How Much Water Should My 19 Month Old Be Drinking?

Updated on February 04, 2009
J.K. asks from Marblehead, MA
5 answers

Is there a certain ammount of water that my 19 month old should get per day? She barely drinks water at all and we are not sure if this is a problem, or if she doesn't really need much water yet.

She drinks plenty of milk and we give her a sippy cup of water throughout the day - but she doesn't drink much out of it. Does a child her age need a certain # ounces of water per day?

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answers from Washington DC on

I'm not aware of any maximum or minimum on water per day for children. My two year old doesn't drink any water.



answers from Washington DC on

Hi J.,

The human body is made up of mostly water and must be replenished whether you're a child or an adult. It would be best to ask your childs doctor how much she should drink in a day. When my son was little, I used to put a little apple juice in the water for flavor. A child will drink something that is slightly sweet. When he was old enough to understand, I explained to him why he should drink plenty of water and how his body needed it. My son is 13 years old now and will grab a bottle of water without me having to tell him. Good luck!



answers from Roanoke on

It's definitely important that she stays hydrated. Is she getting any other fluids? Water/juice combo? Milk? I'm not sure how much she should be drinking, but my 14 mo daughter drinks water in her sippy through out the day. It's a 5 oz cup and I refill that thing maybe 3-4 times a day. She's a little sick now so she's not drinking milk. When she's healthy, she drinks 15-20 oz of milk and then it's water for the rest of the day. She's just a thirsty little girl I suppose. She just hangs on to her sippy cup and always goes back to it when she's thirsty.



answers from Denver on

As long as she is urinating frequently and has clear/not dark urine she is probably just fine. Too ease your mind and make your life easy especially in the Summer provide a sippy cup with water that is at her height all day. (If it is hot and she is outside then you need to stop her play to drink some water, otherwise you shouldn't normally have to worry about it.)




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I don't think there's any rule about how much she should be drinking. As long as she stays hydrated and is not constipated- she should be fine. I assume she's drinking milk and getting liquids that way. I just provide my child with a sippy cup of water that is at his level all day. He goes to the kitchen and takes a drink as needed. Don't worry about the amount!

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