Feingold Diet.....What Are Your Thoughts?

Updated on December 29, 2010
S.B. asks from Waxahachie, TX
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My daughter has been diagnosed with ADHD and because of that some behavioral issues and learning issues. We have her on medication (after a long time of fighting it and then discovering for us that it was the right thing to do), she is in counseling for some anger and other issues, she's under the special ed umbrella at school due to some learning disabilities and speech impairment. We have also begun a positive reinforcement program with her that seems to be helping with her behavioral issues. I am always on the outlook for new things to try with her to help her get the most out of everything and of course to give us more peace at home with her. Someone had suggested the Feingold Diet on here on another's post. My SIL is involved in some diet similiar to this and she has given me some information concerning what they do. They have had success with their dtr who has similiar issues as mine so it seems promising. I'm just concerned about the amount of money they spend on it and the time that is involved in this program. Money and time is short unfortunately but I am willing to do whatever I can to help my dtr. I wanted to see if anyone on here has any experience with this type of diet and if you have any suggestions. I want to hear the pros and cons of it please. I already limit the amount of sugar my dtr takes because I have noticed a huge difference in her and not in a good way if she takes in a lot of sugar. Any suggestions and thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks!

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So What Happened?

Thank you all so much! There is such conflicting information out there concerning ADHD that it makes it difficult. I guess it's just a matter of trying different things to see what works for your child. I am not for going to the extreme like my SIL has with everything being organic, raw milk and everything. Works for them but I am not for that. I am however for changing our diet to a healthier one. So if it helps with her issues great but I am not going to pin all my hopes just on that. I think I will do it for just a plain healthier lifestyle for us all. I just want her to have all the oppurtunities and have the best chances to have a great life, one where she is not constantly struggling with these issues. Thank you again ladies!!

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answers from Augusta on

If your daughter truly has ADHD it won't effect anything.
You can start by eliminating all red dyes and sugar.
Only people with an allergy to eliminated foods will see a difference in behavior.
I know someone that had great success with it and again I know someone it didn't help at all, we tried diet changes eliminating things that are the big triggers. But nothing worked.
My ADHD child is on medication after much deliberation and trying other things. Nothing else worked.
With her medication it helps her stop and think before she reacts. it's not a cure all. But it helps the behavior modification system we use to work better.
Pick up " Taking charge of ADHD" by Barkley for you and pick up
" How to slow down and pay attention " by Nadeau and Dixon for your daughter. The first gives you techniques and tips on how to cope and manage ADHD the second does the same for her. From everything from managing anger to cleaning her room.

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answers from Seattle on

A good and nutritious diet (which is all Feingold is) won't help the adhd at ALL. What it will help is the same as it would help ANYONE and it will help anyone who is sensitive to particular dyes or additives. Sometimes you find someone who is both adhd and dye/additive sensitive... but usually not. More often someone is misdiagnosed with adhd who has nutritional problems. That's when the adhd "magically disappears" or is "hugely changed" by healthy food. Real adhd is completely and totally unaffected by food.

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answers from Sacramento on

Unfortunately, diet doesn't affect ADHD. I'm glad to hear you're pursuing the best options with medication and therapy, because those do have research to back up their effectiveness. However, it's not a bad move to employ healthy eating habits. I don't think you need to go Feingold extreme to achieve that, though.

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answers from Phoenix on

I am a huge fan of diet changes to control issues like this rather than drugs. I have known too many kids with adverse reactions to the drugs used for ADHD. I am glad that they are helping her though. Maybe a trial of the diet and see if it helps enough so you can wean her from some of the drugs. Everything with kids is trial and error which is a pain but you never know what will work or not for them with out trying.

Good Luck!

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answers from Las Vegas on

As I see it, the Feigold Diet is just good healthy nutrition. All those artificial colors and preservatives are really not very good for anyone, especially a child who may be more sensitive to synthetic ingredients in their foods. I know that my son, who also has attentional issues, does a lot better when he is given wholesome, organic food to eat. I'm not sure if the diet has to be that much more expensive. It just depends on how you go about it. If you keep your meal planning pretty simple and limit your snacks and desserts to items that you make yourself or find on sale in the organic food section of your supermarket, you probably can stay within your budget just fine.

I'm pretty sure that you can probably find a yahoo group devoted to the feingold diet if you search for it. If you join it, you probably can get some really great advice, recipes and such from a variety of parents who are also following the diet as well.

Hope this helps.

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answers from Philadelphia on

i am sure it helps some. it did not help us when we put our oldest child on that diet two years back. good luck.

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