9 Month Old Nutrition - Lockport,NY

Updated on September 19, 2011
J.D. asks from Lockport, NY
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My 9 month old son is just starting eat a few foods that are cut (not pureed) along with his formula. I was just wondering what are good finger foods for this age, and what else can I feed him outside of fruits and veggies. Also, I feel like between bottles and food he is ALWAYS eating. He wakes at 7am and goes down about 8pm. Any suggestions as to what a good feeding schedule should be, between food and bottles? Last question, how much should I let him feed himself vs. putting something on a spoon to make sure he is getting food in his mouth?

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answers from Kansas City on

I would let him feed himself as much as he wants. Self feeding rocked my world! My daughter refused anything on a spoon at 8 months so she fed heself everything, and she seriously ate like a champ then too! I would say any meats you're eating, he can eat too. Crackers (we like the baby Goldfish), bagels, and bread are good, pretzels, cheese sticks and slices...you name it, if he'll eat it I'd give it to him! Stay away from raw veggies for a while yet though.

He gets all the nutrition he needs from the formula so everything else is just extra nutrients and extra practice and feeding himself. I wouldn't really limit how much he eats, just give him healthy things.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Every 3 hours he needs a good snack or a little meal. He should still be getting his main nutrition for formula but adding small amounts of food to teach him to chew and swallow is good too.



answers from Savannah on

My son is just about 10 months, but his schedule hasn't changed much.

7am- wake and 8 oz bottle
7:30- breakfast cereal and fruit mixed together, cheerios
9-10:30- nap
11- 8 oz bottle
12- lunch cereal, veggie and meat pureed
1-2:30/3:30- nap
3:30- 8 oz bottle
5- dinner cereal, meat, veggies and fruit puree
6:30/7- bedtime 8 oz bottle

The only change from 9 to 10 months was that my son had only been taking 6 oz bottles and was waking up at might to take a 5th 6 oz bottle. Now he takes all bottles during the day and they increased to 8 oz (ends up the same amount of formula). Throughout the day, if he seems like he wants something to snack on (does a chewing motion with his mouth) then he gets puffs or cheerios. You are lucky that your son is eating finger foods. I try all the time with my son, but he won't try anything except puffs and cheerios. I was actually thinking of asking a related question today.

I would not worry too much about how much food he is eating as long as he is getting at least 24 oz of milk or formula. The main source of his nutrition is still his milk until he is a year old. If your son stills seems hungry after he works on the finger food, then give him some that is mashed up. Since he is eating finger foods, he may prefer his baby food a little thinker.



answers from Cleveland on

well my 9 month old gets up at 7ish.
Has breakfast, fruit, cereal, cup of water and something to self feed (cheerios a teething cracker ect.) half jar of fruit and 2 ounces before mixing of cereal.
about 9 he gets a bottle 6 ounces
he will take a couple ounces of formula before his nap which is around 11
lunch whenever he wakes up, 2 ounces before mixing of cereal, half jar of veggie, water and again a snack to feed himself
he will get a bottle here about 2, 6-8 ounces
dinner about 5 which is the same as lunch
and 1-2 bottles before bed

Does seem like all he does is eat, but in my case my son is only in the 50th percentile foe weight and very healthy so I don't worry about it.

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