Home Remedies for Congested/Runny Noses?

Updated on September 02, 2011
M.E. asks from Brunswick, GA
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My husband, myself, and our two little ones have a cold. The worst symptom? Stuffy/runny noses. :/ It is making breathing through our noses impossible, which in turn is giving us all sore throats from breathing through our mouths all day and night. I have the humidifier running in the babies room. I elevated their mattresses so they are not sleeping flat on their backs. My son is on claritin, and the dr prescribed an antibiotic (for an ear infection) and a decongestant for my girl. I am wondering if any of y'all have any sure fire rockin' home remedies? ;) Please share! TIA!

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answers from Tampa on

I steam up the bathroom before the bath. Dress them in the bathroom, warm pjs and fluffy socks. Boogie wipes are great.

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answers from New York on

steam from a HOT shower!!

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answers from Redding on

Vick's Vapo Rub works wonders. A little on the chest, a little bit right under the nose.
Many people swear by rubbing it on your feet and putting socks on to sleep.
It won't cure anything bacterial, but it can give some breathing and cough relief.

Best wishes.

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answers from Jacksonville on

In addition to all the other great suggestions, you could rest with a cool compress over your sinuses/bridge of your nose. I like to use those flexible cool paks that are made to toss in lunch box/coolers... the type that has small individual sections that you can cut with scissors--- (if not that, then a bag of frozen peas).

Part of your congestion issue, is likely swollen/inflamed sinus passage tissue. A cool compress (don't stick ice right on your skin!) can help reduce that inflammation and open up those passages. It might only be temporary, but it feels oh so good.

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answers from Columbia on

This isn't really a home remedy, but when anyone in my house gets a stuffy nose we use Breathe Right Nasal strips. They are awesome! You stick them across the bridge of your nose like a bandaid and they hold your nasal passages open for hours. My son has bad allergies and these have been a lifesaver! They make them in kid's sizes or adult and they have some that are infused with Vick's. I like the regular plain ones, but they are all good.
Good luck!!

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answers from Kansas City on

i have a home remedy for sore throats but not for colds...this is what my mom would do to/for me as a little girl for sore throats, and as gross/weird as it sounds it really does work...

take potato(s) peel them and then cut them into small cubes. then using a needle and thread (or whatever else works) string them together into a necklace. put the necklace around your throat, you want it to be snug so that it is touching the skin but not tight obviously. go to bed. when you wake up in the morning your throat wont hurt at all and the potato's will be black as coal...it is a weird feeling and somewhat ackward and smelly, but it really does work!

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answers from Detroit on

Simple Saline nasal spray works for me. But it's difficult to get kids to use it!

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answers from Seattle on

Hot baths and showers. It will break up the congestion and will make it easier to get it out. Also, Mucinex works great too! I also like Tylenol Cold and Flu Warming liquid. Doesnt taste so great but man it will make you sleep good lol.

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answers from Dallas on

Saline nose spray/drops and the Neil Med Sinus Rinse (like a neti pot but easier imo).


answers from Milwaukee on

I have a deviated septum so I cannot breath through my nose - ever, and I don't always have a sore throat. Your sore throats are most likely due to the drainage down the back of your throat. Saline spray can help drain faster as will some Sudafed and mucinex for the adults. Plus, drink lots of water to help dilute.



answers from Charlotte on

Totally agree with the sinus rinse- although I cringe at the thought of it, it truly does wonders! Anytime my kids get head colds/sinus whatever- I mix up warm H2O,honey and lemon juice to give them as a "special drink" always seems to works for us.( not sure how old yours are, but honey shouldn't be given for under 12mths) I was soo suprised when I learned how many things honey is good for- Who knew?? - My kids have terrible seasonal allergies, and this is something we always use- cheap, homeopathic, and they love having a "special drink". I also have them take vitamin C chews, and drink lots of low acid orange juice, at the sign of a sniffle- I am one of those "strange" moms who prefers home remedies over meds! haha- Best of luck!



answers from Los Angeles on

a nasal wash! the neil med squeeze bottle is great. i use it on my 4 year old daughter and it clears her right out. her allergies are horrible. it took a while for her to get used to me squeezing saline water up her nose but now she sits just fine. i have been doing them on her since 3 1/2.



answers from Dallas on

Funny! I was literally JUST about to ask this question. I'm suffering from maybe allergies, but, probably, a cold. My nose is constantly stuffed up and I have a sore throat. I'll try the cold compress thing. Hope you feel better!


answers from San Antonio on

a warm bowl of steamy soup (my son likes the Campbells Toy Story soup, only b/c it has Woody and Buzz noodles in it. ) I add more meat to make it a little more wholesome.

I also agree that those breathe-right strips are pretty cool. I felt a little nerdy wearning it to bed, but it really did open up my nasal passges better. They make various sizes, but I don't think they have them for kids. But maybe I'm wrong.

sounds like you've done all the right things. it may just be that you just need time and rest. Whenever my son gets like this, we also up his Vitamin C intake with supplements to try to speed up the recovery process.


answers from Houston on

neti pot.....but you can use your own teapot and salt water....google it

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