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Updated on February 01, 2012
L.M. asks from Chicago, IL
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Hi - so my son, who is 3, loves, loves, loves to play games. This is what I hear all day, despite how many games we have already played "M., you play game with me?" I'm, personally, getting bored with our games, as they have been played again and again. What are your young kids fav games?

We have a lot of the ones you would expect:
Candyland (original and shapes)
Chutes n Ladders
Several memory type games
Uno Moo
Guess Who
Hi Ho CherryO
Bed Bugs
Wheels on the Bus

Any ideas on something different? Thanks so much!

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answers from Minneapolis on

Mancala, it's a good way to practice counting. You can even buy a kid version where the beads are shaped like animals. Hungry Hungry Hippos is always fun too, Jenga is always fun.

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answers from Norfolk on

My children's current favorite games are Sorry! and a matching-type game called Fishstix.
It only took about 3 games of Candyland before I realized just how tedious it is. At least Sorry! is fun.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Busytown (Eye found it)
Busytown Airport

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answers from Huntsville on

Have you seen the Perplexus Maze Games? They have some for different ages.

Hide & Seek
I Spy

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answers from Chicago on

My daughter loved Jenga. And the pieces also joined her building blocks until the dog got hold of them. Danged Termite!! She told me yesterday I have to buy her a new game.

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answers from Champaign on

Card games: go fish, hearts, crazy 8's, war, old maid.

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answers from Toledo on

I spy card games, Dont spill the beans, Dora Dominos, or something more manley for bouys :-). Sock Monkey (where you hide the monkey and find him) Headbands is also fun.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I 2nd the Jenga 3 year old LOVES it and is surprisingly good at it!

You seem to have all the other ones though so i am kinda out of ideas...besides card games? We love War, Old Maid and Slap Jack too!

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answers from Washington DC on

checkers, chess, life, and card games - uno, old maid, go fish, penny poker

if he likes games and is good at them (can master the rules and pace), then there is no reason not to get him into more sophisticated strategy games that you will also enjoy more. My 3 year old hasn';t learned to play chess, but she can play a simple enough game wth her older sister that she now knows how a lot of the pieces are allowed to more.

Also how about iPad and Wii games for a change of pace?

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Memory Match
Go Fish!

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answers from Detroit on

In addition to the games already mentioned (card games, etc.), my daughter got a preschooler bingo game and loves playing that. She also loves Hungry Hungry Hippos and Let's Go Fishin'. She also got a beginner's Charades game that we haven't broken into yet.



answers from Los Angeles on

Sequence for Kids is one that my son really likes

Check out my Discovery Toys site, too. We have one sale that runs through Feb 3 and another one starting Feb 4. The latter has a great game, Interactive Bingo on sale and it's perfect for a 3 year old. You can check it out at


answers from Albany on

Chess. No reading, very little counting, just a basic understanding of rules and some concentration. My kids played when they were three.

We think kids need all the colorful busy loud kinda props to learn anything or have fun, but that's not always true!


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