I'm Such a Loser on Mothers Day

Updated on May 12, 2013
I.X. asks from San Clemente, CA
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My mother was just here, we had a whirl wind week with thier visits, and now mothers day has snuck up on me. I'm too late to mail her anything, even a card. So what did you get your mother? At this point I need to pick something from Amazon. Any bright ideas?

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answers from Lansing on

The year before my mom passed away, I looked up spa salons in her area and I paid for it over the phone. The when I called her on mothers day, I told her what I did. Good luck

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answers from Tampa on

Write her a letter and mail it out to her. Call her on Sunday and tell her that you put her gift in the mail and know it wont be there yet but you are thinking of her.

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answers from Norfolk on

Have a nice bouquet of flowers delivered to her.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Send her an E-card over the internet.

Then call her on Sunday.

Call someone or someplace in HER area to pick up and deliver flowers to
her on Sunday.

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answers from St. Louis on

As a mother, I would rather get something I really love and late rather than something you did last minute and paid extra shipping for just to get it to me by Sunday. So keep that in mind!

If you can get her something you know she'd love by tomorrow, great. But if not, nothing wrong with belated tokens of affection. Just call her on Sunday and if her gift is late, just tell her it will be. =)

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answers from Santa Fe on

You could have flowers delivered to her house...call some florists near her and see what they offer! Other ideas from Amazon...pretty new summer sweater, good book, windchimes, good quality chocolate, summer scarf.

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answers from San Francisco on

Send her an edible fruit arrangement
Or get a gift card to a restaurant in her area and fed ex it in a card

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answers from Albuquerque on

If you have a relative near her that can pick something up from Walgreens, a photo calendar would work. All you do is upload pictures to the Walgreens site, their software arranges it for you, and then it prints a few hours later at the store you pick. Plus, they have a 30% discount coupon for this week: 30HURRY.

That's what I ended up doing for my Mom... because like you, the time got away from me!

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answers from Milwaukee on

My mom got an Amazon GF one year when I was running late. Came in her email on that day.

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answers from Phoenix on

flowers or a fruit arrangement... they will do it tomorrow probably.
Ecards Hoops and YoYO are hilarious.......

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answers from Phoenix on

Flowers. Find a florist in her area and call them directly, you will get far more for your money if you talk to the florist directly as opposed to calling 1-800-Flowers, Teleflora, or ordering online. Like 20-40% more, no joke.

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answers from Miami on

How about sending her flowers or a lant from a local florist? I've done that. I don't buy for FTD - their flowers die quickly.



answers from Washington DC on

FLOWERS! You might pay more, but you might still get a delivery. Or send her a gift certificate through email. If you pick her out something on Amazon (Prime?) consider things like spa gifts, or jewelry.

I did order my mom something on time and due to shipping problems it will be late. I will call her Sunday and just wish her a happy.

ETA: I totally agree with go local. I use a florist in my mom's town and say "Here's x, do whatever you want. She likes pink." Never been disappointed.



answers from New York on

I hate store bought cards. I see all these people days before the big holiday, whatever it may be, buying what someone else has written. The best present (even if it's late, she wont care) would be something she loves but would not treat herself to usually. This can be shea butter lotion from a fancy store, a mani/pedi, special fruit, candy, ect. I sent my mom white chocolate butterflies with lemon ganache from Williams Sonoma and a card my son made. Make it personal and from the heart and you can't go wrong.



answers from Los Angeles on

Do you have kids? Make a mothers day card with a heart drawn in the middle and pieces of construction paper .....I love you to pieces!
Happy mothers day! And put a giftcard in it for her favorite place.
Even if its cvs....its still nice

Making the card will only take ten mins and its ok if she gets it monday... tuesday. ...mail doesn't deliver sundays!



answers from Redding on

Mother's Day snuck up on me too.
I just sent my mom a card and will call her on Sunday. I have a gift for her and will give it to her next time I see her. My mom is really mellow about these things. My sister is in town and I'm sure she and her husband and son will visit her. She's been sick so she's not really in the mood for much hub-bub.

You could send your mom a nice plant via a florist. Fresh flowers are lovely, but they don't last very long.

My 17 year old son is the one who reminded me of Mother's Day. I jokingly said he better get me something pretty great. He said, "Mom, I gave you me, and I think that should be gift enough." He's a funny guy.

He never fails to do something really nice for me on Mother's Day and my 27 year old daughter is supposed to visit me.

I'll have a nice day.

Happy Mother's Day to ALL moms!!!!


answers from San Francisco on

My mom is perfectly happy with a nice long phone call. No money need be spent on her to make her happy. Maybe your mom will feel the same? Or you could write her a sweet email talking about a special memory you have of her and thanking her for all she's done. You could even try and write it in verse to make it extra special. Sometimes the best gifts are not store bought.


answers from Washington DC on

I sent my mom an Edible Arrangement bouquet and a blooming plant from a local florist. She loves them both. The blooming plant is re-plantable so she will be able to move it to her garden.

Good luck!! Happy Mother's day to you!


answers from Dallas on

SpaWish.com - I sent that to my stepmom for Mother's Day a few years back and my sister-in-law for her b'day. Both were a huge hit! They can use it for any service, from hair to nails to massage.


answers from Houston on

Only you know your mama. I do not like flowers (I am too cheap to think of the money spent on dying florals). I would NOT like a late gift--early is better. Late is too much of an after thought. I do not try to break my son's budget. I usually ask for: fancy chocalates, a dinner at a low price restaurant, or that he accompany me somewhere that he really would not have interest (city cemetary to look at headstones, a local outlet mall, or to an evening church service).

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