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A.D. asks from Dallas

Can anyone recommend a good midwife for holistic women's heath care?



D.A. asks from Salt Lake City

i need a good caring midwife that deals more on the natural side of things than the medical side. I also need someone who will work with insuranse and bill you for th...


Seeking Midwife

C.M. asks from Chicago

Anyone ever use Rachel Blumenthal as a midwife? How was your experience with a midwife?


Recommendations for a Midwife

S.W. asks from Phoenix

Hi moms, I'm in search of a midwife and was wondering if anyone could recommend someone. Thanks.


Looking for Midwife

J.H. asks from Dallas

I am looking for a midwife in Ft Worth. I had my son in chicago with a midwife and had a great experience. We moved her this past september and I am in need of a new ...


Midwife Advice

A.B. asks from San Francisco

I am new to the area and newly pregnant. I have recently begun searching for a midwife to do a home birth, but just wanted to see if I could get any advice here. If...


Midwife Needed

K.F. asks from Atlanta

I would truly appreciate it if you could refer to me a qualified midwife who works in a hospital. I am 2 months pregnant and would be giving birth in a hospital. I w...


Searching for a Midwife

J.J. asks from Phoenix

I was wondering if any of you have used a midwife and what your experience was... Good and bad... Sorry this is in the child proofing section!! I tried to change it...


New Midwife

H.H. asks from Minneapolis

I recently moved and I am so sad that I will be too far away to see my old midwife. So I am looking for a new one for my checkups and when I have a another child.I li...


Seeking a Midwife

C.H. asks from Los Angeles

My Husband and I are expecting our second child in late October/ early November. Our first was born at home with love and support of midwives. The birth was very diff...