Child Lock for the Oven

Updated on January 20, 2010
C.D. asks from Rochester, MI
6 answers

Can anyone recommend a good childproofing idea for the oven door? Our door only locks when it's in cleaning mode and our 16-month-old has figured out how to open it. She's never in the kitchen alone but you really can't be too careful. I always tell her HOT and redirect her but still, I'd like a little extra security. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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answers from Detroit on

We've had both the lock that Kristen recommended and the lock that C. recommended. From our experience, the one that Kristen recommended is far more reliable and sturdy. It actually acts like a built-in part of the oven and even withstands toddler chin-ups. :)



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I couldn't find any specific oven locks, so I bought a cabinet type lock from Buy-Buy Baby at Hall and Schoenner(it was the only place I could find it). It is two pieces (a plastic strap and a "clip" that the strap locks into). It uses very strong adhesive to stick it to the door. I was worried the heat would melt the adhesive, but it didn't. We've had it on the oven for a year now and it works great. It's also great for any cabinets that don't have handles. It is also much cheaper than an "oven-specific" lock that you will find on the internet.



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There is a store at Somerset Mall that carries some great child-proofing. I want to say it has 'Discovery' in the name, but it has been some time since we have been there. We purchased our door locks and magnetic locks from there, as well as my table bumper (my table's a death trap as it has some severe sharp corners!).

The place has a bunch of things for little ones~ a bit pricey if you asked me, but we did find the best for child-proofing there - I only wish I knew the name to help more... Sorry~ (Have a headache this morning and I just woke up not too long ago~)



answers from Detroit on

I can't help you with the lock, but in the meantime, what we taught our children was, if the oven light is on, don't go near it. They started to associate 'hot' with the light & never touched it.



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This is the one we use and I found it to be reliable. Our son is now 8, so it got us through the toddler years.

One caveat, if you pull really hard on the lock it will pop open. Don't use this style if your little girl sneaks into the kitchen to hang on the oven handle.


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