Ideas for a 10 Year Old's First Slumber Party

Updated on January 17, 2011
B.C. asks from Arlington, TX
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My DD is having her first slumber party tomorrow night. She will have 4 friends over (ages 7, 7, 8, 9 and then my dd who is 10).
I was planning on renting them a movie and ordering pizza and having soda and popcorn. Do you think that nail painting is a good idea? Should I do it or let them? Makeup? I'm so not a girle girl, lol.
Help me moms! I want to make this a memorable experience for them. Us and another girl have church in the morning (them at 10am and us at 11am) so should I call a certain time for lights out or what?

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My niece 9y just had her first birthday slumber party. They did a fashion show. They were off in her room getting painting nails, doing hair, and getting dressed in crazy funny clothes. Once they were done they walked the red carpet and my sister took pics of them. Then she printed them out and gave each girl a framed pic when they left the next morning. She got the frames from the dollar store. The pics were so funny and the girls had a blast.

Hope they have a great time.

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answers from Chicago on

Nails are the best thing ever. It will take you a few minutes to do a child's nails and they will spend the next 10 days looking at them and admiring them. Go to the dollar store and buy all the glitzy rhinestones and nail art you can find. They will want every bling thing (translate that to 'gaudy' if you are older that 40) on their nails you can fit. I would advise against makeup. Some moms are just not into that. Start at 5 pm and always have "lights out" at 10 pm. It gives them another hour to laugh, tell stories in the dark, and enjoy each other. Have fun at your party!

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answers from Honolulu on

I did almost the EXACT same thing... for my daughter this past summer.
She is 8 now but was 7 at the time, last summer. She also had 4 friends over. I 'planned' the same activities.
BUT... what actually transpired... is that the girls, actually just did their own thing! They watched the movie... but only part of it. They ate the pizza/popcorn... but only grazed... I had the nail polish things out.... and "planned" it....but then they just wanted to do it themselves and in the semi-privacy of their own space.

So... the next time I had a slumber for my daughter that summer... I just let them self-navigate. They had PLENTY to do... and with active creative independent minds... they were fine.

But... my daughter's slumber party was not a "birthday" party... it was just a summer slumber party. Of which I had 2 for her.
The girls... slept... by 11-12:00midnight. A couple of them had to leave earlier the next morning, for church etc. But their Moms... were fine with them sleeping late... because they KNOW girls... and how chatty and active and talkative they are... so, it didn't bother any of the Moms, that they went to bed late. It was a special occasion... for which me and the other Moms, made exceptions... to their regular standard bedtimes.

all the best,

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you should let them do there own makeup, nails and hair. You should buy disposable cameras so they can take pictures with crazy hair and makeup, just so they can be silly. You can also have them dress up and make there own fashion show. I think they would have an awesome time. Especially if you have a lot of junk food and movies. I think you should give the a lights out time. Its just better for everyone.

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Lol...I'm not a girlie girl either..but I think you got it. Make-up, doing hair, traditional stuff. It might be fun to have them play charades or something..

My little ones are babies still so we are a ways off from that..but I think just do what sounds natural.



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We had Scribble Cakes (Cake decorating party) come to my daughters 13th birthday slumber party. It was a hit. All the girls decorated their own cake. They were the entertainment and the refreshments, it was great. I found them on Facebook and they have a website I know they do parties for all ages. I called them less than a week before our party and they were able to come. Good luck with your slumber party.



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Hi! I hope this gets to you in time! I recently sent the below to another mom.


For my daughter's 9th birthday we had an at home party and she told me it was the BEST ever. I know it would be easier to have it someplace, but the memories you are creating for her will be priceless.

Anyway, what we did was a sleepover. As the kids (17 of them) arrived I had our dining room set up for them to decorate wooden picture frames (bought from Michael's for $1 each). After they finished I had music playing and the kids played freeze dance Then we played a jelly bean race game (kind of like egg race but with jelly beans). We made teams and them kids were stationed at different posts. The first kid had one jelly bean on a spoon. They had to walk it to the next kid. Then had to transfer the jelly bean onto the next kids spoon without touch it with their hands. They did this to the next kids on their team. The last person had to "dump" the jelly bean into a cup. If the jelly bean dropped they had to leave it and go back to start. They were timed for a minute each team and the team with the most jelly beans in their cup won a prize (again Michael's was a great place for prizes in the $1 bin). They had so much fun with it. Then we got the kids together for a group picture and printed the photos out at home, put them in their photo frames that they decorated. Then we had pizza and make your own sundae bar with personalized ice cream bowls (got them at a party store for $1 each and just used puffy pain to put the kids names on it a few days before they arrived. They were washed and ready to go). The kids watched a movie. Then, of all things, they wanted to play musical chairs! It was a blast and because we kept them moving they all fell asleep at a decent hour! The party favors we gave them the next day were the frame with the photo and their personalized ice cream bowl.

Have your daughter help set the plan and it will be so much fun!!! I have a ton of other ideas, so send me a message if you need more!

Happy birthday to your daughter and enjoy the moments!!!

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