Feeding Schedule for 10 Month Olds

Updated on April 01, 2010
N.F. asks from San Mateo, CA
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My 10 month old twin girls both just LOVE their formula and right now are still taking 5 bottles per day. I try to give them solids at least 1-2 times a day but they are not too interested. I also work full-time so it is hard for me to experiment during the day except on weekends. I have read a lot on this subject, but no one seems to give detailed advice on a SPECIFIC feeding schedule - for example, what times to give what food and/or bottle, and how much, and in what order? Do you give food and bottle together? Do you give baby food or stuff that you eat? If so, what? Thanks for any guidance.

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answers from Washington DC on

By the time my son was 10 months old he ate breakfast, lunch and dinner with us. He wasn't eating baby food either, he was on regular table food. He got a cup (we switched him to cups at 9 1/2 months) with each meal, plus one after his afternoon nap.

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answers from San Francisco on

I fed both of my girls on a routine. At this age they should be eating about every 4 hours-ish. Depending on your needs the routine could look like this:

7am, 11am, 3pm, 7pm with a top up at 11pm. (or something like it that works for you)

I fed mine food first then nursed (or bottle in your case) three times a day (7am, 11am, 7pm). I allowed/encouraged them to eat as much food as they wanted, then would nurse them for a few minutes after, but they were usually pretty full and didn't nurse long. In your case you could offer formula in a sippy cup after/with meals. The 3pm feeding was just as they woke up from nap and I would nurse them then offer a snack (crackers, fruit, cheerios, yogurt, etc.), but this was a smaller 'meal'. At 11pm I would wake them and give them a quiet/dark top up nursing in their room to hold them 'til morning.

If you separate the bottles/sippy cups from the solid food, you will end up feeding them every 2 hours or so which is not really necessary. That kind of schedule encourages them to 'snack' and not really eat a full meal ever.

As far as what to feed them, at 10 months they can try just about anything. Just make sure you only introduce one new food every 3-4 days so you will know if they have a reaction. Peanuts should be last. At this age my girls ate scrambled eggs, cheese, yogurt, all fruits, all veggies (cooked soft, or baby food mixed with baby cereal to thicken), small pieces of chicken or other meat, mashed potatoes, pasta, etc. Pretty much whatever you eat. I didn't feed them pre-prepared foods like mac and cheese or hot dogs. Too many additives for me. I just fed them plain food. Their mac and cheese was pasta with shredded cheddar on top. :) One thing I did do was add mild herbs (tarragon, parsley, etc.) to some foods so they got used to the idea that food came with 'specks'. I remembered my nephews refusing to eat anything with 'specks' and wanted to avoid that. :)

I hope this helps!

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answers from Boston on

Hi there.
I have a baby boy that will be 11 months next week...this is his feeding schedule (for most days).
7:45-8:00 am 6oz bottle
9:15 -9:30 breakfast some finger foods (blueberries,banana,cheerios...)and a jar fruit & cereal
11:00-11:15 4-6 oz bottle & Sometimes a snack
12:30 lunch...some finger food (chicken, pasta, cheese, grapes...) and a jar of veggies and if he is still hungry a jar of fruit or a yo baby.
3:00-3:15 4-6 oz bottle (a snack too...graham craker,cheese,cherrios...)
5:30-6:00 dinner some finger foods (chicken, peas,) a jar of veggies and a jar of fruit
7:00-7:30 4-6 oz bottle

A couple of notes...I have tried to consolidate his bottles and meals but it didn't work out because he was never really hungry enough to eat that much all at once. Our pediatrician has always said that if he wants a bottle over food give it to him (for the first year). Some days he is just not interested in eating either the bottle or food and thats fine and sometimes I feel like he has really hungry days. I do try to mix it up as much as possible. I would give him more veggies as finger foods but he has a really hard time picking them up and doesn't let me feed them to him. When he self feeds he does take a really long time and sometimes I think he is done and then he continues to eat for 10-15 more minutes. I do try to give him what we eat as much as possible without giving he the food they cannot have yet.
I have been told that he is a good eater. He gets a cup of water with every meal but still has not mastered it. I am sure our ped will talk to us about it at his 1 year.

Hope this helps!

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answers from Los Angeles on

My daughter is only 8 months old but I had some trouble with this when I introduced solids. My daughter LOVES to eat and would eat all day if I let her so we had to put her on a "schedule." I nurse her (in your case bottle) when she wakes up and "asks" for it. Then she eats every 3-5 hours. At her second feeding I give her some food (usually yogurt and fruit) and then nurse her. At her second to last feeding (not the one right before bed) I give her veggies meat and basically what ever else she will eat and nurse her. Then right before bed I nurse her. She ends up eating anywhere from 4 to 6 times a day but gets all her fluids and still gets enough to eat to keep her happy. It isn't like a breakfast at 8 lunch at noon and dinner at 5 type of schedule but it works for us, and has definitely been more flexible for a working mom to accommodate.

As far as what to feed them..try everything (that doesn't have allergy alerts) and see what happens. With "table food" be careful of choking if they aren't accustomed to chewing. If they don't gag and don't turn away give them as much as they will eat!

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answers from Charlotte on

I have a 9mo and this is her schedule:

- 7am - 6oz formula
- 8:30am - 1 cup applesauce with baby oatmeal in it
- 10am - 4oz formula followed by nap
- 12pm - 1 jar stage 3 baby food
- 1pm - 4oz formula
- 2pm - snack (usually gram crackers)
- 3pm - 4oz formula followed by nap
- 5pm - 1 jar stage 3 baby food
- 7pm - 6oz formula - bedtime

I started her eating by gradually decreasing her formula. She use to drink 8oz bottle throughout the day, and as you can see, she's down to two 6oz bottles and three 4oz bottles. I don't usually give the bottle and food at the same time, she'll get too full and not eat.

When we're having something that she can eat (I don't give her seafood and a few other things) I feed her table food first, and if she's still hungry I'll give her a small jar of baby food.

Over the months she has developed quite an appetite and wants some of whatever is on your plate. She loves spaghetti, meatballs, chicken, rice, almost anything we eat. I always keep baby food on hand for when we're having something like Chinese (cooked in peanut oil) or pizza.

So just slowly start decreasing the formula and increasing the food. My daughter's pediatrician says she should still get 24 to 32oz of formula per day and she does. Having fun loving on those twins!

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answers from San Francisco on

my dughter is 10 1/2 months, and at her 10 month appt I had the same problem, my doctor told us to feed her what we eat, and she's a big fan of the fingers versions so we just cut up each meal and give her some of ours - fruit and toast with cream cheese in the am (8ish - she wakes up at 7 and we offer a bottle) then what we call 2nd breakfast (dads) around 9:30-10 for eggs and some kind of bread then she naps 10:30-12, and when she wakes up we offer her more fruit/veg with cereal and yogurt, then she may have soem crackers or a banana around 3, then nap form 4-5, then dinner 6pm with which is pasta or potatoes and veg/meat. I found once we started feeding her this way, she now drinks less than 10 oz of formula each day, drinks water at her meals and seems completely content with being a pig!!



answers from Modesto on

Babies can eat a mixture of baby food, finger food and formula/breast milk by 10 mo. I usually fed my children food and sippy cup soon after waking(7am ish), then a full bottle for "snack" time mid morning(10am ish), then lunch(noon), nap, bottle for afternoon "snack" (3pm ish) and then dinner(5:30-6:00 ish). Another snack and/or bottle before bedtime(8pm). If they seem hungrier than the breakfast/snack/lunch/snack/dinner routine then give them more-they are growing amazingly fast at this stage. You can give children formula/breastmilk with their food or give them water. I gave my children water at mealtime to get them used to drinking things other than formula. It worked fine for the first and he graduated easily to drinking milk with meals too after 12 mo. My second drinks water from a cup like a champ but WILL NOT drink milk from a cup so we still have a nighttime bottle at 16 mo. Still working on a solution to that one. Each kid is inherently different and you just roll with the punches. Try and graduate your baby to a sippy cup so you will be ready to start ditching the bottle after 12 mo. As far as food goes, give him as much shredded/cut up food from your meal as you can , add finger food and baby food to be sure he's real full. Canned foods (green beans, carrots, peas, fruit etc) are an easy way to start baby feeding himself. I usually offer only a vegetable first, when they are hungry. THey are more apt to try and/or eat that vegetable. Then meats/breads. Give fruits last. I found that if sweet fruits are give early in the meal, its next to impossible to get them to eat anything else-all they want is fruit.



answers from San Francisco on

Well, eventually you want to get them to eating three meals per day so I would start off with some rice cereal or oatmeal in the morning. Not much, it doesn't take much solid food to fill them up. So, a little oatmeal or rice cereal or cream of wheat and afterwards, a bottle of formula (just like a glass of milk to wash it down.) Then, for lunch, I would try a quarter of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for each again followed by a bottle of formula. then maybe a bottle to do down for the afternoon nap, followed by some baby food fruit and a bottle when they wake. This bottle I would use juice or water. Then, for dinner, perhaps split a jar of veggies and a jar of meat between them again followed by a bottle to wash it down. then finally, the bottle to go to bed. You might also replace the bottle at lunch and the one later in the afternoon with a sippy cup to get them going on that. It's pretty much your eating schedule with a bottle of formula instead of a glass of milk to wash it all down and top them off!



answers from Florence on

I never really put my girls on a schedule per se. I just fed them breakfast when they first woke up, lunch when they seemed hungry or maybe about afternoon and dinner about 5 or 6. Usually whenever we ate. Also you really need to get the girls started on cups. You probably will want to break the bottle habit ASAP. I gave my girls baby food untill the age of one. Also if they didn't seem satisfied then give them some juice or some water after a meal. I think they will still get the formula they need. Also if they won't eat veggies, I would trick my girls by adding some fruit to sweeten up the taste.



answers from Hartford on

I like the website wholesome baby.com but I am not sure that they give a sch. there or anything. I just feed my LO when they are hungry. I have heard that if they are not too fussy to try to feed them first before drink but if they are too fussy and hungry then you should give them the bottle first. good luck, I think as parents we always worry about feeding!

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