FertilAid For Women- Anyone Tried It?

Updated on February 26, 2010
J.B. asks from South Saint Paul, MN
6 answers

I'm interested to hear some real reviews on FertileAid for Women (or for Men). Anyone tried it? I've seen tons of reviews on the websites that they sell it on, but I kind of wonder if they weed out any bad reviews. So, I'm wondering if anyone has tried it and if so, did it work? And were there any bad side effects?

*EDITED TO ADD* FertilAid is basically just a complete multivitamin for fertility health and I believe it also has some helpful herbal supplements in it too. I've done a lot of reading and have yet to come across a bad review.

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So What Happened?

Well, I ordered it. I am tracking my cycle using the AMAZING book Taking Control of Your Fertility, so I should be able to tell if increases the length of my fertile CM or anything like that. Will update if I see anything significant change with the use of this product.

UPDATE: I've been tracking BBT and CM this month. From what I can tell my body wasn't ovulating before and now this supplement is trying to gear my body up for an ovulation. So far, according to my charts, I've had 2 failed attempts and no ovulation yet. Will update you again if I ovulate and conceive.

New UPDATE: After one month, I am pregnant. Thanks FertilAid.

Miscarried early in the pregnancy. No idea if it had to do with the FertilAid.

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answers from Iowa City on

I didn't try this product, but just about everything else while trying to conceive. I did finally (reluctantly) go to a fertility clinic and with their help now have a beautiful boy! I wish I hadn't wasted so much precious time and money on all of the stuff I read about on the intranet. Try what you must, but if it doesn't work, don't be afraid to seek help sooner rather than later. I wish someone would have encouraged me to do that. Good luck!!



answers from Atlanta on

I suggest that you see a Reproductive Endocrinologist if you are having difficulty conceiving. What's in that aid? ____@____.com



answers from Madison on

Me and my husband are both on it, so far no luck getting pregnant, it has been about 2 months. My husband for the first month would get really nausious if he took it in the morning, but that has since gone away, I had no side effects.



answers from Minneapolis on

This site lists what's in it: http://www.babyhopes.com/fertilaid-for-women.html

It is just vitamins and herbal supplements. I personally would not spend one dollar on anything advertised this heavily, and regulated so lightly. But if you can afford it, it's your choice. I don't see any harm this could do, unless mixed with other supplements or vitamins, which would not be recommended. One review did say it could cause stomach upset.

You might want to check the cost of these supplements purchased separately. I'm afraid they are making a huge profit on a product that can't be proven to be effective. Chances are a certain number of women are going to become pregnant while taking generic vitamins, too...



answers from Houston on

Please don’t waste your time on those. My husband and I took fertility vitamins/herbal supplements for 6 months. We had been trying to conceive for over a year. I too like a previous comment wasted precious time on that. I went to my Gyn for an evaluation and she prescribed Clomid. The side effects were a little hard to deal with but thankfully they only lasted for about a week. It was definitely worth it. We got pregnant on the first try. We now have a wonderful healthy baby boy. I would suggest you visit your doctor. Best wishes!


answers from Omaha on

I've never heard of it, but I am a firm believer in herbal regimes for trying to conceive. Can't get pregnant without em. So I'm sure there are some pretty good fertility herbs in there.

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