Indentation in Toddler's Skull Along the Coronal Suture from Ear to Ear

Updated on April 05, 2010
R.K. asks from Centreville, VA
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My 19 month old son has an indentation in his skull along the coronal suture from ear to ear. I can not find anything from the web on this matter, -no pictures no information. We already did the helmet treatment due to his flat head when he was 12 months - 16 months, but the specialist said the helmet would not correct this indentation. At that time it was not as noticeable and we did not give it a second thought. Now he is older and the indentation is much more severe. Has anyone had this same experience, what is the treatment if any available or does this correct itself w/ time? Please help, I am growing weary that if not treated soon it will stay like it.

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My son's head looked very similar to what you are describing when he was born. However, it corrected itself by the time he was a few months old. The doctor told me as the soft spot healed, his head would smooth out and it did. With your son being 19 months his softspot is all but gone and he's close to what his final head shape will be. I would consult with another doctor about possible causes and solutions. Best of luck


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It sounds like you've been to the ped and you're not concerned about this indentation hurting him physically. If it's just a cosmetic concern, I say just let his hair grow out and cut it a little longer in that area. When he's older and his skull has finished shaping and growing, he can get cosmetic surgery. I'd definitely make sure that's all it is though. Good luck!



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Take him to the pediatrician asap. Now that it's more pronounced, they may be able to give you more information. Good luck!



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A neurosurgeon specializes in the skull - take you son to one just to be on the safe side. That type of dr. would be able to reassure you that its nothing he won't outgrow or tell you if something needs to be done.

My son has seen Dr. John Myseros with Children's National Hospital. He has an office in Fairfax that is very convenient (I also live in Centreville). I can't speak highly enough of Dr. Myseros, he led us through some very trying times and now my son is a beauitful 2.5 yr old with absolutely no issues. :) Good luck. If you want his contact info, you can either google it or email me ([email protected] and I will forward you his address and phone number.

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