How to Clean a Microsuede Couch

Updated on February 23, 2007
K.H. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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We bought a microsuede couch and moveseat set a couple of years ago, mostly b.c the salesperson mentioned how easy the fabric was to keep clean. I have 3 toddlers who have mananged to get quite a few things spilled on to them. Other than the odd spot clean and quick soaking of any liquids I haven't actually cleaned them. I would like to do an all over cleaning and was wondering if I should use any cleaning products, just hot water, etc. I don't want to do any damage so would apperciate any feedback about how to get them clean, well at least for a day or two:)

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Thank you all for your responses. I ended up using hot water with very diluted Spray and Wash and it came pretty clean, need to scrub a few areas a little harder, but I was pleased with the results, am a little scared to stick the covers in the wash yet but maybe when it gets older. Unfortunatly with 3 toddlers in the house after 3 days you can't really tell I cleaned it but it was nice for 48 hours:) Still pretty impressed with how clean it got and am so glad we went with the microsuede. Thanks again

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You can use resolve or any spot cleaner or water and a mild detergent..My husband use to professionally clean carpet/furniture...



answers from Appleton on

I also throw my covers in the wash and dry them in the dryer on low heat, super easy



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Hi K.!

Do your cushion covers actually come off?? I have a large microsuede sectional couch and twice a year or so, I actually take off all the cushion covers & throw them in the washing machine (on the delicate cycle) and dry them in the dryer on permanent press. I have never had a problem with washing the covers in the washing machine, and it is soooo easy. I wouldn't recommend this if the cushion covers are not particularly thick or are the more delicate type, though! I actually started with hand washing the cushion covers in the bathtub, and that was somewhat cumbersome, so I held my breath and threw them in the washing machine on the most delicate cycle with no detergent. Now I soak them with spray n' wash before I throw them in! With two kids and two dogs, they can get pretty dirty. Then I just take a small bucket with a mild detergent and water (and maybe a little stain remover for tougher stains) and wipe down the arms and front of the couches, pat it dry and maybe place a fan blowing on it to help dry it faster. A warning though - if you have any reservations about throwing your covers in the washing machine . . DON'T do it, I don't want to be responsible for ruining your couch!!!!!!!! If you are not sure, start with hand washing them! There can be a little fraying of the excess seams on the inside of the cover from using the dryer, if you want to avoid this, hang them to air dry. Or, you can always call a professional upholstery cleaner, it costs anywhere from $50 - $100 for a couch, depending on how large it is. Hope this helps!



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All of my furniture is microsuade. I have a 16 mo old and 7yr old. We have the warranty from the manufactuer if it gets really bad they will come and clean it. But inbetween that I use a clean rag and cold water to dap out spills and stains. If you have a juice spill use a dry towel to try to absorb most of the liquid out of the fabric. If you use a fabric cleaner, test it on a part of the fabric that is not visible such as on the back to test if the cleaner will damage the fabric.



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I have always had good luck cleaning my couch, and we have had plenty on it (food, ink, pencil etc)I have always been able to clean my couch with a soapy rag. There is usually a cleaner that you can buy from the company that sold you the couch. One time i did use a little spot shot on a rag, but test that in a hidden spot first depending on the color of your couch. Good Luck!



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We were given one from my sister and it is really easy to get clean. I do know that a carpet and upolstry machine does not work. She told us to just use a wet rag and that is what I have done. It takes all the toddler messes off of ours. I don't use soap and don't make the water too hot(warm but tollerable). Good luck.

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