Help with DVD Made on Microsofts Movie Maker

Updated on August 16, 2008
D.A. asks from Keller, TX
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I have made a slideshow for my parents 40th anniversary on the Microsoft Movie Maker. Problem is I can't download the music from ITunes or even from a cd. The other problem is that when I copy it to a cd it will not play on the dvd player. It said that it needs a high mat audio video viewer. I have downloaded it several times(it will play off of the disc onto the computer). I am at a loss here because I have spent forever scanning photos and making it into a pretty cool slideshow but don't know where to go from here. The party is 10 days away. Thank you so very much for any help!

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You need to burn it to a DVD not a CD that way it will play as a DVD on your tv. Also you must be able to burn DVDs on your computer...not all computers do this.

RE the can't take it from itunes so you will have to have an MP3 or a WMA (windows media file). You should be able to "rip" the song from the CD using windows media player.

I am a graphic design/multimedia can email me if you need too.

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Some DVD players only play a certain type of DVD's. You may be using DVD +R, and your DVD player might need DVD-R/ (plus and minus are the differences). I would try buying both kids on DVDs, and be sure to take both with you to the party incase one or the other doesn't work in the player there.

I am not sure what kind of issues you are having with the MP3, I would need more specifics.

I hope this helps a little
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your problem is microsoft and a pc.
But, the easiest and most logical solution is to take your computer and the disk or if it's on your computer computer, to the event, and play it. most computers, esp. laptops, can connect to TV monitor and display screen/projector.

Good luck.

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