Eye Twitching Is Driving Me Nuts

Updated on November 07, 2014
M.P. asks from Asheville, NC
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My right upper eye lid has been twitching off and on all day, almost every day, for about 2 months. It's about to drive me completely insane. I have tried upping the vitamins, eating the foods high in potassium and magnesium, eye massages, moistening drops, even tonic water (which is said to have a muscle relaxing effect). Nothing is helping!! I thought it might be stress, but the only thing really stressing me is my twitchy eye! Does anyone have any good remedies that have worked for them? I do have some chronic sinus problems and mentioned it to my doctor when I went in for a sinus infection. She said it will just go away on its own. Not really what I wanted to hear. As I write this, my lid is doing a little jig. Thanks!

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So What Happened?

I had a feeling that electronics may be the issue- I'm an IT professional, so there may be no hope for me as I can't avoid computer screens. We are headed to Disney at the end of this month, so that may be just what the doctor ordered! Also, I do have a current eyeglass prescription.
I have to tell you all this- the funniest remedy I read was to stick a lit cigarette in your ear. WTH?! I'm not quite that desperate yet. LOL
SO I just made an appt to see my doctor about this. It is the worst this morning- my eye feels like it wants to close completely on me. Thanks for all your advice!

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answers from Philadelphia on

My friend just had this and she didn't feel stressed either but it completely went away the first day of her Disney vacation.

I've also had the feeling of a lump in my throat (that feeling you get after crying) for prolonged periods of time. This too is a stress reaction and went away for me when my husband and I went away for a weekend.

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answers from Seattle on

I have the exact same thing....My upper right lid started twitching on it's own, uncontrollably, just doing it's annoying thing....

Here is what I have learned talking to 2 neurologist and my optometrist:

It's Stress..pure and simple....

Stress due to:

Eye strain - so try the hand cup thing, and some massage, and most certainly EFT tapping....google EFT.

Lack of sleep - so sleep more, or sleep better, or longer.

Don't over rub your eyes.

I also have sever sinus problems that shoot pain up into the crook of my eye. So clearing your sinuses and managing that is important.

Recently, I started taking a 5mg dissolvable Ambien (sleep aid) at night, like just 2 weeks ago. And Voila! the eye twitching is almost down to nill. Ambien is a relaxant and I'm positive this was a side benefit. So I'm please that I'm sleeping better and the twitch has resolved.

Also, caffeine aggravates the twitch in most people. So I only drink breakfast or green teas for a caffeine boost, no coffee or sodas. The caffeine in coffee and soda really increases the twitch, for me.


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answers from Kansas City on

My DD went thru this just last year. I had to take her to optometrist and they gave her some eye drops. I believe they were steroid eye drops. Hers was caused from stress and wait for it... wait for it.... to much caffeine!! She was drinking 3-5 mountain dews a day! She was even drinking that stupid Bolt Mt. Dew. I didnt realize this until she fessed up to me. She was getting them at school! I made her throw the rest of the pop out of the fridge and stop drinking pop. If you are a big coffee/pop drinker, maybe try eliminating that for a while. Hers went away after about another week. The twitching slowed down dramatically after she stopped drinking pop. Good luck.

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answers from Milwaukee on

There are a few things you can do or eliminate to see if it helps clear up the symptom. Per this website, http://www.allaboutvision.com/conditions/eye-twitching.htm , there are a number of "triggers", including fatigue, stress, caffeine/alcohol, diet. Yarmatey's comment follows along with eye strain. Also allergies or dry eye conditions (specifically blepharitis http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/blepharitis....

Try reducing/eliminating caffeine/alcohol, getting a good nights sleep on a regular basis, reducing electronics & low light work, make sure you have a current prescription for glasses (including reading glasses). Treat any allergies you might be dealing with, esp. since you mentioned sinus issues.

If none of these help, I would recommend seeing your eye doctor to make sure there isn't something going on more significant.

Hope you find peace soon, eye twitches/tics are annoying!! T. :)

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answers from Iowa City on

Take a break from electronics if possible. Eye strain from staring at screens often results in twitching.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Lol! A lit cigarette in your ear? Maybe that pain would distract you from the twitch! How bizarre!

As an IT professional, about twice per hour, you should look at an object 20-40 feet away for 30 seconds.
Also cup your hands over your eyes and "look into the black" for 30 seconds 8-10 times per day to rest your eyes.

Good luck!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Are your allergies acting up? If so, you might try a benedryl.


answers from Austin on

Have your eyes checked, you may need glasses or a new prescription.. As we mature, each year you may need an eye examination.


answers from New York on

I get the same thing when I'm stressed and on the computer all the time. It goes away on its own when the stress isn't there.



answers from Washington DC on

Added after your SWH:
Are you going to now wait until after your vacation at the end of the month? What if your vacation's ruined by the twitch continuing while you're supposed to be relaxing? Please consider seeing a doctor now. Just because someone else posted that a vacation cured someone that doesn't mean it's going to cure you. If this is job-related it will be back once you're back at work. If it's something more, you won't know and will go that much longer without treatment.

You've tried a lot of things - but not a proper examination by a doctor!
Your doctor assumed this is due to the sinus infection, but if that is gone, and the twitch is ever day, all day for EIGHT weeks -- please get yourself to another doctor now.

This could be eyestrain, or general stress, or it could be as serious as dystonia (a condition my father-in-law had that caused constant eye twitches and must be correctly treated and medicated). It could be nothing or it could be something. Don't go back to the doctor who already has assumed it's just down to the sinus infection. You should NOT have to live with this immensely distracting twitch -- it's affecting your quality of life every single day, right? Why go with folk remedies and not see a doctor?

Consider going first to an opthamologist but also see a general practitioner who is not already biased, which yours is.

Yes, it's most likely this is stress-related thing and will go away, but eight weeks of daily twitching all day long? Not worth waiting. Get started on medical examination since drops and food changes etc. clearly just aren't working. We're not doctors here so our "prescriptions" for home remedies don't mean a lot.

I admit I am cautious about eye twitches after my FIL's turned out to be the symptom of a serious but treatable condition.



answers from Boston on

If the vacation doesn't clear it up, then I'd try three things and see if they help:

Chiropractor - sometimes an adjustment can relieve weird nerve issues
Acupuncture - again, acupuncture can be effective for all kinds of oddball things
Botox - I'm not a fan of the idea of injecting toxins into my face but if I had twitching that wasn't going away, I would just want it to stop. Botox can be very effective for eye twitching.

Hope it's just a sign that you need some time away from screens!



answers from Boston on

If you have not had a full exam by an opthamologist, in addition to your optomotrist, please do so asap. In the meantime (not as a substitute for a doctor's visit) if you tolerate aspirin or tylenol well, take a small dose when you are most bothered by the twitching. This was suggested by my eye doctor, because it temporarily stopped the "urge" to twitch. All my best.

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