Homemade Christmas Ornament Ideas??

Updated on November 19, 2008
A. asks from Denton, TX
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Attention craft mama's...you know you are out there:) I need some help coming up with a few good homemade Christmas tree ornaments to decorate a nursing home tree. My family service project this year is to decorate this nursing home, and the young women in my church (ages 12-18) are going to help out by making some ornaments. SO, given the fact that I am in no way crafty, I need some good ideas. I want them to be nice looking (not like my 6 year old made it at school), and reusable. I am planning to do the marblized glass ball ornaments, but want something smaller too..and maybe a little sparkly, I dont know. I just want it to look nice, not cheap, you know. Any and all ideas are welcome...ok..more like needed!! Thanks a bunch ladies, and happy holidays":)

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answers from Dallas on

We have made Cinnamon ornaments two or three times. These are my favorite ornaments because they smell so nice. And are very easy to make! I can't find the one my mom and aunt used. They actually cooked ours when we did them when I was little, but I have done it this way year before last. Just to let you know the ones we made 28 years ago still smell! The ones from a couple of years ago do as well.

You need

1 c. ground cinnamon (buy it cheap at the dollar stores or in bulk at your grocery store bakery)

1 tsp. cloves

1 tsp. nutmeg

3/4 c. applesauce

2 T. Tacky or Elmer's white glue

Cookie cutters

Paint, if desired for decorating (fabric paint works great!)

Red, green or white ribbon


Combine first 5 ingredients until stiff dough forms, kneading well with hands. Roll dough out onto cinnamon dusted surface, about 1/4-inch thick, then cut with desired cookie cutter shapes such as teddy bears, hearts, Christmas trees, snowflakes, stars, candy canes, gingerbread boy (or girl), angels, etc...

Lay ornaments on a sheet of waxed paper and cut a small hole in the top (a plastic straw works well), then put in a safe place for drying. Depending on how dry your home is, it can take about 2-4 days for the ornaments to dry completely. Be sure to turn the ornaments over several times a day to ensure even drying.

When ornaments are dry, use fabric paint to decorate if desired (just like you would a cookie), then thread a pretty ribbon through the hole for hanging on Christmas tree, or all throughout the house!



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I love the way the glittered fruit, leaves, and flowers look. You could easily make these and save money by buying (and recycling) silk flowers from a thrift shop and glittering them. I would use white glue, applied with a paint brush or sponge to spread it on the flowers; or simply glue and glitter the edges of the flowers/leaves. But you might be able to use the spray glue; don't know how well it will hold the glitter.

You could also ask on Craigslist for any free silk flowers anyone may want to give you. I have given and received some amazing things on there! Best wishes! :)



answers from Dallas on

Try Googling for ideas too..there are A LOT of ideas out there. You could even decorate those CDs you get in the mail to be ornaments...yes they can look very nice if decorated right.

Sounds like a fun project though and it will be greatly appreciated by all in the end.

God bless you!!!




answers from Dallas on

In college my gal pals decided to MAKE eachother christmas gifts (due to budget).
I bought cheap plastic clear ornament bulbs from a craft store: (they also came appart at the half so you could even put stuff inside as presents) they had a pre-made place/handle to add a ribbon for a tree connection.
Then, at Michaels or Hobby Loby, I bought a faux guilding kit to guild any wood (picture frame, etc) or plastic surface (ask an associate-it came looking like sheets of antique colors: red, blue, gold, silver, etc with viles of paint, glue and glaze). Then I guilded the ornaments and put little soaps or candy inside.

THEY TURNED OUT AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! My friends thought I spent lots of money on them and they were cheap and quite easy. It did take a little bit of time and made a little bit of a mess but was so worth it and not hard! And they have lasted at least a couple of years so far!



answers from Dallas on

www.orientaltrading.com has several craft kits for ornaments. They usually come in packs of 12 (12 ornaments) and are pretty cheap and very cute. You make them yourself, but the supplies are all there.

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