Methotrexate Shot for Tubal Pregnancy

Updated on January 26, 2011
S.R. asks from Novi, MI
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Okay mommies...This is my 3rd post in the last few weeks in regards to the same pregnancy. This has been a roller coaster ride that has left me an emotional mess. My levels have been all over the place. My last levels were 498 and then 736 I will have another level tomorrow. My doctor is thinking that this is a tubal pregnancy but hasn't been able to find any pregnancy on an ultrasound. I had a transvaginal ultrasound done today and to both the doctors & my surprise, there was nothing. I know the levels have to be around 2000 for it to show up. He is giving me a 20% of having a healthy baby if it were to go to term. Since my hormone levels aren't steadyily going up, they're going up & down & not doubling. So he has given me a few choices and is hoping for an answer tomorrow.

1-Get the methotrexate shot to dissolve the pregnancy if its tubal. However if it is healthy and I dont miscarry there is a high chance of deformaties.

2-Have a D&C to see if I was pregnant and miscarried 2 weeks ago like originally thought. But once again if there is a pregnancy still there I would lose it.

3-Wait and see till my levels hit 2000 and see if its in the tubes or not but waiting puts me at a hgh risk of my tube rupturing and needing surgery

Not very good options but those are what I have been given. I know that I can not care for a child with disabilities like the child would need and deserve so at this point it would be out of the question to go any further with the pregnany if its unhealthy. Which my levels are pointing towards it being abnormal.

So this is my question, I know alot of you answered me before, but I am wondering if anyone has been in the same situation as I am and what you decided. And what the side effects to the shot were.

Thanks mommies in advance. I hope I gave enough details

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So What Happened?

Well the blood levels from yesterday went up to 1857, and they sent me for another ultrasound...The ultrasound confirmed the inevitable. It is a tubal pregnancy and in the right tube. I got the inject today and within 4 days they said my levels should start comming down. Thanks for all the support. It just wasn't meant to be

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answers from Detroit on

Sounds to me like the doctor doesn't have enough info yet and these are pretty big options to decide upon when you are not even sure you are pregnant. It seems extreme for the doctor to say the baby is unhealthy when he/she is not even sure what is going on. Finally, in my opinion, every child has a purpose.


answers from Austin on

Oh so sorry you have to face such choices. I don't have much experience with tubal pregnancies and don't think my opinion counts much. But for what it's worth, if I was in that situation, I just don't feel like I would have enough information to make a decision to do anything except wait a few more days. I mean, they didn't see anything in your tubes, right? So, I'm thinking the risk of a rupture between now and next week is slim-? (I assume that you would be monitored again next week if you don't do anything now?)



answers from Santa Barbara on

I am 24 years old and have just experienced my second ectopic pregnancy. In Dec of 08 I had emergency surgery to remove an ectopic n lost my right tube. And at that time the doc had warned me that i had a greater risk of having a second ectopic due to scarring on my left tube as well. reason for scarring still unkn. And a lil over 2 weeks ago i found out i was pregnant and it wasnt even 2 days before i started having this little pain in my left side, n i just prepared myself for the worse. Went to ER n did bloodwork n ultrasound but since my numbers were way too low to see anything i was sent home without an answer to wait 48 hours for repeat bloodwork. My number started out 161...low. but after 48 hours it had doubled to 307....still not high like they shoulda been. so more waiting, torture not knowing if u should be happy or sad. Saw my doc n had another ultrasound done but still no signs of a tubal or embryo so more bloodwork n waiting, all the while the pain is gettin worse n i start having brown spotting. Then on the 10th day i woke up to a phone call from my doc saying he was still concerned with my levels even tho they doubled n were at 808 n that he wanted me to go to the ER. I had also started bleeding actual blood the night before n after i got off the phone i stood up n could feel my blood pressure just drop. scared the hell outta me and had my grams rush me to the ER where i was convinced i was experiencing a miscarrage. cramping, clots, bleeding....n went in for another ultrasound knowing wat they were gonna tell me< that i was miscarrying. But instead the doc says "it looks like it is an ectopic afterall, small mass in the tube, since its still early u have the option of a shot of methotrexate which will stop the growth n absorb it into your body." at this point my biggest fear was it being another ectopic n me possibly losing my other tube and never be able to concieve naturally again...ever. I had prepared myself for this n decited to get the shot. It hurt for a lil while n it was in my lower back/butt. wat im assuming were the side affects of the shot were pretty horrible. Diarrea, gas/ bloating, nausea, achy body, n i was in bed for 3 days. 4 days after shot still bleeding and passed large clots, pain comes and goes n my bloodwork had gone up to 1800 which doc said is normal n that at the 7th day after the shot is the number that will tell us if it worked ornot. A second dose could be an option if the risk of rupture is low still, but 1 in every 15 cases the shot doesnt work n surgery is required. I will know tomorrow if it worked...praying god has spared me my last tube n i can continue life with that feeling of purpose n hope for my future, cuz without my last tube i would feel worthless, less than a women, n just lost. still feeling the pinch in my side...just want this to all be over already so i can get back to my life n my health...And before any of this happened God blessed me with my best friend n true love, my daughter Hailey Rae who is 4 1/2. So even if i never have another child im still so blessed n grateful n lucky to have her. But my advice to u is GO WITH UR INSTINCT, i knew for 2 weeks something was wrong n i was sure it was in the tube without any real proof or reason, just that gut feeling i couldnt deny.... n just 48 hrs before they confirmed it an ectopic the ultrasound tech told me "no signs of anything in the tube, looks clear" but i wasnt believing it. I have had mixed feelings about this since i prepared myself for the worst n wouldnt let my mind even think of it as a full term baby, just sum cells, which helped soften the blow< but its still a huge loss n its hard sitting in the waiting room with all these pregnant women askin God "why cant i have that? wat did i do to deserve 4 pregnancies with only one child?"



answers from Albuquerque on

I'm so sorry you're going through this. I just miscarried at 12 weeks over the weekend after them not finding a heartbeat on Tuesday. They offered me similar options and I chose to wait for my body do handle it on it's own (I think in the back of my head I still had hope and was hoping they were wrong).
From looking at your previous post it seems like you're still real early on in your pregnancy, maybe it's too early for them to even see anything. I read that they can't even detect a heartbeat until at least 7 weeks and then sometimes even later. I would want to be sure before doing anything like a dnc, if it were me I would wait. Sending you thoughts and prayers.


answers from Dallas on

I you want this pregnancy, then I would wait. I've had an ectopic pregnancy and believe me, it's NOT fun. I ended up in surgery b/c it started to rupture and it was painful to recover from. They were able to save my tube.BUT, if you aren't sure that that's what it is, then why chance it? I guess I just believe that every child deserves a chance and if your doctor isn't sure then I would wait until you know more.
I just miscarried again 2 weeks ago, bled for a week and by then, my hcg levels were 0.



answers from Grand Rapids on

i am so sorry that you have had to go through this and i am glad you do finally have an answer. i wanted to respond to let you know that my prayers are with you, for a healthy pregnancy at some time in the future and for peace with what has happened with this one. God bless you


answers from Detroit on

My very first pregnancy was a possibly a tubal. Like you, my levels were not going up the way the doctor expected. I ended up in the ER 4 days after I found out I was pregnant with major pain. That's when they performed the trans-vaginal ultrasound. I went for more blood work a couple of days after that to see if the levels improved, however, they did not double like they should have. Shortly after is when the doctor told me it was just a bad pregnancy. They weren't even sure if it was a tubal since they couldn't find anything. That is when he recommended the methatrexate shot. He explained to me that it just wasn't going to be a good pregnancy, that it wasn't going to happen. I did get the Methotrexate shot, however, I did end up miscarrying anyway and had to go in for an emergency D & C. I don't recall any side affects from the shot, although it was very emotional for me (felt like it was the closest thing to an abortion). If I were you, I wouldn't wait a whole lot longer. Maybe a few days to see if your levels improve. I will keep you in my prayers because I know exactly what you are going thru and understand how difficult it can be.



answers from Detroit on

You have to do what you think is best, and it won't be a decision made with 100% certainty. Just go with your gut, knowing you will have some doubts whatever decision you make. What does your doctor recommend? Maybe get a second opinion from another doctor in the same practice.

I was in a similar, but slightly difference situation, and had the methotrexate injection very early on when my numbers weren't "right". And although a later surgery showed signs of a tubal pregnancy (deformed tube), every once in a while I still doubt my decision and wish I had waited longer to ENSURE the pregnancy was doomed to fail on it's own. It's a tough call to make, no doubt about it!

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