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TV And Video

J.S. asks from Minneapolis

There was a post up earlier this week which got me thinking about our TV viewing, and I have a follow up questions for all you great Mama's :) My son is nearly 3. ...



A.G. asks from St. Louis

What are the consequences about watching too much TV? Does it make her less smart? I think she learns a lot good things from her shows on PBS Kids. Is bad if I cut TV...


It's NO TV!

M.C. asks from Dallas

Hi Mamas, We have been boycotting television for years now. We do have a TV screen to watch DVDs but we don't have cable at all. Our children complained from time ...


How Much TV Time and Video Games?

C.S. asks from New York

Hi Moms- We started limiting TV and Video Games to only after dinner. My kids, 7 and 5, used to have pretty much unrestricted access to TV, Netflix, Computer and Vide...


Yoga DVD

L.L. asks from San Francisco

Hello mamas, I would like to try some yoga but doesn't have time to go to the real class. Is there any DVD that you recommend? I hope I can't trick my hubby to do yo...


Video Camera

S.M. asks from New York

We are going on an African Safari and want to take a video camera, small but good


Video Games

T.B. asks from Nashville

How much time do you let your child spend on video games?


TV For 19-Month-old?

C.K. asks from Seattle

My 19-month-old son had a really bad stomach flu and basically didn't want to do anything for a few days. That, plus a long plane ride meant that we introduced the T...


Regular TV

H.O. asks from Dallas

We currently have cable TV, but have decided to turn it off. We plan on getting a conversion box and just doing regular TV. My question is How do you prepare your f...


Playdates and Tv

H.W. asks from Portland

This may be considered either a poll or a question, I'm not quite sure, but here goes... This is out of curiosity-- how common is it for kids to watch tv/videos du...