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Updated on November 23, 2009
K.B. asks from Tampa, FL
8 answers

I need help trying to find a good mortgage company that will help me refinance my home. my rate starts adjusting in October and i am not sure what my payments are going to be. myself and my fiance both have poor credit but have always made our mortgage payments on time. i am trying to find a company to work with that will not charge me an arm and a leg in closing costs (one company wanted me to pay $10,000 in closing cost). if anyone knows of a reputable company that may be able to help please share. thank you in advance.

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My husband is a banking center manager and does mortgage re-fi's all day long. Give him a call and see if he can help. Nick Rodriguez at Regions (used to be AmSouth) ###-###-####. Good Luck!



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We've done two mortgages through Dan Larios and both times he was able to work with us to find the best option. He's with Countrywide now and they have some great re-fi options. If he doesn't have something that is good for your situation he'll tell you that too.

Daniel Larios
Home Loan Consultant
Countrywide Home Loans
2203 N Lois Ave
Suite 200
Tampa, FL 33607
###-###-#### Office
866.732.5083 Fax



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I would be happy to help you out! I'm a SAHM and own Home Funding USA as well. Our fees and rates are very low. We have refinanced many families in the area and we will give you the best rate possible. Even if you choose not to go with us we can help you and ensure that you are getting the best deal available! You can check us out on the web at and give us a call at ###-###-####. I look forward to speaking with you.




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Hi K.- My husbands best friend has a mortgage company and may be able to help you. His name is Terry and his number is ###-###-#### and his email is [email protected]
Good luck!




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We've used BB&T and they are GREAT. No junk fees. The main thing with mortgage brokers is you have to realize, for them to make money, they have to charge you something above what the bank will. That might be extra fees, or it might be in the form of a higher rate on your loan. That's not to say a mortgage broker can't be worth the extra charge - they certainly can be - but you should recognize it.

Here's a great piece about "junk" fees:

Beware of junk fees on home equity loan
By Robert J. Bruss | June 14, 2007

DEAR BOB: After reading your recent list of "nonsense" mortgage junk or garbage fees some lenders try to impose, when I recently applied online for a home equity loan I realized I was about to become a victim of a major lender. The lender wants to charge me a loan origination fee, appraisal fee, credit report fee, processing fee, underwriting fee, flood certification, funding fee, $100 escrow settlement fee, $150 title fee, $15 courier fee, $15 wire fee, $75 recording fee, $80 intangible tax and $235 mortgage tax. What is your evaluation of these charges for a home equity loan? --Marydelle P.

DEAR MARYDELLE: Most of those are unnecessary junk fees you should not pay.

Virtually every local bank and credit union will eagerly make you a home equity loan or home equity credit line (HELOC) without any junk fees if you have a FICO (Fair Isaac and Co.) score around 700 or higher.

I have obtained many home equity credit lines over the years from major lenders, such as Chase and Wells Fargo, without paying any up-front junk or garbage fees such as those you list.

The only legitimate home equity loan fees on your list that I wouldn't resist are the local mortgage tax, the intangible tax (whatever that is), and the recording fee. The other charges you list should be absorbed or paid by the home equity lender if they want your business.



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Hi K.!

I know just the person to help you! Her name is Julie Cook. Here is all of her info below. Just tell her that N. H. referred you to her, and she'll take great care if you! Please let me know how it goes. :-)

Julie Cook, Statewide Financial
26308 Wesley Chapel Blvd., (Sr54)
Lutz, Florida 33559

Phone: ###-###-####
Email: [email protected]



answers from Houston on

Need Refinance Home Loans Call ###-###-####

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2. Low Interest Rates
3. No Income Proofs

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Hi K..

If you are seriously interested, my husband does mortgages and is not one to rip peolpe off. Some people can live with themselves by doing this but my husband enjoys actually enjoys helping people. If you are intersted, let me know and I can give yo his number...he will be back in the office tomorrrow.
Hope it all works out for you :)

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