Newly Potty Trained Daughter Has Irritation

Updated on June 09, 2010
L.S. asks from Omaha, NE
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My 2 1/2 year old daughter is recently potty trained (only a little over 2 weeks). The last couple days, I've noticed that her little girl area is very irritated and red. Tonight she complained that her "pee pee" hurt. I checked it out once again, and it was very red. She screamed when I tried to wipe it out with a baby wipe (we have always used the Pampers Sensitive wipes). I'm not sure what's wrong. We wipe her each time she pees in the potty, and she rarely has accidents that leave her sitting in pee. Is this normal in the switch from diaper to potty - meaning wet wipes to dry toilet paper? Has anyone else experienced this with her daughter? Are there any suggestions to help relieve her of this and prevent it from happening again, or is this just a waiting game while she gets used to toilet paper? I can't imagine that's the reason. I think I'm wiping her well enough, but now I'm not sure. If anyone has any advice, please send it my way.

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So What Happened?

Thank you for all the advice! I used a bit of A&D last night, and she actually looked better today and didn't complain of anything. I think I was so worried about making sure to wipe her well, that I was possibly wiping a little too hard for someone not used to dry toilet paper. We'll continue to use unscented wipes for BMs and once in a while to make sure she's clean. I think soaking in baths was a good option too. THANK YOU to all the moms who gave their advice and shared their ideas!

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answers from Tulsa on

My daughter had a reaction to the dye in toilet paper. Also whatever they put in it to make it smell good. I just switched to plain white and she was fine.

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answers from Milwaukee on

She may have a yeast inffection. I would take her to the dr. You could try a diaper rash cream too.

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answers from Houston on

My daughter is 5 and just too busy to properly wipe herself. So there are times where I still go in with her and help her wipe to try and prevent the red and irritation (letting you know, that this will happen a few times while she is getting older) but I always keep vasoline in her bathroom. Everytime she gets out of the bath, I put it on her.
But also, if you went from wet wipes to dry toilet paper, it could cause a little irritation jsut because the wet wipes usually clean so much better then just dry toilet paper.
I hope this helps, sorry if I am being repetitive. Good luck

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answers from Portland on

Hi L.-

First, has your daughter been swimming lately or have you changed laundry soap? It may not be the potty training, but a reaction to a chemical introduced in her enviroment. As kids move from diapers to potty training, (or toddler to preschool years), their skin changes, and has less natural protection from rashes, which allowed the chemical to create a rash.

As for potty training to be the issue, I've potty trained quite a few kids in my years working with children & Families, and I've never had a little girl get a rash when transitioning to panties.

Good luck.

R. Magby

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answers from Ocala on

There might be small little pieaces of toilet paper getting stuck up in her girl stuff.....
Remember to always wipe from front to back.
Make sure that she gets a shower or a bath everyday..

I hope that she feels better soon.

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answers from New York on

My daughter had a reaction to toilet paper- we just continued to use wipes when possible and used a little vaseline when we ran into irritation issues, and desitin if it was bad. Act quickly so all of your hard work (and hers!) doesn't go to waste by her thinking the toilet training is the cause of her discomfort. Oh and my little one is now 9- and can use toilet paper. It was only an issue for about a year.

Good luck!

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answers from Fargo on

You could try using some corn starch or baby powder to help keep her dry for now until it heals up. She could be sensitive to the toliet paper, try switching brands. My daughter couldn't use Charmin without getting irritated.



answers from Minneapolis on

Both of my daughters had the same problem. I quit using toliet paper and bought the flushable wipes. They cost a little more but had been so much better for my girls plus I know they are clean. Good Luck



answers from Minneapolis on

Sounds like a rash from too much moisture in the area. Make sure she is completley dry and clean after using the bathroom and put some diaper rash cream on.



answers from Duluth on

I saw that someone suggested using flushable wipes; we had issues with those. I thought they'd be great for my son to start teaching himself to wipe after a BM and he hated them--said they made him itch. I'm assuming the wipes you're using are what you've been using all along, but if not, that could be it. I have boys, so I may be off the mark with the next suggestion...but I know my 2 1/2 year old son LOVES being in underwear (even though he's not trained yet) because it offers him, uh, better access to himself. My guess is you'd probably have noticed this by now, but these were the two things I thought of that I hadn't seen mentioned yet.



answers from Rapid City on

when she started potty training did you switch from Diapers to PullUps? We did with my granddaughter and she started getting the redness and the tenderness also. After switching to panties and using rubber pants that you put over a diaper, it stopped the problem. Also you should pat her dry, not rub since toilet paper is a bit more rough then the wet wipes.



answers from St. Louis on

I would call your pediatrician. It may be an allergy to the toilet paper? or I would probably just continue to use baby wipes (ha, i still use them for me) it seems cleaner but honestly, a doctors opinion is always good when regarding genitals.



answers from Minneapolis on

We had the same problem with our daughter at potty training time. I took her to the dr. It was basically that we werent wiping her good enough. We were used to her laying on the floor spread eagle and getting in every crevice. Now that she is standing when we are wiping there is still moisture in there. I think the wet wipes made it even more moist. We just made sure we got the moisture out and let her "practice" wiping too so she could get out any extra. If you can, let her air out every once in awhile. Diaper Rash ointment helped with the pain.

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