I Don't Think This Is Even possible..but What the Heck!

Updated on July 14, 2012
M.L. asks from Portland, OR
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As some of you may have read from my other questions I was ovulating and my husband and had sex. (I don't take any form of birth control, he just usually pulls out very single time except this one haha). So two days later I'm bent over the toilet throwing up. I don't even think its possibly related to the big event two days beforehand I think it was either from a migraine or the food I ate. but it made me wonder how early did you mamas get pregnancy symptoms when you were pregnant?

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So What Happened?

The day we had the sex was July 11 (Wednesday') when can I take a test?

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answers from Columbus on

so.... 3 days ago? I suspect it's not related...

ETA: I WILL say, however, that long before I was able to test, even with the early pregnancy tests they sell, I knew I was pregnant because my breasts started to tingle. But, that was about a week out... who knows, I guess anything's possible...

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answers from Albuquerque on

It's way too early to have morning sickness. The earliest mine ever came was probably around the time I was due for my period. The more you dwell on it the more you'll notice every possible symptom, which could be pregnancy or menstrual. I know, I've been there. My best advice is try to relax, try not to think about it and test when and if you're late. If it's meant to be it will be. Good luck, hope it turns out how you want it to!

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answers from Charlotte on

Constipation. Fatigue SO strong that I fell asleep on my knees in the tub trying to wash off quickly in order not to miss my ride to the restaurant. On my KNEES, not sitting. I ordered a drink at the restaurant and felt like I had a large stone sitting at the bottom of my stomach. After I found out I was pregnant, all that made sense.

I didn't start throwing up for two months, and then it lasted until 23 weeks.

Personally, I think you are so focused and freaked out about being pregnant that you are throwing up because of it. (Or, you have a virus.)


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answers from Pittsburgh on

Take a test when your pd is a week late.

Not to be a Debbie Downer, but I doubt many moms hurl at 3 days pg. but who knows? You might be special!

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answers from Tucson on

Calm down and wait for your period. TOok me 6 weeks to start feeling sick with each of my 3 pregnancies.

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answers from Chicago on

Vomiting takes 4-6 weeks.

Early signs for me: sharp cramps, with constant lower back ache. Headaches..lots of headaches. In that order, then spotting, then nausea and then vomiting.

It takes 8-10 days for implantation. No signs before that.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Ha, not even related...not one iota! I'm thinking you want to get pregnant...correct me if I'm wrong :) Implantation will occur as early as day 7 (7 dpo=days past ovulation). If you are a pregnancy test junkie, I would start testing 10 dpo. If you don't start your period by 14 dpo, which is usually when your period will start...then you just might be.

Good luck!

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answers from Montgomery on

the earliest i can remember was 2 weeks after we had sex , i was baking an apple pie and thought OMG!! if i have to smell nutmeg again i will loose it, so i ran and got a test and it was++, now i have also went about 1-2 moths and never knew until i missed my period and found out i was pregnant then it was like my body catching up cause i was sick and throwing up every day for 8 months......i broke the bank every time i was pregnant with test.. but i just learned to use the dollar kind..good luck

added later:i would go and by about 10.00 dollars worth of test and start testing, well take one now just to get it out of your system..lol.. and then i would test every other day.. oh heck who am i kidding make it 20.00 worth and test everyday..lol.. with this last baby i test every day sometimes twice a day...

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answers from Kansas City on

Well I did have some major gas, bloating and general "pregnant lady" feelings just a few weeks after we had sex while trying for #2. Turns out I was pregnant, and even I was skeptical that those feelings were pregnancy related, but I think they were.



answers from St. Louis on

I didn't get morning sickness until about 5 weeks pregnant. I did get symptoms early then most as I think most is 6 weeks or so, but for me it was about two weeks after we actually conceived.


answers from Chicago on

I had no symptoms and my only clue was a missed period, even then b/c mine had a history of being so irregular it took two missed periods to realize it.


answers from Norfolk on

I had zero symptoms.
I didn't really believe we were pregnant till I could hear the heart beat.
We got pregnant through IVF and the blood test 19 days after embryo transfer was positive.
I remember just crying my eyes out several days before the test thinking it hadn't worked - I was so not feeling any difference at all.
We got blood test results and I was happy, but cautious - it seemed too good to be true - and I STILL didn't feel any different.
Hearing that heart beat finally made it real for me.


answers from Pocatello on

I have had some super early pregnancy signs!!!! With my 3rd pregnancy it was about a week after I ovulated (probably about the time it was implanting) I got heartburn for 2 days. I only get heartburn when I'm pregnant. Like with all my pregnancies I get horrible heartburn from around 5 months until I deliver. So yeah I new at that point i had to be pregnant. Now this morning I just took a test and it was a faint positive!!!!! But earlier this week I made my hubby a turkey sandwich and I could smell the lunch meat super strong! It was making me feel sick! LOL So I've had a symptoms a week to 2 weeks before my missed period. So how long ago did you have unprotected sex? I'm just wondering how soon you can take a test. I'm guessing I ovulated around the 5 of this month. And I had cramping on the 10 (which I think was implantation cramping) so I took that test today (EPT brand) and got the faint positive. I'm so excited! But I know how you feel!!! The wait and guessing is brutal!!!
ok so if you ovulated on the 11th the egg could implant as early as 3 days later but usually it's more like 5 to 7 days later. After the egg implants your body will start making the hormone that home pregnancy test read. At the earliest you may have enough hormones to get a positive 5 days after implantation. But get the 6 days sooner EPT test. They are the most sensitive at getting the earliest pregnancy hormones. They can detect as low as a 6 on hormones where as other brand or even the digital need at least a level of 25 to 50 to get a positive. I've done lots of research on the matter! LOL So at the earliest you could test on the 21st, Next Saturday. But get the ept with 3 test so even if you get a real faint positive you can test again in the days after that to get a darker line and feel more confident. Best of luck!!!


answers from Salt Lake City on

Women can have morning sickness as early as 4 weeks after conception. However there are a small group of women that have claimed to of came down with symptoms earlier. You can go get a blood test at anytime after conception and it will be 100% accurate. Taking the at home pregancy tests, you will need to wait until a missed period or some of the tests can test 5 days early. As for other symptoms in my own case, I have been pregant a total of 6 times and everytime I was I knew I was within a week after I concieved. I had sore breasts and I always noticed my sense of smell changed. Than morning sickness would come along aroung 6 weeks ugh... nothing to look forward to at all! Good luck!



answers from Detroit on

I started having a "more full" bloated feeling in my abdomen right around 3 or 4 weeks - then some morning nausea shortly after that. You can test right around the time you would normally get your period but the longer you wait after the missed period, the less likely you will get a "false negative" as your body starts to produce more pregnancy hormone.

Not trying to be a jerk, but pulling out is a really lousy form of birth control. Even just a condom would be better than that and I don't know too many guys who enjoy routinely having to pull out. In my book, you are either trying to get pregnant and not using any birth control, or you are avoiding it by every means possible.

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