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Updated on April 22, 2013
A.W. asks from Saint Charles, IL
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I just sent my husband and daughter off to the Daddy/ Daughter dance at her school. They both look so nice and are so excited for their special night! It got me thinking about all of the things her school does that involve the families. We really are lucky to be at the school we are at and have the prinicpal we do (he's retiring this year though. Sad.). Every year the school does a family fun night, ice cream social, McCare Nights once a month, several movie nights, each grade puts on a performance one night, and then once each year the school has a performer come in for an assembly during the school day and then another one at night for the families (this year it was a magician). I think my favorite, though, may be the dances. Funny because I don't get to go (as we don't have a son) but my little girl and her daddy get to have this amazing evening together, just the two of them. It's such a great bonding experience for them and for her and I too. Each year she and I shop together for her dress and stuff and then the day of the dance she and I get to spend time together getting her ready. I do her hair and paint her nails and toes and this year I put a little bit of eyeshadow and lip gloss on her (the theme is semi formal so I let her be a little more "grown up" this year) and we packed her purse (with her brush and lip gloss). It takes about an hour to get her all ready and it was time we got to spend alone together, giggling and talking. It's so much fun and she is going to have such amazing memories when she gets older.
So what does your kid's school do to involve your family?

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answers from Tampa on

My son's school does both a daddy/daughter dance and a mother/son game night. They also do a movie night. Next Friday, they are doing a magician show.

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answers from Washington DC on

Our school does various things including an International Night every other year (with larger events that are a big effort, it can be a good idea to hold them every other year rather than every year). International Night lets kids volunteer to do performances that reflect their heritage (we've had traditional Indian dance, Irish dance, songs from all over the world, etc.). Families bring food from many cultures, families or kids are invited to bring simple displays about their chosen countries, etc.

The other big hit is Pizza Bingo night -- very simple, just pizza for sale in the cafeteria and bingo in the gym. All prizes are donated so it's no cost for prizes. Kids LOVE this beyond belief. Parents like to play too! Teachers call the bingo and the teachers have a blast doing it. There are raffles for cakes and a silent auction for teacher time -- teachers auction off things like "Mrs. Smith will take your child and a friend out for ice cream" or "Mrs. Jones and Mr. Williams will take your child and three friends to play mini-golf" etc. This raises a ton of cash for the PTA and is tremendously sought after by the kids.

Regarding father-daughter dances and mother-son events etc. -- Someone asked if you had had questions about exclusion. I do know of schools and organizations that don't do the father-daughter, mother-son specific events any more because they feel it does send the wrong message to kids in families where there isn't a traditional setup; however, I also have seen a good solution -- instead of calling it "father-daughter" it gets called something like "Bring Your Best Man" or whatever, and girls bring a dad, uncle, big brother, grandpa, even a close family friend. You can figure out the same kind of thing for boys and the adult women in their lives. It's a nice way to acknowledge that not every household is the same, and to make girls who don't have a daddy in the home feel more comfortable and welcome when they see those cute posters promoting a dance. I do think these kinds of events are very positive for kids to do, no matter what they're called.

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answers from Detroit on

Our school does activities similar to yours, daddy/daughter dances, movie nights, and different themed family nights. Last month the kids were all learning about different countries-so they had a family night. The kids had passports and got them stamped at each room (they were all different countries with different activites). The 5th graders had a "wax museum" in the gym. You pressed the button on their poster board and they gave a speech about the historical person they were portraying. We ended the night in duty free where they had tons of small tokens and souveniers for sale. It was great-and really had our 4yr old excited for kidnergarten next year. The month before that was family math night.
The district also offers open swimming in the winter at our local high school once a month-great for all the kids to get together, play, and meet the other siblings.
In our area there are a lot of places that offer mommy/daughter tea for mothers day. Maybe you can find something like that and the two of you can get dolled up and drink tea. Pinky out!

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answers from Chicago on

We have a Math Night (the last one was done at a local grocery store VERY FUN), a Literacy Night (they trade off by month), when I run the book fairs I do a Family Night - last one was a book themed movie in the gym (supervised) while parents shopped. Our PTO is very much in a rebuilding stage and we have a new pricnipal coming in so we do not do too much right now.

Question for those doing the parent/child dances - do you worry about exclusion? Our demographic is very single parent homes and that is why we keep tossing the idea out when it comes up.

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answers from Grand Forks on

We have a family night activity about once a month. We've had movie nights, games nights, literacy nights, Halloween parties, school BBQ's and picnics and entertainers such as African drummers, magicians and children's musicians.

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answers from St. Louis on

LOVE the idea of a daddy/daughter dance. Maybe I will suggest this for next year (I am PTO President!!). However, our elementary will soon be going to K-3 instead of K-6, so not sure this garner much interest?

This past year (first year on the board/with a child at the school) - we did Art Night, and ice cream social on "Back to school nights" and McTeacher Night - where families come to eat at McDonalds and the PTO gets a portion of the total sales. We also put on a last day of school picnic with bounce houses, popcorn, cotton candy, etc that parents are encouraged to attend. While not family/parent centered, we also provide money for various performers and things for assemblies.

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answers from Washington DC on

Aaaw, I hope your hubby and daughter have a wonderful time. Our school is great. They have movie (and pizza) nights often, reading night, math night (themed each year), a strawberry festival, art fair, science fair, and all sorts of events that involve family. Love it. Enjoy it while it lasts!

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answers from Los Angeles on

We just had our daddy/daughter dance too! So cute. There was a mother/some Olympiad as well but I have no boys. So I am left outta those!
We have a great school. Actually, there are so many activities, it has been said that perhaps there are a bit too many. The problem is they are constantly recruiting for volunteers to pull all these things off- I mean us parents can only spread ourselves so thin ya know? But I have no idea which of the many fun events could be dropped, so I doubt things will change! The kids love it too. So far my favorites have been the "evening with Santa" and the Halloween parade. There was also harvest festival, pumpkin patch, an Indy 500 coming up with 1st graders on big wheels and 6th graders as pit crew... Don't even get me started on 6th grade, they have double the activities as everyone else.

I'm not one for organizing events, so I serve "behind the scenes"... I'm on the schools Bullying Prevention committee which involeves going to trainings, educating parents, giving input etc. That's more my style :)

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