JFF: What Are Your Go-to Makeup Brands?

Updated on March 05, 2013
J.F. asks from Milledgeville, GA
13 answers

I am a beauty product junkie and am always on the search for new brands of makeup, skin cream, etcetera, so I thought I would do a poll to get some good suggestions for products to try. What are your favorites? Here is what I put on everyday. I know this is a lot of makeup for around the house/around town, but I don't feel "dressed" without it.

Moisturizer - Clinique Dramatically Different

Eye cream - Juice Beauty Green Apple Nutrient

Concealer - Sephora

Foundation - Clinique Even Better

Blush - NARS

Eyeliner - Clinique Quickliner

Eyeshadow - Lorac (I have very sensitive eyes and most brands irritate them, but this one and Clinique do not)

Mascara - Clinique High Impact

Lipstick - Clinique Almost Lipstick

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answers from Phoenix on

I am not really a makeup junkie (I am cheap and I am not into a huge "get ready" routine) but I just discovered Benefit's "They're Real" mascara and I am in love!

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answers from Atlanta on

I don't use anything or anyone who tests on animals, so I rely almost entirely on Almay and Burt's Bees.

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answers from Dallas on

I like Boots BB cream - don't use foundation
Simple moisturizer
Hard Candy concealer (It's better then any expensive brand I have ever tried!) Bare Minerals eye shadow
Studio Gear powder
ELF blush (SO cheap and awesome)
Covergirl lip stain.

I don't wear mascara, my lashes are thick and long, and mascara inflames my eyelash line. I wet eyeshadow and use that as eyeliner, but I don't line often. I use one or all of these most days I go out.


answers from Milwaukee on

Moisturizer - California Baby super sensitive moisturizing lotion LOL - love it

Eye Cream - coconut oil

Concealer - Make-up forever lift concealer

foundation - Make up forever pressed powder foundation (forgot name)

Blush - Stila

Eyeliner - MAC

Eyeshadow - MAC with primer built in

Mascara - Really liking the Sephora brand right now. Before it was Laura Mercier

Lipstick - Loreal lip gloss in that long tube or Clinique colored gloss

I ♥ makeup!!


answers from Washington DC on

Moisturizer/cream - Mary Kay Night time emollient cream.

Foundation - depends upon my mood - Mary Kay or Almay...only until recently have I been able to use Covergirl.

Mascara - Avon

Lip color - Mary Kay

I don't wear a lot of make up. Foundation, MAYBE BLUSH and mascara.



answers from Dallas on

Moisturizer: Jafra Royal Jelly Milk Balm (AMAZING stuff)
Foundation: Lancome
Blush: MAC or Lancome, depends on the day
Eyeshadow: MAC or Urban Decay
Mascara: Too Faced Lash Injection
Lip: Soft Lips or MAC lipstick

I use Urban Decay face and eye primer on days I need my makeup to last 12+ hrs


answers from Chicago on

Benefit- concealer, highlighter(s), cheeck/lip tint, bronzer, cream shadow, mascara, brow products and they wax my brows too.

Urban Decay- eye shadow pallets, eye liner

E.l.f. a miriad of products

OPI- nail laquers

NYX- eye liner (liquid), eye shadow


answers from Washington DC on

Moisturizer: origins - a perfect world

foundation: the body shop - mineral powder

powder: clinique loose powder (to set everything)

eyeshadows: lots of brands. My favs are either body shop, or MAC

eye liner: the body shop

mascara: usually loreal or any drug store brand that works

blush: the body shop

lipstick: I don't wear any usually, but when I do, it's either clinique or MAC



answers from Spartanburg on

Don't do much in the way of make-up, but I also love Clinique's DDML. And most of the time, the only make-up I wear is Clinique's Black Honey lipstick. I'll even use a little on my cheeks when needed.



answers from Oklahoma City on

Mary Kay, but the older stuff. I still order Extra Emollient Cleansing Cream because it's the only thing that will take off all my makeup and not make my face and eyes itch.

I use their glamour line because I like the colors and it's easy to get them and they match, they're the same color they were before. Except the base.

When I was in college they changed all the colors and now they're totally a different style. When I was in college I knew that Natural Beige in formula 1 would work all winter and be just enough moisture for my dry skin. Then in the summer when it was hot and humid Suntan Beige in formula 2 was ideal. I got some to refill my dwindling supply and they were totally orange. So I have a hard time finding base I like to replace theirs. I have used the mineral powder they sell but have had minimal results that I like.

I can always go back to Cover Girl or Maybelline or some other name brand but I can't try those on beforehand and see if I like them. With Mary Kay I can try it on and see it in different lighting and day times.

As for mascara...nothing I have ever tried comes close to meeting or beating Great Lash.


answers from Dallas on

I use all Clinique products and Jose Moran pure Argon oil



answers from San Antonio on

Fun question! It's interesting to see all the responses.
Moisturizer - Clinique Dramatically Different
Compact Powder - Cover Girl #3
Eyeliner - Maybelline Quickliner
Eyeshadow - Almay or Clinique
Lipstick - Bert's Bees or lip gloss of almost any brand



answers from Washington DC on

On the extremely rare occasions that I wear make-up (we're talking MAYBE once a year ... probably closer to once every 5 years LOL) it has to be clinique ... everything else I'm allergic to.

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