How Can I Word a Double Birthday Party Invitation?

Updated on November 02, 2009
G.A. asks from Tyler, TX
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My son and his friend would like to have a joint 4th birthday party. Several of their friends are the same, but some each of us do not know very well (they are in the same daycare class, but do not typically play together or we do not know their parents well). How can we write on the invitation that you do not have to bring a gift for the child you do not know very well. We do not want them to feel obligated to buy two gifts. Thanks.

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dont be to concerned with those details. people actually dont bother bout those things, those who have intentions of bringing gifts etc. will likely bring gifts to both anyway. but if you want a good invitation header , try a 2 part invitation, not writing any joint thing, meaning half folded invitation where your child and his friends name are separated,



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I personally have to disagree with the previous two posts... My daughter was invited to a joint birthday party last year and didn't know the other girl very well. I DID feel obligated to buy two gifts. Perhaps it's just me; maybe other parents don't feel obligated to do so. I would've appreciated something that said not to buy two gifts. Unfortunately, I can't think of the appropriate wording for you so I can't help out much! Good luck!



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Hi G.,

My friend and I did this a couple of years ago for our kiddos' birthdays, and we didn't have any special wording. We also didn't have any parents feel obligated to bring a gift for the child that they didn't really know. I think that the parents will give gifts to the child (or children) that they know the best. Good luck!


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We had a double birthday party for my daughter's 3rd and 4th birthdays. We wrote up the invitation for both children and then put this at the bottom of the invitation:

We understand that this is a double party & you might not know both of the girls – please don’t bring a gift for the “other child” :)

We didn't have any problems and the kids that knew both girls brought two presents and all of the others just brought presents for the girl that they knew!

Let me know if you have any questions!


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