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Updated on February 15, 2008
K.W. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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Hi there, I saw the question about homeopathic providers in the area and was wondering if insurance covers that. guessing I would say no but I want to be sure. My boyfriend works for the UPS so our daughter is covered under his plan-Blue Cross Blue Sheild. She is almost two and I have always taken her to our pediatrician through Aspen Med. she's very healthy but I am wondering what is covered if anyone knows I would appreciate it. Also, for someone who doesn't have health insurance(me) but has eczema how much would it cost to be treated or get checked out. Thanks for any advice...

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answers from Omaha on

as far as the eczema goes, I have some wonderful lotion that I know several people it works for. Contact me if you'd like a free tube of it and I'll gladly send it to you. Let me know, it's really great stuff.


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answers from Minneapolis on

K. -

Here's my experience with my doc. He's a Western med doc covered under my insurance, but he's also a homeopathic doc, who can and will prescribe homeopathic remedies if you are comfortable with homeopathy in lieu of Western pharmaceuticals unless he feels that pharmaceuticals truly are the way to go. He's also an accupuncturist - so he's got a very nicely well balanced approach to medicine - which is pretty much the reason I go to him.

My visits with him are 100% covered (with copay). Any Western pharmaceuticals are covered within the bounds of my insurance plan. Any homeopathics he prescribes are not covered. Some of them he sells in his office, some of them I end up heading up to Valley Natural Foods for depending on what it is.



answers from Wausau on

My 11 yr old son is being treated homepathically for ADD & anxiety. We saw a homeopath in Madison (Dave Johnson). Our insurance didn't cover the appointment but we were able to submit it to our flexible spending account & were reimbursed for all including our hotel (we live 51/2 hrs from Madison). Now we just follow up with phone appointments. We have be very pleased with the resolution of the anxiety & are currenetly still working on the ADD. If you have any questions about homeopathy, please feel free to contact me.




answers from Bismarck on

My four year old son has eczema, though you wouldn't be able to tell now. At one time, it was so bad that he had rashes behind both knees and elbows that were weepy and constantly infected! I felt so bad for him. Anyway, in my experience, the only help that the medical profession can offer eczema sufferers is an allergy test. This helped us tremendously. As long as he avoids his allergens, his eczema stays in remission. Our doctors have offered steroid cream (which I never used because of the risk of his body building a tolerance to it, requiring more concentrated doses) and Elidel. I had applied elidel to my son's rash once when he was first diagnosed around 7-8 months. Then I decided I just couldn't do it, later the whole "elidel scare" happened, and the FDA required that it carry a black box label (or whatever that is). Anyway, I would highly recommend allergy testing, though this is likely to be expensive. I haven't a clue how much this would cost as we were insured at the time.



answers from Minneapolis on

Before seeing a doctor to get a prescription for you excema, I would love to give you some Arbonne samples. We have several pure, safe and beneficial products that have really helped many adults and children manage their excema. Arbonne's products are botanically based and they are results oriented! All products can be viewed at www.arbonne.com. I recommend: skin conditioning oil, rejuvenating cream, Arbonne Baby Care System (adults are using it too!) I can help you get a 35-50% discount.

As for your insurance questions, each carrier is so different, I would check their website.




answers from Minneapolis on

It is a really hard question to ask if "insurance" covers something because every insurance is different. Your best bet is to call your insurance company and ask them directly. Then, if they do, you can also ask if they cover 100% or only a certain percentage (or if there are co-pays etc).



answers from Minneapolis on


I am not a doctor but I do have a little knowledge about eczema and the treatment of it through my home business and neice who suffers from it. One thing, our children's skin do not need lots of soap. Soap is a drying agent. Products with a lot of fragrance and bubbles have chemicals added to produce those smells and fun bubbles, but they are not beneficial to our children's skin. Look for products that are free of fragrance and when using lotions and baby oils you want products that do not contain Mineral Oil. I am a consultant with the Skin care, Health and Wellness company called Arbonne. Our baby line is developed to be very gentle on babies skin and is highly recommended for anyone with sensitive skin. The wash cleans off quickly with water, the lotions are non-greasy and contain no mineral oils. I use these on all my children and they are very beneficial. All of the Arbonne products follow the same format of no mineral oils, all botanical, PH Correct, Dermatologist tested, no animal products and not tested on animals. They really do what they say they will do.

I also know that although some children love to play in the bath for long periods of time, for those children with eczema it can aggrevate the problem.

Hope this is helpful.
K. Mulrooney



answers from La Crosse on

Hi K.!

In my experience, insurance does not cover homeopathic treatment, but if you can find a physician to write you a prescription for homeopathic care most flexible benefit plans (pre-tax like AFLAC) will reimburse the expense. Each homeopath charges differently but it would be worth pursuing, especially if you have a chronic infeciton like eczema. Eczema is an inflammatory response in the body so you need to look at your diet at consider what things might trigger it. Dairy products are often implicated in eczema and would be a place to start.
In health, A.:)



answers from Milwaukee on

First, I'm not at all a doctor or nurse but I was just looking at our insurance online last week for accupuncture and to my surprise they have discounted rates with certain providers. If you can, visit the insurance website and they should list services but keep in mind that you may have to get a little creative to find it on the site. I think I had to look under specialty/behavioral to find it. As far as the eczema I think some hydrocortisone cream helps with it. It's pretty cheap, especially the generic. Good luck!

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