Free/Low Cost Smoking Cessation Programs, Any Out There?

Updated on January 27, 2012
M.T. asks from Kansas City, MO
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Long story, but my mom just ended up in the ER this morning with a severe asthma/breathing issue. She has had asthma for as long as I cn remember, then picked up smoking when she was 48 years old (now 58). She has been earnestly trying to cut back and has an array of other health issues arise in the last 5 years which have prevented her from working, therefore prevented her from keeping health insurance and on the right medications (and I know the smoking is a cost she dealt with, but lets look at the big picture here). Now, she is on disability and on medicare plan D. I don't want the comments about being on disability, this one is a true case of needing it and a whole nother story. Well, my worry for her quitting smoking isn't so big. She has teh do it or die motivation right now and has the medicare that may be able to help with meds/patches, etc. My bigger worry is that her husband is a pack a day smoker with my mom sitting in it all day. I am not so sure he is willing to give this up or at a point where he thinks he will have to give it up for mom, let alone his own heatlh. So, as I am looking at a bigger picture trying to pull some pieces together, does anyone know of free/low cost programs that could help him with quitting? (provided he will do it)

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answers from Norfolk on

Try this wesite: I only became aware of the quitline program last week. Good luck

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answers from Portland on

Call your county health clinic. If they don't have such a program they may know of one. Also, check with the social worker at the hospital.

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answers from St. Louis on

not low-cost, but less than $100. My son & my Sis both used auriculotherapy to stop smoking. Basically the ear is "zapped"....& it worked for both of them. :)

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