How Is Your Christmas Tree Decorated?

Updated on December 16, 2011
P.S. asks from Houston, TX
18 answers

Mine is all gold. I have gold ribbon weaving in and out of the branches surrounded by twinkling white lights, and all kinds of gold ornaments, large and small on top of that, w/many family ornaments mixed in, made and collected over the years.

What does your tree look like? Do you have a theme this year? Every year? Or is your tree a "free for all"?

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answers from Phoenix on

I have a kid friendly tree. Ornaments from my younger years and my children's precious made ones and a lot of fun hallmark ones. If my kids loved Clifford, we bought it that year......Nemo ? We bought it .... if they loved Strawberry Shortcake .... we bought one that year and so on and so on and so on. So it is a bit modge podge, but it is sweet and fun to have the kids open up the boxes and remember the ones they got the year before or there after..... such memories... Also we finally got a REAL tree and it smells lovely.

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answers from Spokane on

All white lights, gold ribbon, rustic red star, gold, frosted white and dark red balls of 3 different sizes, candy canes and a variety of ornaments (we buy one for each of the three kids every year ~ it's SO fun to look at them every decemeber) with the majority of them front and center of the tree at 3-4 feet high :) my 7 and 3 y/o loved helping decorate it!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Our tree is a culmination of all we've collected over the years.
Some from vacations, some given to us by friends or family.
Some with a story to tell.
It's fun.
Some frosted pretty bulbs.
We have white lights w/all of our ornaments.
It's fun to look at.

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answers from New York on

Mine looks like it was decorated by a six year old. I love it!

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answers from Colorado Springs on

Our tree has ornaments on it that we have collected throughout the years of our marriage. It is very personal to us. The kids have such fond memories. Whenever we travel, we purchase an ornament for that occasion, and so we have a sweet reminder of where we've been and what we have done. We also have their baby's first Christmas ornaments on the tree, which adds up for us. ;) I have a rustic star on top, and some wooden cranberries strung around it. White lights. I love our tree.

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answers from Detroit on

Our tree is just a random hodge-podge mish-mash of different ornaments. There's ones from when I grew up, and one that DH made as a kid in school. There's the ones that our kids have made and ones that we have painted at the paint-your-own-pottery places. I really like ones that look like candy, sugared fruits, or other sweets. I also like the marshmallow snowmen ones and retro-style glass ornaments. Plus we have a collection of Disney figures and "Bride's Tree" ornaments. I wouldn't change a thing about our tree but sometimes I have to admit that it would be nice to be ridiculously wealthy, live in a mansion, have something like 12 Christmas trees all done up with different themes, and pay someone else to decorate them.

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answers from Seattle on

Beautiful lighted Angel with pearls on top....pearls b/c I had pearls on my wedding dress and bought this angel the same year.

Then I place white and red pointsettias and our treasured ornaments through the the tree. This year we have just white lights. But usually we mix white with colored.

One year I plan on having an all musically themed tree, with the 12 days of Christmas characters, followed by a Nativity Scene tree with a large, very 'loved' and old nativity set. Will obviously put a star on top of that tree.

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answers from Houston on

Powder blue tree with silver snowflake topper..white lights...and a ton of ornaments of all sizes and colors.

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answers from Chicago on

white lights,red ribbon wrapped around it,I have a lot of old folksy art ornaments,and some round big red and frosted white bulbs that ads a very warm light.........
there are so many possibilities to decorate a tree,but I always stick with the simple ,folksy time I had dried orange slices and wrapped cinnamon sticks on them, hung them in front of a light bulb, so the light came throughj the orange, looked really pretty.

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answers from Seattle on

The quarter ended last week, and then we had some major family drama/crisis. So ours is currently on the back deck, decorated in frost!!!

Hoping to get it up tomorrow :) Our modus operandi is: "special" ornaments (we each get new ornaments every year), colorful lights, star, and a dog underneath stealing wintergreen flavored water.



answers from New York on

Ours has a large assortment of ornaments we have colllected over the years, most of them are from vacations. Some of them were gifts. Some are homemade that the kids made.

I think the themed trees are really nice, and I had a few many, many years ago. But now I want a personal tree that symbolizes who we are as a family.

Most years I'll buy special ornaments for my girls that represent something in their live, like last year a flute and clarinet because they both play in the band. I want them to have a small collection when they are old enough to move out and have their own home.



answers from Canton on

We have white lights, gold ribbon, gold and burgundy bulbs and burgundy bows with a gold star on top.


answers from El Paso on

My tree is white given to me by my neighbor since mine broke last year. I have very little ornaments on half my tree since my daughter likes to get in there an rearrange
Blue sparkly glittery balls and blue sparkly glittery snowflakes with blue lights looks nice when all the lights off :)



answers from Washington DC on

Our tree is a free for all. The theme is, as always, "family". We have ornaments that we got each kid over the years, the Hallmark ones DH and I buy for ourselves for every married Christmas, the ones the kids made, the ones from our trips, etc.



answers from Houston on

First off, we ALWAYS get a real tree. We have a long family tradition (my grandmother started it with my mom when she was a little girl) of making homemade "snow" for our tree. So we always put the lights on first (colored lights, not white), then make the snow (takes an afternoon and the kids LOVE putting it on!), and then put on ornaments. We don't have any just pretty ornaments - all of our ornaments have meaning. When we take family trips, we always try to pick up an ornament from somewhere along the way to remind us of the trip. And of course the kids have made ornaments over the years, and we have other special ornaments we put on there.

One day, I'd like to have a second tree (which could be artificial) to just have a pretty tree. But I will always have the family tree with snow and meaningful ornaments.


answers from Milwaukee on

DH's family passed on their tradition of collecting Hallmark ornaments so each of the kids gets one each year. So, the tree right now, has some of the non breakable Hallmark ones. Like Barbie, Elmo, Star Wars etc. Then we went and picked up some of the Target sparkly cheap snowflakes in red. The tree is in white lights and we have a glittery star at the top. It actually looks really pretty because of the glitter mixed with their fave characters.

Before kids I always did a color coordinated tree with matching ribbons and balls etc. I like ours now much better because it has memories and parts of each of us in it.



answers from Bloomington on

What a fun question!

Ours is ALL GIRL! We have two little girls and last year we let the then 3 year old pick out the new ornaments. Well, we have bright pink, bright blue, bright green, sparkly red and green ornaments; sparkly snowflakes in the same colors; sparkly butterflies in the same color and colored LED lights. We also have the few special ornaments that we've bought for them each year.



answers from Los Angeles on

Free for all.

Colored lights, misc. ornaments, star on top...No tinsel and No candy canes!

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