How Long After Your Husband "GOES"....... PLEASE READ

Updated on August 06, 2010
L.V. asks from Jacksonville, FL
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How long does it take to show that your pregnant after your husband "GOES" inside (not to be gross) i really need to know....days weeks or what????? because my husband "went" inside and a few days later i took a pregnacy test and it said "NOT" and i waited a few more days and it said "NOT" but i havent had my period and i m pretty sure im Pregnant.. PLEASE HELP!!!!

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So What Happened?

Thankyou alot!!!!!! even tho my life is ruined....thankyou!

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answers from Dallas on

I've found out as soon as 2 weeks of being pregnant, and I've read that some tests will show a posotive 10 days after he "goes". : )

With all 4 of my pregnancies, I never had to wait until my missed period date to know, I always got a posotive, sometimes faint but at least a week before the date. And no matte what you hear, DO NOT spend fortunes on the expensive preg tests. All of my posotive tests were done with the cheapy tests, walmart has a 2-pack for just under $7 (sorry can't remember the name, orange box though) and Target has some cheap store brand ones that work just as good too.

When my sister got pregnant, she bought a $1 dollar tree test and it showed a posotive, took a little longer than the walmart brand but the posotive was there so any test you use, IF you're pregnant, will give you the posotive.

If you're trying and not pregnant yet, keep trying and have LOTS of sex, the more sex the more chances for you. Good luck and hope you get the outcome you wanted! : )

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answers from Washington DC on

Sweetie please ignore the negative responses and if your worried go to the Dr and get blood work. If you are unable to do this then make sure you take a urine test first thing in the morning for best results. If this is not something you are planning for know you have options and that there are people out there that can help you two through this

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answers from New York on

Ok, if anyone would bother to read L.'s profile, especially since you assume she is young, she is 18 and has a one year old, therefore....young. I swear the judgement in these posts are getting crazy, either advise the person asking or move on. L., since you seem to be late for your period I would suggest you count back till when you had sex with your hubs. Has it been 10 days or so, and how late are you? You could just honestly be late. Wait a couple of more days and take another EPT test or if you really can't wait , I would take the advice of the previous poster and go get a blood test. Best of luck either way. Your "what happened" says to me you are overwhelmed. Just take a step back, you already have a little girl you love and if you are indeed pregnant you will deal with it, your ok.

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answers from New York on

I'm not really understanding your "So What Happened" response.

I'm not certain how your life is ruined by having or not having a child with your husband. I would strongly recommend counseling to help you sort out those feelings. No need to feel overwhelmed. There are people trained to help you. It takes a village you know and even when you become an adult you still are not an island unto yourself.

Please be encouraged and get some help.

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answers from Minneapolis on

It isn't really timed from the time your partner ejaculates. It is from when conception is even possible...after you ovulate. You can get positive urine pregnancy tests before you miss a period, but I wouldn't start testing until a few days before your period should arrive. I know it is an exciting time and hard to wait to find out, but be patient and good luck!!



answers from Tampa on

The fastest way to know if you are pregnant, is to go to your doctor's office for a blood test. Good luck :)



answers from Boca Raton on

For a home test, I think it is a minimum of 18 days.


answers from San Antonio on

Alot of it has to do with your cycle and where you are in your cycle. The 'safest' days to 'go inside' are during your period, the day or two after your period is over, then the 3-4 days before your next period (if you can predict them). It might be too late for this information though.

In my pregnancy, we got pregnant mid-August and I didn't know it on Sept 1st when I took a test and it came back negative. I didn't take a positive test till Sept 19, so a whole MONTH after we concieved.

Your life is not over. A baby is a blessing. You will survive this and God will provide for you.



answers from Jacksonville on

Not days, but a couple weeks. If you're really that concerned, go to the dr as get a blood test, they can tell MUCH sooner!



answers from Seattle on

Typically at least 2 weeks... sometimes longer.

Most women are fertile in between their periods... so two weeks after, two weeks prior = fertile. It's a little more complicated than that... but that's the *general* rule of thumb.

Pregnancy tests work by reading a hormone present in your pee. It takes awhile for that hormone to build up enough to be testable. TYPICALLY you have to have already missed your period in order to have enough of that hormone present in order for the test to read it... meaning apx 2 weeks.

The problem is that not all women are fertile dead center between their periods. Some are fertile a week after, some are fertile the week before. Some women even get pregnant ON their periods. It all has to do with chemicals. Most women, the egg has either degraded or the lining has too much right before or on their period in order to become pregnant.



answers from Miami on

It takes at least 10 days for the hCg hormone to show up in your urine indicating that you are pregnant.

Good luck!



answers from Albuquerque on

You have recieved a lot of good advice here. You can also check out this link, it may have some answers for you.
I also just wanted to say, please do ignore the tacky, rude comments that have been left. They are in no position to judge as they do not know the specifics of your situation.
Good luck!



answers from Philadelphia on

If you didnt want this pregnancy, you had options. There is plan b... i think that is what it is called. Please be more careful if you do not want kids. Don't ever let him "go inside" if you don't want to be pregnant. (and i mean EVER)

To answer your question... if the test is still negative a week after your period is are most likely not pregnant.

I think a nice way to ask would have been 'how long after unprotected sex'. I am not trying to be mean.



answers from Miami on

wait minimum two weeks after he goes in, to test if you are pregnant



answers from Orlando on

Just b/c your husband ejaculates inside of you, does not mean that you will get pregnant. You have to be ovulating, or right before ovulation with fertile cervical fluid.
Is your period late yet?
But to answer your question, I was able to get positive pregnancy tests 12 days after I ovulated.

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