Cars Party & Good Favors?

Updated on August 27, 2010
M.N. asks from Geneva, IL
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Hi All~
My daughter wants a "Cars" disney movie party for her birthday. Has anyone done this before? Any ideas outside of the basic stuff at card and party? Any great ideas for favors ages three and up??
Thank you!!

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answers from Fresno on

I'm with Riley on this one - Hotwheels make a great party favor! (Even for little girls - my 5 year old girly-girl LOVES her little race cars!) We went to a party recently where the hostess had some boxes with the top and bottom cut off, just big enough to be a child-size "car." She cut little handles in the sides of the boxes, and then the kids paired up and decorated their cars. (They had everything from streamers to foam letters to markers that they could use.) Then when they were done decorating, they got into their "cars" (holding the car up by the handles) and had races. Sort of like a cross between the Flintstones and a 3-legged race. It was so funny, and very cute. This was the 5th birthday of one of my younger daughter's friends, so most of the kids were Kindergarten aged.

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answers from Chicago on

We did a racecar b-day for my son's 4th. I got a CARS movie craft from Hobby Lobby & Michaels. It's a plastic car w/ a little hole in the top. It comes w/ a funnel & you pour different color sand into the car. I thought it was really unique & the kids loved it. I'm not sure if a new 3 year old is old enough, but if you have the space & patience, it could be fun. I put a big sheet down on the floor to catch any spilled sand. Then the kids / parents each filled up a car. They all had a blast. I think the box w/ 3 cars cost $12.



answers from Topeka on

I'll be having a Cars party in a few weeks.I have banners& tableclothes.I'll be going to Sams club for cupcakes with rings of the Cars on them.As far as party favors I do silly straws tattoos suckers Blow POP or Tootsie Pop & HotWheels if your wanting to do all Cars party favors check your Party America or Party City Hobby Lobby,Walmart or go online to Birthday Party Express & Shindigz....



answers from Seattle on

I'm sure you've thought of it... but have to say it: Hotwheels!

They also have the "you paint them" wooden cars at craft stores, which would make a good activity.


answers from Johnson City on

My son's 2nd bday was Cars themed. I bought the Lightning McQueen cake pan from Wilton and decorated it. That was the only true "cars" item I had. I got generic race car plates and napkins from the Dollar Tree, hung colored streamers from the ceiling, and got some race themed decorations, like a checkered flag banner and a banner that had race cars on it (all from the Dollar Tree!) Like quite a few others have said, give hot wheels as party favors. You can order entire decoration kits that have the theme but as long as it is race cars, most kids won't care or know the difference. We also had the movie playing in the background but not too many kids paid attention to it.

GL and hope everyone has a blast at the party!


answers from Houston on

i had a cars party for my 2 boys. I made a racecar cake, and had those little watercolor kits for the party favors (like $1 a piece). I had car wallpaper and made tags out of the wallpaper to tie to the favors. we did more of the car toys and hotwheels instead of the actual Cars movie.

The cake I made was similar to this:



answers from New York on

I always make cookies for one of the favors. And use a cookie cutter for whatever theme. In your case a car. They always go over as a big hit.



answers from Chicago on

Although we didn't do "Cars" as a theme this year (we had Star Wars) I found the Dollar Tree to be a great place for favors. You can usually get several things in one package for $1.00 and they seemed to have a lot of Disney things including cars,books, toys, crayons. However, if you see it there buy it as it won't be there if you go back. Also, be aware you can only return for credit at the store, not cash or back on a credit card. For a 3 year old I would keep it down to 1-2 favors. I just used generic colored plates and tablecloths (from dollar store) and bought 1 character mylar balloon for my son (purchased at a party store) and colored star balloons (from dollar store) for the kids to take home. Way cheaper than any of the party stores. So it did double duty as decoration and 1 of their favors. You can tie a car as a weight for the balloon and that could be there favor & decoration in one. The only other thing I would do is the cake in the "Cars" theme. If your handy you can do what is called a wax paper transfer onto a homemade cake and you can find out more information on and search "wax paper transfer" also check out another website called I found lots of ideas from other moms on different party themes, just put "cars" in for your search.

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