Help with Girls' Soccer Decorations

Updated on April 01, 2008
C.S. asks from Katy, TX
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I am helping with the decorations for the girls soccer team banquet. I was wondering if anyone had any neat and inexpensive centerpiece ideas. This is our first graduating class and the coach wants it to look really nice.

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answers from Houston on has some really inexpensive things to decorate with. Hobby Lobby offers a 40% off coupon on one regular priced item but they're pretty inexpensive anyway. Party City always has nice things & about the same price as Hobby Lobby. You can always take paper plates & make soccer balls out of them like take 3 & color them like soccer balls & attach them to the top & have some of those balloon tie-downs w/the metallic strands on them coming up through the 'soccer balls' or just have the balloon tie-downs by themselves. They're pretty on their on & sprinkle soccer confetti around it. Hope this helps.

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answers from Houston on

Search eBay, I found tons of stuff for my sons Fireman birthday, you just have to have an imagination and creativity, and it will look great! Search "soccer party", or go to the category party supply, and search "soccer". Good luck!

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answers from New Orleans on

Try Party City. They have a wide variety of decor. Also go to and click soccer party from blue list on the right. "soccer".

YOU WILL L. THIS ONE! MY FAVORITE AND BEST: --type soccer in the search and go.-so many things to choose from and the only one that had a fabulous centerpiece. Keep clicking "next page" on the bottom until you see them all.


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For my son's athletic banquet, we rounded up old tennis shoes and spray painted them the school colors. (Be sure to paint the bottoms too) We placed them in the center of the tables with weighted balloons tucked in on the inside. You could also fill them with cheap flowers or a mix of the two.

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