workers can do social stories or what ever to help him.
Hope that helps.



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Hi B. - I agree with Leah. In his IEP you should be able to initiate both a pre-school class and the special ed class at the same time. I have two boys with Autism and they got both services at the same time. It is called "mainstreaming" and the school district should be able to accomodate you. As with Leah's response, some districts are more advanced at giving early special ed services than others. If you have a choice of one or the other then I would go with the special ed class first to get your son the help he so desperately needs. Chances are he won't be able to function in a regular ed class like the other children. He'll need the added support of the special ed classes. If you want to chat more please feel free to contact me. Good luck in whatever you choose to do.


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