Aspergers Syndrome

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M.L. asks from Houston

If your child has Asperger's, when did you find out? My second daughter has issues, and, we've often suspected her having this. We very much conform to her needs, do...



K.S. asks from Knoxville

Hello my name is Kaite. I have a 2 1/2 yr old who they think has Asperger's( a form of autism)... I have looked it up and just dont get it.. See he beats his head and...


Any Tips on Asperger's

K.F. asks from Stationed Overseas

My daughter was diagnosed with Asperger's last year. That was kinda it, the Dr.s were like yeah she has it. So even though I have I asked and "googled" I am kinda lef...


Asperger Syndrome

G.D. asks from New York

My 5 yr. old has Asperger Syndrome (mild). I find myself losing my temper with him during busy times of the day because I run out of patience when he is hyper-focuse...


Any Asperger's Moms Out There?

A.K. asks from Boca Raton

Hi all! My sisters 3 yr. old has been given a "possible asperger's" diagnosis with alot more testing to go.....she's in GA and I referred her to Mama source for her ...


Asperger Syndrome

M.S. asks from San Francisco

does anyone know of a support group for my 30 year old son for asperger syndrome. he needs to meet people like him. it would be great if he can find a local group to ...


Asperger's Syndrome

S.L. asks from Myrtle Beach

My son was recently diagnosed (Aug.) with Asperger's. I contacted the school district to attempt getting an IEP for him. They started the testing process and so far...


Asperger's Syndrome

C.R. asks from Columbus

hi there Just wondering what any of you Mamas can tell me about Asperger's. I'm relatively sure my oldest son has this gift. he is very sweet with me, but not so m...


Asperger Syndrome

M.H. asks from San Francisco

Hi Mamas, My Godson's doctor is speculating asperger syndrome as what has been challenging him. He is a very worried, intelligent 5 year old. I have just begun r...


Asperger's Syndrome

C.B. asks from Chicago

My son was recently diagnosed with asperger's syndrome. We have him in a public school now, in a program for preschooler's with social challenges. I have read so mu...