Goodie Bag Etiquette for Kids Birthday Party

Updated on March 28, 2008
J.E. asks from Sacramento, CA
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We're having a small party for my 3 year old - he is inviting 2 friends from school. One of the friends has a 15 month old sister. In addition, his 2 cousins, ages 7 and 10 are coming. I will have goodie bags for the friends but should I also have something for the little sister? Also, do 7 and 10 year olds have goodie bags at their parties? Do you think his cousins expect something? Not sure what older kids would expect in a goodie bag since they aren't going to be too excited about some of the simpler stuff I'm putting in the 3 year olds bags. I'm new to this birthday party stuff so any input is appreciated. Thanks!

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answers from San Francisco on

Why not just save yourself the social worry and give out a few more goodie bags? It's fun to give out goodie bags at that age anyway. Not sure what you can give a 15 month old that she won't choke on, but if you want to come up with something cute go ahead.

Rules, rules!! Seriously, don't worry too much. It's your party and you can goodie bag (or not) if you want to.

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answers from Stockton on

Birthday party ettiquette would deem one goodie bag per invited guest. If the older boys are invited guests, they get a goodie bag. If the invitation included baby sister, she gets a goodie bag. If invitation did not include baby sister, but mom called you and asked if she could come and you said yes, she is as good as invited. If you just happen to know about baby sister and are assuming she'll be there, you don't have to provide a goodie bag for her, although it would be a nice thing to do.

Goodie bags can be as simple or as exhorbant as you make them to be. Some stickers, a granola bar, and a bouncy ball can suffice. Try buying things at the dollar store, if you are on a budget. You don't have to cater each bag to the child unless you want to. Goodie bags are a nice way of saying thank you for coming to my party, and it is acceptable for all the bags to be the same. It is up to the baby's mother to supervise her treat, if you choose to give her one.

Hope this helps!

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answers from Fresno on

I'm all for giving goodie bags to everyone. Heck, at my 5-year old's party, we gave goodie bags to the grown-ups too! I included super balls, slinkies, little containers of play-doh, sugarless gum, stickers, pencils, etc. I think I bought everything at Target. They actually have an entire aisle of party favors (I just love Target!). At the time, my youngest had just turned 2, so I just edited what I put into her goodie bag to take out anything she could choke on. The funny thing was, the adults seemed more thrilled than the kids to get goodie bags. So, I don't think you're ever too old to love getting a goodie bag! Happy birthday to your son, and have fun!



answers from San Francisco on

I'd suggest keeping it simple (dollar bins at Target are a good source of ideas) for the 15MO maybe something like cute kiddie socks or dishware, or even something like a little baggie of cheerios. Pencils, erasers, little memo pads for the older ones. or bubbles for everyone



answers from San Francisco on

I don't think you have to do goodie bags, but since you are already doing 2 for the younger ones, I'm sure the older ones will expect something. You can put pencils, erasers, stickers, tatoos and there's always the dreaded candy. Not that I'm against candy, but it always seems like there is way too much of it at parties. The 15 mo old probably won't notice if she doesn't get a bag, but you can always do, crackers, bubbles, baby spoon/fork, just to name a few.



answers from San Francisco on

My suggestion is that if you have goodie bags for any, you should have them for all. There will definitely be hurt feelings if any of the kids are left out. The last birthday I had for my 3 year old grandson included his 10 and 14 year old aunts who definitely wanted the goodie bags. I think I put bubbles, candy, things like that. Didn't really matter WHAT they got, just that they got one too.

Have fun!


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