Pregnant? How Soon Can I Know

Updated on November 12, 2010
A.P. asks from Norwalk, CA
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My period started Mon Oct 25 I had unprotected sex that Sat & Sun. This Wed I woke up and noticed my nipples are very tender, to the touch. I have a very heavy discharge, which isnt normal for me and have been rather tired. Do you think I am pregnant and how soon can I successfully take a test?

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So What Happened?

Thanks for the feedback. I am fully aware of my cycle and when I ovulate, start & end BUT like I said I've never had the tenderness in my breast like this and while it doesn't make sense on my calender to be pregnant, anything is possible. I still have a week until I'm due to start...I'll post back

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answers from Abilene on

The soonest I've ever had a positive pregnancy test was 10 days after sex - it was 2 days before my period was due to arrive.

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answers from Chicago on

I doubt your pregnant, given where you are in your cycle. But hey, anything is possible.
If you ARE pregnant, your body would not have registered that yet, so it's unlikely that you'd be having symptoms already (particularly the exhaustion). They typically don't kick in until around 6 weeks or so.

With both of my kids, I got solid, positive tests at 10DPO. So IF you ovulated around the time you had sex, you should get a positive test in the next few days.
But, like I said, given that your period had just ended, it's unlikely.
What you're describing right now are signs of ovulation. So you may want to grab an OPK and test to see if you are actually ovulating. If you get a positive, and you want to be pregnant, it's GO TIME!

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answers from Washington DC on

You are mid cycle right now which means that the heavy discharge you are seeing is probably from ovulation.

It can take up to 10 days for the egg to implant after it is fertilized so you won't see symptoms until after implantation because your body doesn't know you are pregnant yet. It is very hard to get pregnant 2 days into your period because the egg released from the last cycle is very old and you are shedding your uterine lining so there is nothing for it to implant into.

Many women get pms/pregnancy symptoms during ovulation as well as right before their period. That's what makes those little pee sticks so wonderful. You can't go by symptoms alone.

Most test out there will be accurate 10 days after your missed period. The ones that say test early are only accurate for a portion of the population that both ovulated and implanted early.

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answers from Tulsa on

2 weeks I think is the earliest. but definate 4 weeks.



answers from Atlanta on

Well it is entirely possible. My period was October 27th. I too am waiting.....according to a website I went to it said I wouldn't get a positive preggo test until the 24th of this month-so I'm just "could" go for a blood test but if it were me well it is me I'm just waiting it out to see what happens. I think I read out there that the EPT test is more sensitive at an earlier stage because it has two ways of testing for pregnancy or detecting that great little hormone-lol! Good luck-the longer you wait towards your period or a few days past your period the better in the meantime you might "get" your period and then you have nothing to worry about-but the waiting it out does stink! Just don't wait it out for too to long-you need that pre-natal care ;())



answers from Austin on

You are having symptoms of ovulation right now. I do not think you are pregnant. You would have had to release an egg early in your cycle to be pregnant right now. You should pick up a book called Taking Charge of Fertility so you can really understand how your body works.




answers from Dallas on

If you miss your period you can take the test then. Any sooner would most likely be too soon. Good luck either way!


answers from Chicago on

Wait until your cycle is due. Though you can test a few days early with first morning urine -- it can sometimes give you a false negative for testing too early (HCG levels are not high enough to register on the test yet). That is just a waste of $$$....and we all know pregnancy tests are pricey :) Best wishes!

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