Help! Need Simple, INEXPENSIVE Gifts for Coaches!

Updated on May 17, 2012
S.W. asks from Dallas, TX
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My son's Beginner's Coach Pitch team (ages 5-7) has 3 more games. We're getting the head coach something but need ideas for the 3 dads that helped throughout the season. Something simple but inexpensive. Any ideas?

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answers from Kansas City on

Ball caps signed by all the kids. You could give one a baseball, one a bat, and one a glove all signed by the kids. That way they each get something different.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Baseballs. Have the team sign one for each coach!

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answers from Las Vegas on

My friend just told me this morning about something she saw on Pinterest that she's doing for her son's coaches. I haven't seen it, and I'm sure there are more details there than I can provide here.

Anyway, she's getting a scrapbook page with a baseball theme (I think like a picture of the infield) and the adding the words, "Thanks for Covering All the Bases!" and attaching a gift card (probably the pitcher's mound?).

Super simple, cute, fun, and will, most likely, be very appreciated!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Our team mom cut out small paper baseballs - about 2 or 3" diameter - and gave one to each child to write his name on. she will then take all the balls and put them on a picture frame with a photo of the team inside.



answers from New York on

My mom was a long time sunday school teacher, and most of her "appreciation" gifts were sadly relegated to the junk drawer or the charity shop. How many mismatched mugs, picture frames that don't match your decor, or pretty but inexpensive stationary sets does one need. I recommend something consumable. A gift certificate to the local sports bar, local minor league team tickets, coffee house, a whistle and a six pack. It doesn't have to be expensive, but if you pool together with the other parents, the $15 each ($5x3) you would be spending towards gifts could go a long way.

Good luck to you and yours,
F. B.



answers from Dallas on

A few years ago we bought mugs at Michael's (using coupons). They came with markers and were meant to be written on and decorated. We had all the kids sign it for our assistant coaches. It was inexpensive, appreciated and easy. And two years later, I was told by one of the dads, the names are still on there even after going through the dishwasher.

Last year we did homemade cookie bouquets.


answers from Denver on

Does anyone have a picture of the season that is just too cute for words? Last year there was a picture of our coach running backwards with spray bottles in his hands squirting the kids as they chased after hime (it gets hot so he brings little squirt bottles of water to help cool down the kids) It was one of the best pictures and we blew it up and had the kids sign it. I was a basketball coach and they got me a basketball and drew a dragon on it (we were the green dragons) and they all signed it I loved it. baseballs are kind of hard for such big signatures at 5 though so an entire team would be hard to fit on it. Maybe find a really cute coach poem and have someone write that on a ball? something like this:
You taught me determination.
You gave me the skills
to persist in life's game,
and for that I always will
give thanks for you
and look back and boast
that I had the privilege
of calling you coach.


answers from Dallas on

I have a cheerleader and this is what we did for our 2 coaches...

We bought a picture frame from Hobby Lobby that was vertical and had a space for 3 pictures and had a mat.

On the top picture, we had the formal picture of the team
On the middle spot, we had a special poem of appreciation for the coaches
On the last spot, we had a goofy picture of the team.

Then, we used red and black sharpies (school colors). The Freshman all signed each mat in red and all the Sophomores signed both mats in black.

This was not very expensive, probably less than $40 and could be less with all the sales Hobby Lobby and Michaels do. We spent more time with it than anything else.

The coaches loved them.

Good Luck!

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