Anyone Had Ectopic Pregnancy Resolve Itself? How About a Healthy Preg After?

Updated on May 24, 2011
L.G. asks from Clinton Township, MI
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I've known my pregnancy was not viable since 2 days after I had a positive test. HCG stayed low (highest was 400) but continued to rise, so Dr. did ultrasound today and found it was ectopic. Because the HCG is now going down, Dr. says it will resolve on it's own. Has anyone else had an ectopic that resolved itself, and did you have a successful pregnancy later on?

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So What Happened?

I had my Beta level checked again and it went back up! So frustrating! Dr. said he is done playing games, so he gave me Methotrexate. About 2 weeks after, I was finally negative. I had no side effects of the Methotrexate, as some do. We are now praying that my tube was not damaged from this, as it is my only one. Also hopeful since this shows that I have been ovulating, after ttc for 2 years!

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answers from Washington DC on

I did have an ectopic pregnancy. I ended up having a D&C. That baby was due Feb 29, 2000. I had the D&C that summer, 1999.
I delivered a very healthy boy in Jan 2001. No issues at all with him. It was a very uneventful pregnancy.

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answers from Albuquerque on

I had a presumed ectopic last October but I was given the methotrexate shot. I'm guessing your doc. said it would resolve on it's own since the hcg numbers are so low (my highest was 4000). She followed my numbers until they went to zero, seriously, she wasn't even happy with 01, it had to be at zero. She said the cells could be cancer causing. Sorry for your loss, I knew mine wasn't viable either pretty early on.

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answers from Boston on

My sister had an ectopic pregnancy -- and then went on to have a wonderful, healthy, smart boy, with no issues.

Sorry you're going through this -- but you can do it! You'll be OK. Hug.

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answers from Detroit on

I had an ectopic pregnancy about 3 years ago. The methotrexate shot I received was successful. I had a few follow-up appointments to make sure I was healthy. I was told to wait 3 months before trying to conceive again. Shortly after the waiting period I became pregnant. So sorry for your loss.



answers from Saginaw on

Sorry my ectopic did not resolve its self. I was around 8-10 weeks when I had to go into the hospital. Although even with all the scarring that occured. I am very pleased that a few years later I was blessed with my son.
Sorry for your loss.


answers from Los Angeles on

I had an ectopic pregnancy a few years ago, that burst, and required emergency surgery apparently to save my life. The doctor said he tried to salvage the tube, but it would be hard to conceive again. I had no problem conceiving daughter # 3, with an uneventful pregnancy. I would think if no surgery is involved, you are going to do fine. either way, you have the other tube, and from what I understand, your ovaries "take turns" releasing eggs...



answers from Kansas City on

My sister tried to get pregnant for 2 years. She finally did and it was ectopic. They gave her a shot in the butt to terminate the pregnancy (Dec 2010). She is still trying.


answers from Lincoln on

When I was in college I had an ectopic pregnancy that was resolved without medicine. I had 2 girls both high risk pregnancies but I'm a DES daughter which also can cause ectopic pregnancies. I delivered at 29 weeks and 36 weeks, but both healthy pregnancies all things considered. Sorry for your loss and best of luck and health with your future pregnancies!



answers from Allentown on

I had an ectopic that appeared to be resolving after a shot of methotrexate. My numbers were doing exactly what they should have been doing, but I still ruptured and had emergency surgery. So, please, please, please, stay on top of your numbers and ultrasounds!!! And if something feels off, don't ignore it.

A year later, I did have a "whoops" moment, and now I have a 4 month old little boy. ;-)


answers from Boston on

Hi, I'm going through this now a resolving eptopic my hormone levels have nw come down to 2.9 but when i had a scan there was a sack in the womb but shaddow on my right ovary so they kept me in for bloods every 48 hrs. I don't know how long the bleeding takes to go tho?..They said on 2nd scan 2 weeks after the 1st one that its possibly a resolving eptopic theres still shaddow on ovary but looks to be resolving? I'm glad im not the only one that this has happened to ive been very worried. Hope u are well now.



answers from Chicago on

My mom had an ectopic pregnancy 25yrs ago. Hers didn't resolve itself. She ended up having a D & C. She continued to have 2 more kids after that, and I now have a younger brother and sister!
I'm sorry you're going thru this, but know that everything will be ok!!



answers from New York on

I had an ectopic pregnancy 15 years ago. I was 7 weeks at the time that I found out. The dr told me that if I wouldve waited any longer, the outcome might have been fatal. I was also told that it would be very hard to get pregnant again, since there is only 1 fallopian tube. Well, I must say that getting pregnant after that was not difficult. Both are my children are healthy, with no complications during my pregnancies.



answers from Fayetteville on

My neighbor is going through this right now. 2 years ago she had an ectopic and it burst her fallopian tube before they could catch it by ultrasound. She ended up with only one tube left, and it was badly scarred - the doctor told her she had such a low chance of getting pregnant naturally that she shouldn't even think of it as possible - that she'd have to use fertility drugs to conceive. Well, she's 12 weeks pregnant now, the old fashioned way, and everything is looking good :) I'm soo happy for her :)
And also, I'm so so sorry you're going through this :(



answers from New York on

my friend had an ectopic pregnancy, she was rushed to the hospital and has a surgery to remove it.. if it grew in the fallopian tube it must be removed because this could burst your tubes and cause bleeding... but after a year she got pregnant.. no problems and she had a healthy baby girl... no worries keep praying...

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