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Hot Flashes and Insomnia

Oct 2, 2009 ... I also have been having night time hot flashes that greatly disrupt ... I always carry cold water bottles, and have a small wash cloth handy ...

Do You Boil Water Before Making Powdered Formula?

In a pinch Id use bottle water or even tap water as the kids were older if we ... read somewhere that if you are using tap water you shouldnt use the hot ...

Bottles Turning Pink???

"I soak my plastic dishes in hot water mixed with baking soda t remove the ... I am a childcare provider, and I often run the bottles of the little ones in ...

Washing Bottle Nipples...

Now I just wash her bottles in hot water with dish soap and then scrub with a bottle cleaner. I don't want to scare you. I'm sure that there is mo life ...

35 Week Pregnant with Intense Pain in the Pubic Bone

I am definitely seeing a Chiropractor, using a hot water bottle, ... Get a heating pad or a hot water bottle and keep it between your legs when it gets real ...

Similac RS RTF Vs. Powder

Apr 27, 2009 ... Enfamil does make a small (2oz) plastic bottle with a screw top for the ready to feed formula ... hot water bottles · ready to feed formula ...

Middle Ear Infection

Place a hot water bottle or hot washcloth against your ear. It always helps me. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share ...

Should He Be Drinking Water?

My sister told me I needed to be giving them water bottles, I tried and they would not take them. .... hot water bottles · breast milk for sale ...


If you're putting your bottles in the dishwasher, maybe its too hot or there's a soap or hard water residual building up on the parts and breaking the seal? ...

Breast Engorgement - HELP!!

Warm, moist heat applied with a compress or hot water bottle will help unplug the ducts and ease swelling. Herbs that work well in a breast compress are ...
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  • from a health food store in 2 answers "... use the good apple cider vinegar, heinz or something from a health food store."
  • using tap water in 3 answers "I've also read somewhere that if you are using tap water, you shouldn't use the hot ..."
  • just put a few drops in 2 answers "... it is just a watered down mixture of Rubbing Alcohol. You just put a few drops ..."
  • straight tap water in 2 answers "I used straight tap water with my girls."
  • use the top rack in 2 answers "... clean either way, so why not just follow the recommendation and use the top rack?"