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Updated on January 25, 2008
T.W. asks from Dayton, OH
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I am a single mother of a beautiful 6 month old little girl and about 2 months ago my boyfriend and I have been intimate. I guess my question is this, I have been having sensative breasts for about 2 or 3 weeks now. But I have also started minor bleeding for my period. Is it possible to have sensative breasts and not be pregnant. And IF I am pregnant, and I am not a person that normally agrees with abortion, is there any kind of pill or something that can terminate in the early weeks, before the baby starts to form? I know that it is my fault for getting myself into this situation in the first place, but I can not have another baby this close together and go to school. I thank you in advance for any advice or tips you can give.

After receiving a few responses, I realized that my post was slightly inacurrate. We have been together just over 2 months had just started to become active right before Christmas. Hope that clears things up a bit.

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answers from Columbus on

I would take a home pregnancy test asap...then if it is positive call your doctor to discuss your options.
Good Luck!



answers from Louisville on

T., Have you considered if you are preganant, giving the child up for adoption? My sister-in-law just adopted a beautiful baby girl, because they cannot have a child.

I know emotionally and physically carrying another baby would be stressful...however, the joy that my sister-in-law has now that she has a gift that she could not have herself has overwhelmed her to tears many times over the past few days.



answers from Dayton on

I have experience (unfortunately) an abortion and putting a child up for adoption; Aside from the later discomforts that come along with pregnancy, I can tell you I have experienced great joy in finding a good home for my baby girl. During my pregnancy, I worked 40 hrs a week and kept a house together. You have to deside what it is you can live with. Adoptions can be as open as you and the adoptive parent agree on. Of course, my son was 13 and not a baby so he didn't require as much one on one attention which gave me time to rest. Things to think about are... what kind of support group do you have if you adopt... or abort? What kind of support would you get from your boyfriend if you adopt or not? I am not an abortion hater but having experienced an abortion (I was 8 weeks along)and 9 months of pregnancy just to give my child to another couple... I would gladly bring back the life I took so another family can be blessed with a beautiful child. Do I regret the abortion... sometimes. I am not haunted by it but every September on the 30th , I wonder what she would have looked like. I encourage you to consider all your options and know you are not alone.



answers from Cleveland on

Hi T.!

If you are worried that you might be pregnant, I would definitely go to your doc right away. You say you were intimate 2 months ago and had minor bleeding for your period. Did you actually have a normal period or just spot and have you missed a period yet? Those would probably give you a better idea about whether or not you're pregnant. And 2 or 3 weeks of sensitive breasts sounds a little long for it to be something different. Have you researched the web for info on different methods of abortion? I had to do a paper in school on this topic so I know there's info just about everywhere. But If I was you, I would hold off on having to read some very unpleasant descpritions of abortions until you absolutely have to. And while you're at the doc, please discuss different types of birth control so you don't have to go through another one of these experiences. I truly hope everything works out for you.

Good Luck!

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