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Updated on September 10, 2012
M.:. asks from Tucson, AZ
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help no matter how hard i try!!!! and i try! my house always looks like hell! its sooooooo messy! KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH any tips to a clean house?

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answers from Phoenix on

Downsize. And then...downsize some more. Only keep things you LOVE and NEED. Everything else every single room. This has been an ongoing process with me and its really helping. You know the saying, "a place for everything and everything in its place?" That's what I'm working toward. I'm not a good housekeeper and I tend to be a pack rat...but I'm working on it. I have accepted that my house will never be spotless, however, I am not embarrassed if people stop by, which never happens. lol So once you downsize, its easier to keep up with the cleaning, simply because there isn't so much stuff all over. I hope that helps. Good luck!

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answers from St. Louis on

Baby steps, one room at a time. When my kids were younger the kitchen!! was always clean, that was about it. After all we have food in there, ya know. The rest of the house I nibbled at.

As they got older I added rooms until one day I realized I was keeping the house clean again.

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answers from New York on

Throw the kids out.

(Just kidding of course ... I have no idea how to get a clean house.)

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answers from Milwaukee on

How about tips to learn to live in a little messier house and just be happy...Honestly-you know what you need to do to have a clean house but it's hard to live a life that you enjoy and spend all your time cleaning.

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answers from Seattle on

Ugh, I'm in the same boat.
It would probably help to spend less time on Mamapedia when I'm home, that's for sure.

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answers from Redding on

Get your kids in the habit of picking up after themselves.
Even little kids can put their shoes away and put toys and activities away before getting out something else.

I've raised two kids as a single, full time working mother and it's not easy, but the younger you start them with the habit of just picking up after themselves, the easier it is. Little kids actually love to help so start with them helping fold and put away laundry, helping load the dishwasher, keeping their toys in bins, etc.

I never stressed about having a perfect house, but tidiness makes things so much simpler. Tackle one thing at a time. It can seem overwhelming otherwise.

I have a friend with 3 kids under the age of 7. She works full-time and those little monsters can trash her house in a matter of minutes. Dad lets them get away with being messy, but she is always having them help her clean up. It's a daily process.

Believe me, kids are quite capable of helping out and picking up after themselves. That's always a good place to start.

Best wishes.

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answers from Phoenix on

this tells me a one thing....
You don't have enough help !
With out knowing your true issues as to why or how or what makes it overwhelming.... hard to give advice. But you certainly have a good start here of who already answered. I just think you need a partner, kids to do their part and schedule it in your day as a family.


answers from Dallas on

I made a resolution to keep a cleaner house (I'm in my 7th month of pregnancy so I think I might be nesting, lol). I spent all last weekend cleaning. Like, ALL weekend. I cleaned everything. So all week long it really only has taken like 10 minutes a day to maintain that. I'll spend another hour to two hours this weekend cleaning the floors again, and folding the laundry, but everything else has stayed clean (so far).

I think it's the maintenance that's the most important. If you can stay on top of that, you'll be better off.

Oh, I also had a sit-down with both my kids this weekend because they were messing it up as fast as I was cleaning. I let them know that that wouldno longer be tolerated, and they've been pretty compliant so far.


answers from Los Angeles on

Ugh, I hear you.

What helps me is I have the kids do a 10 minute tidy of their toys EVERY night before they go to bed.

I do the dishes and wipe down the counters EVERY night before I go to bed.
*Waking up to a dirty kitchen will make me grouchy faster than you can say 'dishes'!!!

I vacuum the living room EVERY day.
*Gives the illusion of a tidy space.

I throw in (at least) 1 load of laundry EVERY day.
*This is a MUST at my house!

~Then I do a little extra every day as needed but I have found that if I make myself do just those few things the house stays presentable (for the most part) and I feel more comfortable.



answers from Phoenix on

You're not alone. I also suffer from C.H.A.O.S (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome). Cleaning and getting the house under control is actually one of my biggest goals right now because my oldest just started Kindergarten and I want her to be able to have friends over to play etc. We sent her away last weekend with the grandparents and while she was gone my husband and I went through all the toys and purged our house of things we didn't need, and things she wouldn't notice were gone or miss. It's really hard to do that when the kids are around because suddenly that junk toy from McDonald's is their most favorite thing in the world! Thankfully my youngest is too young to know the difference. Good luck! My biggest thing is just trying to spend 15 minutes a day cleaning or organizing something. It adds up really quick.



answers from Seattle on

Start with one room at a time. I usually start with kitchen and bathroom first because that's what people use the most. And what drives me the most crazy if it's not cleaned up.
The living room I pick up at my son's nap time, I make him help pick up his toys and tidy up and then put him down for nap. And then we clean up again before dinner time, because after dinner is bath etc.

The bedroom's are usually always picked up because we spend most of our time in the rest of the house and if they are cluttered just spend a few minutes at night picking up.

In the end, have your kids help clean up. Not sure the ages.. But even small kids can help pick up toys at least.

And try not to stress! you have kids, of course your house is going to be messy! "Baby steps Bob!" :)



answers from Columbus on

"hire a maid"? 0.o

Not only couldn't I afford one, I wouldn't want a stranger digging through my
house or judging my messiness!

I think a lot of us are in the same boat, and when other people won't have you over unless their house is perfect and they expect you, then you're left feeling like the only person who has that trouble. All my husband ever sees is other peoples' houses company ready, so he thinks our house is inordinately messy. But I've stopped by to pick up something or drop a kid off, and I've caught glimpses of these houses as they stand daily, and they're just as messy as mine. So, I just take a deep breath and do my best.

and my downfall is sitting on my @ss on mamapedia...



answers from Sacramento on

My mom told me the kids arfe only kids once, but your house and housework will alwyas be there. You do what you can without stress and enjoy your kids while you have them there with you! (so much easier said than done!) I too try hard and very often looks like hell, but when it does start getting too stressful I take what my mom said into consideration and relax a bit. :)


answers from Kansas City on

You have to do certain things daily to keep it from gaining on you. I always had the kids pick up all the toys, etc. when they were finished at the end of the day and put things away then. It didn't matter if they had toys out all over if all were picked up at day end. Also we had certain things each of the kids did to help. One dusted, one just took things here or there and put them away or where I could put them away, some did other little chores but it was more fun when all were helping and they take respect in the house too then. Most kids like to run a vacuum and to them it's fun, if old enough to really get it clean. Make it fun. If they can't help you due to age or other things then start with a room at a time but make sure you do the pick up each night or it will be a mess again.


answers from Milwaukee on

i had the same in the house and my mother passing away and the fun of home looked awful. a friend offered to come over and HELPED me clean. she started in the kitchen and i worked in the living room. her grandson and my son worked in my son's room. my house looks great and it's easy for me to maintain it. see if you can find a friend who is willing to help you and maybe you can help her in return!!



answers from Dallas on

I'm on the same boat! my downfall is clutter.... toys/games the kids have outgrown and all the pieces are there... here is something I stumbled on and it has been very helpful to me: take 2 clothes hampers (rectangular ones ... almost the sice of kitchen trash cans) put a big 28 gallon trash bag on it and when sorting stuff to give away/donate it's easier to just drop it into the container with a big opening without having to mess with the bag. I still don't have a 'magic bullet' for the paper invasion in my home. good luck and hang in there! ~C.~



answers from Pittsburgh on

Gee, Muffy, not everyone can afford to hire a maid! Lol

Check out fly lady. Little steps every day until it becomes routine.

And it's ok if you have a messy house and happy kids, too!

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