I Want to Take My Girls to Go See Lorax

Updated on March 03, 2012
D.F. asks from El Paso, TX
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So my daugther is 2yrs old, she'll be 3 in 2months my younger daugther 1yr old.
This will be there 1st movie, and Im not sure if they'll sit down for the entire hr and half or so.
Oh, but my oldest has been to the Drive In which is easier cuz we sat in are car so no problem with distorbing anyone tryn to watch the movie... :-)
Guess Iam askN is it a Good Idea?
If so I should buy them snacks and drink at the theather and???
And Id like to know at what age you took your child to see a movie¿

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answers from Detroit on

My daughter was that age when she went to her first movie and she did fine - she's done fine ever since and now she is 4.5. She likes getting popcorn there so it's a real treat for her. I think it just depends on their temperment and their ability to sit still and pay attention for at least most of the time. Keep in mind too that the movie theater is DARK and it gets LOUD. My cousin tried to take her son for the first time when he was 4 and it made him freak out - they had to leave after 15 minutes because he was just too upset.

However, a 1 year old? No way. I've been in those movies where someone brings their 1 year old (18 months, whatever) and all you hear is the mom telling them to come back, sit down, getting up to pick them up, etc. Really takes away from me being able to enjoy the movie that I paid money to go see.

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answers from El Paso on

I take my 18 month all the time I just attend an early show when there aren't a lot of people. She wiggles and moves a lot and sometimes falls asleep. She also likes to talk to the screen with it being family films that we see others don't usually mind because they have small kids also.



answers from Austin on

I didn't take my daughter until she was 4 or 5. I wouldn't take my one year old, because he shows no interest in TV and I know he would start crying and not want to sit still at all.

My daughter did watch movies at home when she was 3, and did sit still and watch the whole thing, so a 3 year old might make it through the movie, but I just waited until she was older because I believe most movies are "rentals" meaning I'm not spending $20 to take kids to a movie, when you can rent them for a couple dollars and buy them used for less than $10. (I'm cheap!)

Most of the time we only go to the discount movie theater in town that charges $3 for a family movie night, so we don't pay for first run movies in the theatre.

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answers from Boston on

For the sake of everyone there, including yourself, DO NOT bring a one-year-old to the movies. Waste of time and money. Even almost three is pushing it, but absolutely not to the one-year-old. She will not sit still or be quiet (nor should she be expected to). It will be dark and scary and loud and huge, even for your two-year-old.

I had no success at the movies until my kids were at least 3, much better at 4. We dragged the youngest to a couple with his older siblings when he was 2 and 3 and it was just a giant pain.

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answers from Seattle on

I want to take my boys to see The Lorax too, but that means I have to take my one year old (14 months) since my husband works all the time. Will I take them? no. She will act up within 5 minutes of the movie starting. So, what do I do instead? Wait until I can order it On Demand or go to the Red Box. Then I am at home, I can pause it if we need to and come back, and my kid can cry for more than one minute and I am not freaking out about what everyone is thinking.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I think letting kids have a movie theater experience is great. But please remember, everyone else there also paid $10+ dollars a seat to see the movie (plus snack $$). Many people without kids (my hubby and teen daughter and I want to see this at some point), will go see it and they do NOT want to hear you talking to your child and vice versa thru the entire movie, to hear your child screech, to have them kicking or bouncing the seat so the whole row of seats boings...to have them lean forward so they are touching the person in front of them or pulling their hair or talking in THEIR ears.

Especially if this is an after dinner hour movie. If I go to earlier movies, I expect a bit less behavior from children (while still hoping for the best), but if it is after the dinnerhour time frame, my expectation is these very small kids are at home, eating dinner and getting ready for evening play, bath and bed...not having that normal routine distrupted to go sit in an unfamiliar dark and noisy place, and to be expected to sit for 2-3 hours (with previews) without irritating anyone within 30 feet of them.

Maybe not the popular answer, but it is my realistic one. Use good judgement, please!

Good luck!

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answers from Denver on

it took my kids a good couple years id say about when they were 4 to finally watch a movie. and they still wanted to run around the isles then and it was more frustrating than what it was worth. My kids weren't really ones to sit and stay focused for very long though so maybe your kids are different. If you go, go with the intentions of not finishing it.

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answers from Albuquerque on

Wow, I'm surprised by all the nay-sayers! I've been taking my girl to movies since she was about 6 months old (and still breastfeeding)! Of course, I've had to walk out with her once (she got sick), and a few times I had to take her to the ramp to let her walk around a little bit. But, for the most part, she behaves very well at the movies! Of course, I do try to take her to the matinee shows (early=more kids, cheaper tickets), but even with later shows, she does really good.
Of course, it depends on how YOU feel! You have TWO kids you'd be taking AND you're already questioning if they could handle it--that may be all the answer you need. Either way good luck!

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answers from Washington DC on

I love the movies so dd has been going to the movies since she was 5 months old. When she was the age as yours, we still went, I got her popcorn and a drink. She would usually eat that then go to sleep. The first movie she was really into was spy kids at age 4. She watched the entire movie not a peep! I think they are still a little young and may fall asleep, just be prepared for that. Now my ds is 5 and I still have to think if I really want to take him. He is more active than dd was and at your children's ages would not have sat still, quiet or slept. If they act up most theaters will give you your money back if the majority of the movie remains. Good Luck!



answers from Albany on

I waited until my D turned 5 and took her to see The Muppets on her birthday. It was very special. I also know that she is good about sitting through a whole movie, like The Wizard of Oz. So she behaved great and I did not worry. I'm a huge movie fan, so it was hard to wait. Now she loves going to the movies. I think you could go, But be prepared to leave if they aren't into it.


answers from Spokane on

Mine were both about 3 when they went to their first movie theater movie. My oldest ~ no problem. My youngest ~ he is almost 4 and just getting to where he can sit through an entire animated movie and it has to be a really good one!



answers from Victoria on

when my son was three we took him to see winnie the pooh. i brought his snack and drink in my purse. i know your not suppose to do that but i also know that a box of candy dosent cost three dollars anywhere but the theater. my parents tried to take him when he was about two and i warned them that he wasnt old enough and wasnt going to sit and watch it. sure enough when they got back my son was full of energy and my mom said " you were right, he wasnt ready". girls are much calmer. if you go durring the day most others understand that there will be young loud kids.



answers from Sacramento on

We took our kids to their first movies when they were around 3 or 4. Both times, we spent half the time in the bathroom. They just didn't have the attention span to sit in a theater for the whole thing (not to mention, they thought the bathrooms with all of the stalls were fascinating).

So much depends on the child. At one, though, I don't know of any kids who could sit through a movie.



answers from Austin on

I can think of a lot more fun things to do at that age that don't require you to spend a lot of money on sugar to keep them quiet. If you go to a drive-in, that's better because then you can bring your own food. Think adventure. What would your kids like to do that is adventurous?



answers from Albuquerque on

I can't imagine that a full length movie and a movie theater would be much fun for a two year old, and certainly not for a one year old. I took my girls to their first movie at about 3.5 and they behaved fine, but were kind of bored (it was Winnie the Pooh).

So no, I don't think it's a good idea. I'd wait a year or two...


answers from Lakeland on

I didn't take my daughter to the movies until she was 3.5. I didn't want to deal with her not wanting to sit for the entire movie. If they do not watch an entire movie at home they won't sit through it at the theater.

If you do go I would bring your own snacks and drinks in a backpack, I find this was the easier way when my daughter was younger.



answers from Indianapolis on

It depends on your daughter. Can she sit and watch movies at home? Does she have to move around alot? My daughter was 3 when we went to the movies for the 1st time. She did not do well. My daughter is a mover. She and another little boy ran around. I had to chase her a few times. Then she and the little boy started playing together. Luckily we were the only ones there that day so they didn't disrupt the movie. So it depends on her. My daughter is 5 and was able to see a movie without running around when she was almost 4 so we are good now. Good luck!!


answers from New York on

no, your kids are too young. We took the kids to see the secret of arietty and we'll go see the lorax. the girls are 4 1/2 and 5 1/2.



answers from Houston on

don't waste your money or your time - they won't remember it and you don't want to be a distration to those who CAN enjoy it. Wait till it comes out on DVD and then buy it so you can watch it over and over and over at home.



answers from Minneapolis on

I think they'll be bored and won't sit still for that long. My kids were around 3.5-4 when we first took them and even then it was hard to get them to sit through the whole movie.



answers from Austin on

I took my daughter when she was little and not a big deal. I would get the kids meal popcorn deal so she had a little popcorn, some juice, and it came with a treat (the theater I took her to gave fruit snacks). Plus I would bring her blanket and she was still using a pacifier. Also the Alamo Drafthouse had baby days for this exact thing so people know that there might be upset kids. Another plus on that is there is real food you can order for children. Remember that every kid is different and just because some kids aren't ready at that age doesn't mean yours aren't. Hope this helps.:)


answers from Phoenix on

My kids were older, like 5 or 6. Even tho its a "kid" movie, its so annoying to be interrupted by kids during the whole movie. Unless you are pretty sure your kids can sit *mostly* thru the movie...I would wait. It won't be worth it for you either, you will miss the movie if you have to spend so much time attending to them. Then you paid all that money for nothing when no one either sees the movie or has a good time. Good luck.



answers from Atlanta on

My boys are 3 and 5. Both of them experienced their first theater movie at age 2. I ALWAYS take their favorite candy (usually gummy something) and get popcorn and drinks. At 2 they both still had their loveys that they brought and it was great! We were prepared to have to leave, but we didn't. I wouldn't do it with a 1 year old. I think it's all just too much at that age. The 2 year old would probably be just fine.

Do either of them watch full-length DVDs of movies at home without wandering around, stopping it, etc.? That was a big part of it for us -when ours were 2, we noticed they would watch an entire DVD without interruption, so we figured they were ready.



answers from San Antonio on

Depends on your kids. My niece was very good at sitting still for long periods of time, and she went at 1 1/2. She sat for most of the movie and they left when she got antsy.

My daughter did not sit still for movies at home that age, so she was 3 1/2 before I took her. She hated it. It was too dark, too loud, and she thought the movie ( Horton Hears a Who) was too scary. Anything with any kind of suspense or chase was too scary. At 5, she started enjoying movies, and snacks help.

My son loved the movie theater the first time we took him ( he was almost 3-- it was Hop) but I did have to give him food to keep him in his seat.

Every kid is different. My nephews love movies (2 and 3) and they will sit even without snacks.

If your kids can sit through a movie at home, then they may be ready.



answers from College Station on

I really depends on your kids. I took mine that young, but they love movies. If you are worried about disturbing anyone, I would take them in the middle of the week to the earliest show. Or plan it during naptime, when they are naturally tired. I would not take them fresh off a nap.


answers from Dallas on

The 2 year old, maybe. Depends on her temperment. No way would I take a one year old to the movies! My DD is 4 but is just now at the age where she would be still or quiet enough for a movie. We're taking them on Sunday night to see it.


answers from Tulsa on

My son started going to the movies when he a baby. I think the earliest was about 4 or 5 months. I went to early shows, during the week if possible, and sat on the end near the exit. The second my son started acting up/making noise, I had him in the aisle leading up to the seats. Stadium seating, so the other people couldn't see him and I could stand up and walk around. I only had to go into the hallway a couple of times and he was never so bad that I had to go home before the movie was over.

You are going to a kids movie, so there will be a lot of kids. You can't expect a kids movie to be distraction free and none of the other parents should either. If you decide you want to take them, I'd go to the first showing of the day, get/bring snacks, and have fun.

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