Help!! a New School year.....nasty Old Cough / Cold Again! Calling All Mom's!

Updated on August 27, 2009
W.W. asks from Greenwood, IN
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My little boy is 6 years old. He is a only child, plays at the park, and with his cousins, so he is around other kids, but not like most kids. Last year in Kindergarten by the end of the first week of school he had a cold, and it LASTED all year. He went to the doctor, they only ended up treating his ear infections. When there was school breaks and when school was out, the cold goes away, only to start again when going back.

I thought it was because he isn't around so many kids at once, but you would think that would stop after kindergarten. I'm worried it's the school and not the kids, how would I ever know??

What do you think?? What should I do so he isn't so miserable at school?? I have vitamins, maybe I need stronger ones?? I will get some of those immune (can't spell!) shakes, oranges and juice. I'm open for all advice, I don't want my little man to suffer through another year of school!!!

Thank you all


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Maybe it is allergies. Allergic reactions can result in ear infections when they hang on for long periods of time. Your pediatrician can refer you to someone who can test him for the common allergens. When school starts is prime season for ragweed. It could be that he gets so irritated then that all others--dust, mold, pollen bother him all year.



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If it's cold like syptoms I think more allergy like things. My son has allergy issues but they are bad most the time. You can buy children's Claritin over the counter now, or at six you can try the ones he swallows (that's what we have moved on to simply because they are so much CHEAPER!).
In schools there's more dust and other allergens that he might not have high exposure to at home. Claritin you take once a day like a vitimin and it should help those cold syptoms to go away in a few days, or at least make them less annoying.



answers from Indianapolis on

Unfortunately schools are breeding grounds for sickness. Alot depends on the kid. Was he sick much before school, well if he wasn't that may be why he is getting so much now, he's not got the immunity built up yet. My twins were around kids and in preschool as well, however the first couple of years of school were pretty bad, for us at least. Last year in 2nd grade was alot better and now they're in 3rd so we'll see. My hope is with each year their immunity will get better and better.

My advice for meds.....mucinex--it's great for thinning out the mucous so they aren't as stuffy, snotty, or cough as much. Also delsym--great for cough, but make sure not to get the mucinex that has cough suppressant in it, it doesn't work that well anyway and you can't use that and the delsym. So, keep in mind it will get better and goodluck.



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If you don't like giving your child meds all the time, do some research on Vemma it's a nutritional supplement. They are getting ready to launch a new childrens version on Sept 1st called Vemma NEXT. IF you are interested please contact me.

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