Seeking Bday Ideas for 10Yr Old Girl

Updated on January 21, 2009
K.A. asks from Cypress, TX
20 answers

Seeking bday ideas for 10yr old girl

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone f or the wonderful suggestions, I have seversl great ideas to consider.
It looks like I am leaning toward the tea/dress up party for the girls. Thanks so much!

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answers from Houston on

Is Hannah Montana still in? If so, maybe a H.M. themed party?

Girls that age usually like to dress-up and wear "makeup," so maybe a "Houston's Next Top Model" themed party. You could decorate the party venue (i.e. your den) like a salon and give the girls "makeovers." Spend about $25 on nail polishes, hair pretties, lip glosses, blush, eyeshadow, sponges, makeup brushes, etc., and treat them to a day of beauty. You could make a runway (a hallway in your home) and have each girl walk down it while you take photos. If you have a photo printer, you could print the photos on the spot and then let the girls make cutesy frames (or maybe they should do the craft before the makeovers).

If money's no object, you could surprise the girls by having them picked up in a limo and taken somewhere fun.

**My mom/stepfather own some beautiful limos, by the way. Email me if you (or anyone reading this) is interested =).

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answers from Austin on

You didn't really say what her interests are, so I'm taking a stab in the dark. I have two ideas, both are from recent parties, both were younger, but I'm sure that you can adapt them.

One: A nature party. (This was in the spring.) We DID have a bouncy house, but that got old after a while (except for the grown-ups!). I went around our yard and labeled all of the interesting plants - jasmine, mountain laurel, English ivy, etc - with notecards and put one or two facts about the plant on the notecard. Then I typed up a scavenger hunt for the girls. They LOVED it! I had them find one plant that was a flowering plant, one plant that was in two different places in the yard, I had them sketch a leaf, etc. I also had them count how many butterflies flew through the yard as they were on their hunt. It was SO cute to see them running all over the place and squealing when a butterfly flew by. The pencils they used were part of their party favors and the girl(s) who got the most answers in the shortest amount of time won a little something.

Two: Make-over party. My daughter just went to one. The girls were to bring their favorite outfit, get "made over" and have a fashion show. You can call Libby Lu and see if you can hire one of their "stylists" to come and make over each girl, or you can just ask some of the moms for help. My daughter came home with sweet, pink nails and a cute braided 'do. All of the outfits were appropriate (they came from the girls themselves) and the make-up and hair were also age appropriate - just a dusting of blush, some lip gloss and glitter. My daughter had a blast (she's 8) and is wanting to do something similar for her 9th!

Hope these ideas helped! They are pretty easy to do and can be relatively inexpensive.

Have a great birthday!!!

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answers from Austin on

Hi K. - I have done two really fun parties for my daughter (she is much older now). One was a picture scavenger hunt. You can do it where they can walk to different places. I actually had a few drivers and they each took a group of girls and drove all over. We had a list of pictures to be taken ie: A picture with a baby, a picture with a police officer, At a pizza place, near a cross (just different picture opportunities). Then they had to drive around and the driver took their picture. Each one had a disposable camera. They had to be back at a certain time or whenever they had taken all the pictures on the list. While they were eating cake and ice cream and opening presents one of us went to the hour developing place and had their pictures developed. Now you could probably borrow enough digital cameras to just do it that way and print them either at home or walgreens. The winner was the group that was able to get all the pictures or the most pictures in the least amount of time. They came up with some hilarious pictures!

Another party, we did a make over where we did all their hair and make up and then took glamor shots of each of them. We printed the pictures on the computer and had inexpensive frames so they were each able to take a picture of themselves all made up home. We also played pass the purse where we had a cute vintage purse with small prizes in them and turned on music and they passed the purse around the circle, when the music went off who ever was holding it got to choose a prize out of the purse. Another fun game was to put dress up clothes in a suitcase and they had a relay where they had to quickly put on all the clothes and race to the other side, take them off and put them back in the other suitcase and the next girl had to put them on and race back etc... We also used the dress up clothes for their glamour shots!

Have fun!

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answers from Corpus Christi on

First of all we were in the service and money was not there for a big party. But to this day my daughter who is now 30 still remember's it. We invited her best friends and I cooked her favorite dinner. My husband put on a tux and had a white towel over his wrist. We had a bell on the table. I was the cook he was the waiter. For desert I had a three tier cake with a princess on it, That I made. They had fun with daddy waiting on them and loved the cake. Have fun.

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answers from San Antonio on

Hi K., we did a digital picture scavenger hunt at the mall. The girls had a list of pictures to take like a picture in front of your favorite store, someone eating an icecream, someone with a stuffed animal, a boy that looks most like Joe Jonas, a girl that looks most like Miley Cyrus...that kind of thing. The girls had a blast.



answers from Waco on

Hi K.,
Not sure where you live buy my 10 yrs old grand daughter loves to go to Build a Bear- most malls have them- she takes one or two friends, has a day out for lunch with them and then they "build their bears"



answers from San Antonio on

Talk to Summer at She does build your own stuffed animal parties and glamour girl makeover parties in your home. These parties are a blast for 10 year old girls and you get to stay home and avoid mall rush and traffic!! Good luck!



answers from Houston on

Try having a bowling party, or skating party or even a slumber party at a hotel like days inn. I did and they have fun.



answers from Austin on

The mini-spa day parties are a lot of fun. You do need quite a bit of stuff if you are going to have the party at home, but so many places have fun and inexpensive bath products that the girls could use. If you are going to have it at home, then you could set up stations and have the girls move through each of the stations--hair, nails, skin, etc. You could also have a "sweets" bar with all kinds of goodies of them to munch on.

Good luck,



answers from San Antonio on

My bestfriend has a daughter and she went with a scrapbook party. She went to Scrapbook Heaven off 1604 they have a room and they will let the girls scrapbook for 3 hours and make a book. You only have to spend at least $10 a kids.So I thought it was cool!



answers from Brownsville on

My daughter just turned ten. We had a spa party. I bought matching plastic baskets for each girl, wash rag and hand towel to use in the party (.99 store). We made oatmeal facials and used wet rags to clean it off. I bought containers to make bath salts and body jell to take home. Half of the girls used a little of the bath salts in white tubs to soak feet while the other half soaked finger nails, then switched places. After that they painted there nails. We then ate pizza and cake.

Before the party I bought nail kits at Target for $1.00 each and made eye masks for each girl to take home.

C. Fullerton



answers from College Station on

Hi :)

My daughter turned 11 in September. We gathered up a few of her friends and took them to the local park that has a splash pad and let them play in the water. then, instead of birthday cake, we had ice cream sundaes. We just bought vanilla ice cream, and tons of different toppings - gummy worms, regular and white chocolate chips, sprinkles, cherries, caramel, strawberry sauce, waffle bowls, whip cream, that kind of thing. We let them all just make their own sundae. she had a lot of fun, and all the other kids seemed to like it too. It was inexpensive too - all we had to buy was the ice cream stuff. :)



answers from Houston on

Three weekends in a row in January, my duaghter is going to movie parties. All the kids meet at the birthday girl's house - two or three parents caravan the kids to the movie theater for a movie and snacks - then they come back to the house for an hour or two for pizza, cake, and presents.

She also attended a junior chef party where the girls all decorated aprons then made their own pizzas and later on they made and decorated their own sugar cookies. She loved that.

The skating rink, ice skating rink, ITZ, and lazer tag are all fun if you don't want to have it at your house.

Paper Daisy at 290 and Spring Cypress has great invitations that fit most any theme. Have fun planning!



answers from Killeen on

roller skating party is what i did for my 11 year old. It was a big hit.

Other ideas we kicked around before settling on the skating party?:

Bowling party...

Sleepover with movies and pizza...

Karaoke party (if you don't own the machine or a WII you can rent the machine)...

Mary Kay makeover party (it would have been about keeping your face clean and lipgloss and stuff that was age appropriate). To get them headed towards being the pre-teens and teens their are quickly growing into...

Manicure party, doing their nails with pretty sparkly colors or the nail art you buy and put on with clear polish is always fun. And at that age the cheap lee press on nails are still a ton of fun and not too damaging to the nails...

With all of these my daughter wanted the theme to be Hannah Montana. So she had balloons and a cake with her theme and had a ton of fun with her friends... ;-)

I hope these suggestions help.

Good luck and have a great time!! ;-)



answers from Houston on

All of the ideas are AWESOME!!!!

We just went to neighbors and neice's 10 th bday parties in 2008..

They had a

-Spa Party
-Slumber party
-Bowling party all of them dress up in black and pink in 1950's with poodle dogs
-Rolling skate party
-Make your own Soap party at Bath Junkie
-Cooking party

I know a few friends are going to Disney World for their 10th Bday. This year on their birthday is FREE admission to any one of theme park.

Also to go Dallas for American Girls getaway weekend.

Have fun and Good luck!



answers from San Antonio on

How about a pony party? does a good job and they have everything from minis all the way up to small horses that the parents can ride. They will also decorate the ponies for the party...very cute. Lana came to our party and it was awesome! The kids all loved it and were riding the entire 2 hours! They have different packages with petting zoos too.



answers from Austin on

Invite her friends to a party or sleepover. Moon bounces are fun at that age. Goody bags or door prizes are good. Ask her where she wants to go or what she wants to do. Cake & snacks are cool. DJs are good for big parties. Parks are good locations.



answers from Houston on

We just had a chocolate pary for my daughter's 11th bday. I did the invites on Chocolate bars ( is reasonably priced for a very cute idea! We bought the wrappers and wrapped the bars ourselves, it was easy) We had chocolate fondue and a chocolate fountain and dipped all kids of yummy things. (I put her candles in the brownies) We decorated boxes from hobby lobby with paper and modge podge (I thought about decorating them with candy wrappers but I couln't eat that much candy!) and filled them with chocolate to take home.

We made it a slummber party out of it (14 girls!) but you wouldn't have to. Except for the craft, it was relatively inexpensive for that many girls and the craft ended up being the pary favor.

The girls LOVED it!

Hope this helps



answers from Sherman on

We do Horse Birthdays that everyone seams to love and also Nature Birthday. So depending on her interests, we custome design a birthday for your. See for ideas. Or call A. ###-###-####. The camp is located in Collinsville.



answers from Houston on

Hi K.,

I live in Spring. I am a Senior Beauty Consultant and with your permission and their parents I can give them a free facial, free hand and lip pampering. They are soon becoming preteens and will learn how to take care of their skin. It's very easy! I bring the mirrors, simple color cosmetics and washcloths. You could purchase a lipgloss or lipset for them if you wish (not obligated). I will give them catalogs for their moms/dads. Let me know if you are interested. ###-###-####

God Bless,

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