Hoodies with Thumb Holes?

Updated on December 01, 2011
T.C. asks from Minneapolis, MN
8 answers

Does anyone know where i can find mens hoodies with the thumb holes in them for UNDER 50 bucks? I am having a very hard time finding any online. I have tried google searching but am not having much luck with anything, so i thought id see if anyone has bought them and where i might find them at.


i dont want to just cut holes in the sleeves. then they tear more and more and dont last. if you buy them with them in it they are stiched around the thumb hole and work much better.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Danskin. It is sold all over the place - mainly at Walmart. They have workout hoodies with thumb holes and they won't be more than about $25.

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answers from Norfolk on

Cut the thumb holes, then take a needle and thread and sew around the edges of the holes yourself.
You could probably take it to a dry cleaner (if they have someone who does alterations) and they could do this for a reasonable amount of money.
The cleaners in my area will sew on taekwondo patches (3 of them) for $6.
Some sewing machines are programmed to do button holes and it can be done really quickly.

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answers from Green Bay on

Under Armour has some and you should be able to find a sale on line at the different sporting good stores like Dicks or McSports. Just look on the Under Armour website to find the style number you want then look around for a deal on Amazon. You can also try Adidas or Nike.

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answers from Seattle on

H&M, their sportswear has thumbholes in them. But you cannot order it online...

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answers from San Francisco on

You could try Zumies. I shop their for my bigger boys.

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answers from Kansas City on

all you need is a pair of scissors. get a nice one you like, and cut thumb holes in the sleeves. Problem solved. Why pay $50 when you can spend $10 at Gordmans?

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answers from Seattle on

Mine are from Adidas and lulu lemon. I love them! My friend has a cute one from the Victoria's secret catalog. My husband has one from quicksilver.


answers from Kansas City on

honestly i'm not sure i've seen real good quality sweatshirts for less than fifty bucks...?

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