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Updated on March 27, 2008
F.G. asks from Marcus Hook, PA
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My 4 month old daughter has acid reflux. She's had cereal in her bottle since I can't remeber when. Anyway, I just started spoon feeding her the rice cereal with a spoon twicwe a day. Early next week I will begin with vegtables. Any advice on how much formula I should give her first before I give her the cereal & vegtable together? I was feeding her 6 ounces of formula, then 2 tsp. of cereal. I think the formula was too much because she hardly ate the cereal. My ped. told me to feed the formula first becaude of the reflux. I had such a great routine with her before solids, I feel like I have a newborn all over again because I am clueless!Any advice please!! Thank you!

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answers from Philadelphia on

Hi F.,
My husband and I have been talking about this alot lately also. Our son is very big (18.5 lbs and 27 inches at 4 1/2 months old). He has been on cereal in his bottle since he was 2 months because he also has reflux. He gets an 8 oz bottle with 3 tablespoons of cereal in each bottle. This is what our dr told us to do. For the past 2 weeks at dinner I make a 8 oz bottle without cereal. I put the 3 tablespoons of cereal in a bowl and use about an 1-2 oz of the formula with the cereal. He drinks about 4 ozs first, burps and then I feed him his cereal. After he finishes I give him the rest of his bottle to wash it down. Last week we started giving him bananas which I only give him at dinner. He usually finishes a container in about 2-3 days. He still takes about 4-5 bottles a day.
We have been talking about lessening the amount he gets in each bottle and/or starting to give him solids more than once a day. I also am interested in any feedback on how to make this transition. Also we think he may be getting too much food even though the doctor says we aren't. Good luck from another clueless mother.



answers from Philadelphia on

I would hold off on giving solids. 4 months is very young to start solids. My daughter didn't even start solids until she was 6 months. The longer you hold off on solids, the better chances you have with no food allergies.



answers from Philadelphia on

I have a 4 month old who also has reflux. The doctors all say don't start solids until 5-6 months but with a reflux baby solids can be a solution to the problem. We started solids a few weeks ago. I do the solids first then formula. I don't give him much (took a few times to figure out the right amount) so he still is hungry enough to finish the bottle. My son is also still taking 6 bottles a day. I never worry about not getting enough formula. I give him 1 tablespoon of cereal mixed with half ounce of formula and half the jar of veggie/fruit. Then i give 5 ounces of formula. He throws up alot less now that he started solids.



answers from Philadelphia on

Hi F.,

I have a 10 month old and I didn't start her on solids until 5 or 6 months old. Anyway, I can tell you that starting solids was scary and frustrating. I got into a little routine of giving her a bottle of formula/breast milk (she took 6 oz) first, then I waited an hour or two, then gave her cereal (about a tablespoon or two to start) and continued that way. I got that idea froma nurse who suggested spacing out the bottle and solid feedings. The most important thing is the baby getting the formula, the cereal really isn't as important at this stage.

Just go slow and even if your baby only takes a few spoonfuls, I think its ok...sheis still so young she has lots of time to get used to food.. the formula is also important so that she doesn't get constipated from the increase in solids as you go along. Their little digestive systems are still so sensitive. Good luck!



answers from Philadelphia on

Hi F.- My daughter had reflux too. I just fed her it all together. Gave her sips to wash it down. I always cut back on the formula when they started to eat food. Otherwise they overflow. Cut back from 6 ounces, to 3-4 ounces and a few tablespoons of cereal along with a few teaspoons of veggies mixed into the cereal. Do this 3x a day ( I used fruit at breakfast...try pears or apples they are soothing), lunch w/ vegs, dinner w/ veg and a little plain fruit for dessert. In between meals I'd give her a 3-4 ounce bottle if she seemed to want them and one big one 6ounce before bed. This helped her get through the night. Also, elevate her crib mattress by putting some folded bath towels under her matress(we used 2 on top of one another & folded 2 times). If she continues spitting up, consider changing her formula to soy or that senstive tummy formula Nutramagin. If it is realy bad, ask about prescription Zantac( I think that is the name of it). My nephew had it bad and that heped him. Good luck!



answers from Lancaster on

I'm pretty much on board with Meghann.... 4 months is fine to start some easy solids. My son is and was diagnosed at 6 weeks through an upper GI and I saw it myself on the screen (the reflux.) I would however stay away from Rice as it is binding (as was soy formula for my son). Use oatmeal and I would still primarily use formula as it does have the necessary nutrients that he needs. Also, I had my son on Nutramigen, it worked but my gosh is it expensive (he was well worth it). I found another formula that was awesome and wished I would have used it sooner and that was Nestle Good Start Supreme with comfort protiens. It really did him wonders, as did/does his zantac. Go lite on the fruits-bananas, pears and prunes I gave to start. I didn't do veggies until he was about 5 months. The only way to know about a baby/toddler having an allergy to food is to just give it to them and hope for the best.
Good luck!



answers from Pittsburgh on

The formula should still be her primary source of nutrition throughout the first year so don't feel you need to cut it back much. Solids at this stage are really mostly about learning to eat and exploring new textures and flavors. Don't feel like you need to get her to eat a certain amount or even a matching amount at each feeding. Some days/meals she might be hungrier than others - just like you - and that's ok. Let her lead. When she loses interest, stop feeding her.

Mine didn't start solids until around 6 months. My second and third didn't have a lot of interest initially and so I'd just make small portions and offer it daily. Eventually they accepted it and as they showed more interest or still seemed hungry, I'd give them a bit extra until they seemed satisfied. When my last first started with veggies and fruits, it would take about 4 meals to finish a single stage 1 container of food. As they get used to it they will eat more. Now she is 8.5 months and will take approx the amount in a stage 2 jar at a feeding (half cereal and half fruit/veggie). I nursed them so I never really measured the milk intake, but I don't necessarily nurse and do solids as a kind of combined meal. Somedays it works that way, but other days the food sort of ends up being "meals" and nursing is somewhere in the middle.

Once I get a few introduced, I usually start a routine of oatmeal and a fruit for breakfast, a fruit and veggie for lunch and a veggie and rice for dinner. It doesn't much matter the order you offer new foods either. Just give a couple days to allow for any reaction before starting a new variety.

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