How Do I Clean Glider Cushions?

Updated on October 24, 2008
K.K. asks from Chicago, IL
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I bought a used glider I found on craig's list and would like to clean the cushions. Unfortunately it is turning out to be slightly more difficult than I thought it would be. I tried to take them to my dry cleaner but the cushion covers aren't removable and the cleaner said they couldn't clean them with the foam inside. I tried to look at the company's website (Jardine) for instructions but I can't find it! I really really want to get these clean and am not sure if the washing machine would ruin them.

Has anyone else dry cleaned cushions with the foam inside? Where can I get them cleaned (in Chicago)? My husband thinks we will have to hire an upholstery cleaning company or rent a machine, but that seems was too complicated. I don't think hand cleaning with soap and water will feel "clean enough" for me.....

Any advice would be appreciated.

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So What Happened?

Sorry for the late update. I went out and bought the little green machine. It worked really well on the cushions, but was a little messy to use. Cushions are clean though and that is what counts!

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Would they fit in the bathtub? Soaking them might make them to heavy to pull out, especially pregnant, but perhaps you would be able to do a better scrub with an open area and it won't mildew up inside. Just a thought. I haven't tried it myself.



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Do you have the little green clean machine? for a small job like that it would probably work great. If you dont have one, ask around, see if you can borrow one from a neighbor or friend. Im sure someone has one. Its not too expensive to buy either and probably a good investment for anyone with kids.



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Two things you could do:

Take them to a laundromat with those giant 70lbs washing machines. Put them in there with hot water, then when they aredone, bring them home & let them air dry. This should work.


Buy new cushions. Fabric stores sell foam & fabric, get someone to sew some up for you or sew them yourself.



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The reason the dry cleaner will not clean them is that the dry cleaning is done with chemicals. This can cause a fire--during cleaning or after due to the foam. One suggestion is that you try using oxyclean or, if you can sew, remove the cushion covers and then put them back on with extra material so you can add snaps or a zipper. Then you will be able to remove the cover anytime. If you attempt to wash them, they may be okay but the washer may not be. It all depends on the type of foam. You could also try using a steam cleaner. They sell them at Target for about $35.



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HI, I also have a used glider. One of my fellow students gave it to me. My parents have something called the Little Green. It is used to clean carpet and it worked great on the glider. We bought the little green soap from Ace and it worked great. I think you can buy the machine at Ace too. But it is called Little Green. Try this, it worked for me. Good luck.

L. (mom of one 12 week old girl)



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I wouldn't submerge them in water, you could ruin it. Call a carpet cleaning company to ask their advice. We use Lee's Carpet cleaning in wheeling. The last time they cleaned my carpets I had them clean our recliner chair too.

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