Help Finding Locks for Childproofing Framed Kitchen Cabinets

Updated on September 01, 2008
J.B. asks from Philadelphia, PA
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I am having a very hard time finding cabinet locks that fit my framed cabinets in the kitchen. The frames are over 2 inches so it is hard to stick your hand all the way down to open a lock. I have tried the adhesive mounts from kidco & dreambaby but they do not work. The magnetic ones won't work either b/c I have hardware on the cabinets. I called kidco and they recommended the swivel lock which does not work b/c I can't get my hand in enough to unlock it. The problem is that the frames are so large. Has anyone encountered this problem? If so I would love an answer. I have thought about taking everything out of the cabinets but some things don't have any other place.

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answers from Philadelphia on

I have the same problem and came up with the best I could do to safe-guard items--especially under the kitchen sink. I opted to put a cabinet lock on the left side door without one on the right side door. This way I can open the right side and reach in to unlock the left side. I only keep safe items on the right side-- colander, trach bags, etc, while those I want to keep out of harms way are on the left side. Not perfect, but better than both sides open.

If there is a lock for framed cabinets, that would be wonderful!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I used locks for my first child and then with my second child we had to move to another country and rent a home so we could not install locks. We just trained my second child not to open the cabinets and there were no problems. Just rearrange as best as possible the items that are harmless to the bottom and the cleaning stuff out of reach. You just have to be vigilant for a few weeks until the child gets the routine of not opening cabinets. They will learn as they do everything else. Also, you are teaching your child that not everything is theirs so when you visit other people who don't have cabinet locks in their kitchen it won't be a challenge to keep the child out of their cabinets. Sometimes I think we go nuts childproofing our home to make it easier for us and then when we remove the child from our home and put them in anyone elses environment they don't know how to behave because we never taught them not to touch things in their own home!! Good luck with a solution that works for you.


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answers from Pittsburgh on

I've never used them so I don't know much abou them, but have you looked at the magnetic locks? An accquaintance had them on her kitchen cabinets and when the doors closed they locked. To unlock them she held a magnet (that she kept on her window sill) up to the locking mechanism and the cabinet would unlock. Wish I could tell you more about them. Good luck!



answers from Reading on

Hi Joy,

Guess what I use to keep cabinet doors shut from baby?

Dog collars! Quick release style flat nylon or cotton dog collars. these are the only thing which actually worked for us. The collars are adjustable and the quick release is easy for us....but not for open. Plus they come in snazzy designs! LOL! You can get them cheap at Walmart or Big Lots or wherever. Or you can order them on-line. This is what they look like:

I'm not sure if I can visualize what your cabinets look like, but these fit well on the handles and knobs on ours.

Also, as others said....teach the child to stay away....and even better, switch around your cabinets so 'safer' stuff is within reach and dangerous stuff is not. We have a drawer and cabinet specifically set aside for the baby to play in if she wants. Hope this helps!



answers from Johnstown on

I realy never used child locks other then on the doors that had sharp things or cemicals in it. They will figure out how to open them no matter what kind you get. The word "no" is the best lock you can get. Because they need to learn not too get into them.



answers from Harrisburg on

Try some hardware stores like Home Depot and Lowe's. The usually carry childproofing stuff.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Hi Joy,
It was a very happy day for me yesterday because I finally removed all of my cabinet locks! Yay! Now I am teaching myself to just "open the door"! LOL
They are the kind that you screw into the inside of the cabinet and then you reach in and push the release to open it. I have enough for 5 cabinets and you are welcome to them if you send me your mailing address. I also used the kind on the outside that loop through the two door handles (cabinets with side by side doors). If I can srounge them up, I'll include them as well.



answers from Philadelphia on

I have experienced this problem and we found older cabinet locks at a thrift store (still in package-1st years). They are longer than the ones sold now at babies r us or target. Same company and packaging just an older model. This allowed us room to reach our fingers between cabinet and frame. We had to pick and chose which cupboards and move stuff because we couldn't find anymore.



answers from York on

do they have nobs? If so and they are facing one another you can double up rubber bands (the heavy duty kind). If they have loops you can connect two with shower curtain rings locked together. My parents had a line of drawers with handles on them. They put a yard stick down the center of all of them. We were unable to open them all at one time and therefore we were not able to get into any of the drawers with the sharp knives in them. Hope this helps. this is a short phase so good luck

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