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Updated on October 28, 2010
Y.M. asks from West Bloomfield, MI
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Hello ladies...I have been a SAHM for 2 years now and I am attempting to enter the workforce. I want to change directions though and leave the banking world and enter into education. I have submitted several resumes to local child care centers/ school districts. I think that maybe my resume lacks something maybe it lacks everything when it comes to the education field. I am willing to start at the very bottom if necessary. I am not picky at all. I just believe this field would be more suitable for me especially with kids, one entering middle school, one in elementary and soon to be preschooler in the fall 2011. I don't know how to do it. How do I break into this field ? I thought about going back to school for some classes in child development in January. I have a bachelors degree but I am not sure how helpful that is in this field. I am not looking to teach, just maybe work with preshoolers, daycare, para professionals, teachers assistant..things like that. Any suggestions ??

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answers from Detroit on

It is very difficult to get hired right in to a school. I managed to do it by first working as a sub. I applied on-line for several jobs and was only able to get any place with it after I had worked in the system for a while. You almost have to be in the right place at the right time. Subbing can get you there.

If you want to know more, ask. Happy to share.


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answers from New York on

The field is flooded right now, so unless you have experience or some coursework you will get passed over. Sorry to be such a downer, but I'm a school adminstrator and I can tell you that I don't look at "change of field" applicants b/c I don't have the resources to provide training. Please also keep in mind that school districts are laying people off at a very high rate and will be shuffling internally rather than hiring externally.

You may have better luck approaching private schools, as they tend to have different requirements re: experience. They may also have more resources to bring you up to speed. For many daycares, having a B.A. is a turn-off b/c they assume immediately that they can't afford you.

I would strongly suggest taking a few courses in child development and building your volunteer resume. Go volunteer at your children's schools. Write down everything that you are doing- classroom aide, copying, PTA stuff- all of it. These are skills relevant to being a TA- not your background in banking.

Also consider offering your services to the school district during budget time- find out if they need assistance at the schools with an internal audit of expenditures. This process usually starts around now for next school year.

This is not a great time to be entering education... sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it's a reality. You could also consider pursuing a Master's in School Business Leadership. This would allow you to work per diem or full-time (with school holidays) in the business office.

Look online and find out where your surrounding districts post their job openings. Legally, they have to be posted publically, so find out the website and apply online. A blindly sent resume won't be considered in most cases!

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answers from Sacramento on

Even the drop-in childcare centers in our area require quite a few early childhood education units. I think the problem you'll run into right now is that many childcare centers closed when the economy turned, so there are a lot of people out there with ECE credits AND experience. That's not even getting into credentialed teachers who are out of work and willing to consider preschool and other lower level jobs.

One of our daughter's preschool teachers has two college degrees, including one in early childhood education. She worked at the corporate office but when budgets got tight, she was transferred into a preschool teaching position. It's a tough time right now.

I really like the suggestion someone made of starting your own daycare. That may be something worth investigating because your degree relevancy won't be an issue as much.

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answers from Washington DC on

NOt sure. I have to get a job myself. I have basically not worked for 4 years and I need to have an income for us to make it through the winter.

Goed luck to you

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answers from Dallas on

I wouldn't go to the bottom at a daycare when you have a Bachelors Degree. The pay wouldn't be worth leaving your kids. Not sure in your state, but you can go to the State Board website and see what the rquirements are to become a teacher in the public school system. Also, contact a Montessori Academy or private school and ask what they look for in candidates. You may have to take a few classes, but at least find out exactly what the requirements are so you aren't just taking a shot in the dark.
In Texas if you have a Bachelors degree in something other than education, you can still be a teacher in the public schools. You need to get a school to sponsor you while you become an accredited teacher. There is a class and a test. But, you can work as a teacher while pursuing that accredidation.

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answers from Detroit on

Check out the North Oakland YMCA in Auburn Hills. They are hiring for childcare and possibly preschool teachers assistants. Hours are very flexible. Pay isn't high but you do get perks like free childcare, free membership and reduced fees for classes and preschool. Please contact me directly if you would like more information.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I'd definitely take some child development classes and always outline in your cover letter that you are seeking a career change and are willing to start at an entry level position!


answers from Albany on

I think the main problem is not YOU at all. With a lot of husbands losing jobs, a lot of moms are working when they might otherwise be SAHMs, and we ALL want those school hours!

At the very least, you would be WAY over qualified for an $8 Aide position. Here these jobs are everywhere, I've worked quite a few myself with no degree at all, just LOTS of experience with kids.



answers from Lansing on

Check with your local school district to see if there are any openings for entry level positions, i.e. lunch time help, playground/recess time help, paraprofessional help, at the schools. Check all the schools in your area. You may be able to find something, even as a substitute, to get your foot back in the workforce door. Good luck.



answers from Detroit on

I agree with other who suggest trying to be a substitute teacher. In my district you can pick the grade level and even the schools you want to work at and with a bachelors degree you will be accepted even without education experience. Also, we have substitute office workers and paraprofessionals if you want to go that route. Contact your local district and ask about subbing and if they use a company like PESG or hiring there. Either way it will get you into the buildings and meeting people.



answers from New York on

Since you already have a Bachelor's degree. You may consider going the substitute teacher route. In the inner cities here in my state a per diem teacher can earn about $100 per day but you really don't get to really choose the schools. You get a call each day which you can accept or reject letting your know which school to show up at. You go there and do the job. Sounds simple but really isn't. They do offer some training before you start but you will need to bring your skill set to the table.

If your true passion is in early childhood development you may consider starting a simple day care in your home.

I think you will need to do more research into what it is you want to do. Education is important too even if it isn't formal training. You need to know some more. The more you know the more useful this information can be to getting you to your ultimate goal.

You may even consider starting an after school program at your home complete with homework help and the like. This may be yet another avenue for you to pursue your ultimate goal with the kids which is what??? I don't think from your post that is clear. You may want to get clear there and then move forward but I wish you success in all you try to do.

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