Feeding Schedule for 4 Month Old

Updated on October 30, 2007
L.I. asks from Lake in the Hills, IL
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Hey moms--I started my 4month old son on cereal last week in the morning and then I give him a bottle. We had his checkup today and the dr. said I can give him cereal 1 or 2 times a day. He also said i can start the veggies and fruits when ever as long as I wait a few days in between for allergies. When my daughters were babies (different dr.)I was told step by step when to feed them but I forgot all that. I just dont know if I should start the veggies now or wait. Also if he eats that, how many oz. should he drink after? He is a big boy 17lbs and the cereal seems to help him take better naps during the day. The formula just didn't seem to be doing that much for him. Can anyone please give me examples of what their 4 month olds eating schedule is?

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My doc told us to stay on cereal exclusively till 6 months. If you start them on other foods too early they may not be able to digest it properly, or can even develop food allergies. We kept our dd on two cereal feedings till 6 mos. She had cereal in the morning and again at night. I would make a 6 oz bottle, use that to make the cereal, then give her what was left. If she acted like she wanted more bottle, I'd make another 2 ozs. If you do decide to start him on other food, make sure to start the veggies first. Also, make sure that you do single veggies first. No mixed veg or garden veg till he's had all the veggies. I would also recommend starting on squash or sweet potatoes. The green veggies are a little too bitter. Good luck!!!



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Hi L., I am a licensed child care provider(since 1996). I would suggest giving him cereal(I never measure) and at least 4 ounces of formula in the morning. For lunch give him a veggie and at least 4 ounces.(give the same veggie for at least 3 days to make sure that he doesn't have an allergic reaction to it). Fruits can be substituted but just do not get him on fruits first because he may reject the veggies! One feeding could just consist of formula(6-8 ounces, depending on how much he can drink at one time). For dinner(before bedtime), he could have more cereal (a smaller portion than morning, and formula). Hope this helps!

Ms P.



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Here was our schedule:
Started rice cereal at dinner for a few days(time constraints)
Then rice cereal at breakfast and then oatmeal at breakfast because the daycare had extra and started feeding him his breakfast,
Started with green veggies (per pedi) for dinner same veggie for 3 days in a row (used about half a container of Gerber 1st foods at a sitting) Then yellow vegetables (he LOVED the squash and ate the WHOLE container.) By then he was used to eating though.
Now we just had two nights of pears. I still give him the exact same 6 ounce bottle I was giving him before he started solids.

Now, we plan to do cereal at breakfast and then some veggies and fruit at dinner and then maybe only a 5 ounce bottle.



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With the blessing of our pediatrician, we started our son on solids at 4 months. Here was our schedule:

week 1 - rice cereal at breakfast
week 2 - rice cereal at breakfast, yellow veggies for dinner (same veggie for 3 days in a row, carrots, squash, sweet potatoes and yes, this does take a few days more than 2 weeks)
week 3 - rice cereal at breakfast, introduce green veggies for dinner (again, same veggie for 3 days in a row)
week 4 - rice cereal at breakfast, introduce a fruit at lunch, alternate between tried veggies for dinner

This schedule worked out well for us, and our baby tolerated everything we gave him. Always consult your pediatrician, however, when it comes to the unique nutritional needs of your child since he/she knows the baby best (well, other than you!).



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I like The Natural Baby Food Cookbook by M Kenda and P Williams. Oldie but goodie. I got it on Amazon.com for next to nothing. Good luck.

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