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Updated on November 13, 2012
S.G. asks from Beverly Hills, CA
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For the past week I have been experiencing a strage sensation and twitching on my forehead above my left eye. It is not painful, but it is really getting annoying. I'm not sure if it is worth seeing the doctor about. It didn't even worry me at all for the first couple of days, but now that it has been happening for a full week I am getting slightly concerned. It happens several times a day, and I don't have any other symptoms that I have noticed, and it doesn't seem to be getting any better or any worse. Has anyone here experienced anything similar? I googled" Facial Twitching", and what comes up doesn't seem to match.

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone. I drink about threeor four cups of coffee a day. I haven't changed my cafeinne intake recently. I don't eat a lot of bananas, but I have potassium in my multi-vitamins. I'll pick up some bananas tomorrow though. I haven't felt anymore stressed or anxious than usua, and I seem to get enough sleepl. Allergies are possible, but my doc doesn't want to send me for allergy tests. He basically said "it doesn't really mattter what you are allergic to, we just treat it the same way..." I'm not on any meds, just taking a multi-vitamin and iron supplements. Shingles crossed my mind, but I figured I would have a rash by now if it were (it's been 9 days now). I'll make a physio appointment, and let her do some sacro-cranial and see if that helps. Maybe I'll make a dr. appointment for a week from now, and I can cancel if it is gone by then. Thanks for the ideas!

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Growing up, I'd hear my Grandma saying that this happens because a person is tired/fatigued and has lack of sleep.
Who knows.

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- Whenever my potassium is low (potassium is what's needed for a muscle to relax. Calcium to contract, potassium to relax. That's why we go into rigor mortis when we die... Lots of available calcium from our bones, but limited potassium.) Cure= eat a banana / drink some Gatorade.

- Under stress.

A facial tic, or facial muscle spasm, can be indicative of many things... Most harmless, a few of note. I'd go eat a banana and get a neck rub. If that doesn't fix it, I'd see the doc. Just to touch base. I wouldn't expect anything monumentous, but its good for them to know.

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My mom described a strange sensation on her forehead too but she said it felt like bugs were walking on her forehead. (She did not have twitching) It lasted a couple of weeks and then she broke out with a rash. If you get a pimple like rash or start to experience nerve pain you need to see a doctor immediately. It could be shingles. Their are antiviral meds they will give you to stop shingles but you have to be treated within the first 24 hours or so I believe. Shingles can effect the optic nerve so don't mess around if you believe it could be that.

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answers from Norfolk on

Could be stress.
How much caffeine do you get per day?
Have you been sleeping well?
Low on potassium or calcium can make muscles spasm.
I read somewhere that muscle involuntary twitches on the head might be migraines (even if you feel no headache pain).
Sometimes soaking in a Epsom salt bath can help with muscle spasms.

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answers from Redding on

It could be a symptom of anxiety.
I have anxiety issues and my eyes both twitch under stressful circumstances. It is really annoying, to be sure.

Talk to your doctor. You won't know what's causing it unless you get evaluated. I actually take a low dose of Ativan when my stress presents itself as twitching.

You can try some relaxation techniques. When you have a chance, lay down with a cool or warm wash rag on your eyes. I prefer cool, but some people relax better with warm.

You can also try gently massaging the area above the eye that is twitching.

Best wishes.

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answers from Las Vegas on

I have had that several times, but for me, it's right under my eye. I used to get it a lot when using a computer for a long time or whenever very stressed out. It usually took a couple of weeks to go away. It always seemed like the twitch kinda had to run its course..
if it continues, you may want to ask your eye doctor about it

best to you and yours

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answers from Spokane on

sounds like a muscle spasm.

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answers from Kalamazoo on

It sounds like a muscle spasm. Do you have someone who will give you a long scalp massage?

I hope you feel better soon!

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answers from Tulsa on

I had this happen when I was very stressed. It took a month to finally stop.

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answers from Minneapolis on

could it be caused by a med you are on?

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answers from Dallas on

Allergies will make your eyes twitch. Google that.

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I get that sometimes when I am not getting enough sleep and am stressed. Get a good night's rest and try to be stress free - it'll go away.

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muscle twitches like that can mean lack of potassium - try a banana or spinach - get more potassium and iron in you...

then check your stress levels!!!

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answers from Minneapolis on

It usually happens to my eyelid, but recently I had it in my forehead, although not for as long as a week. It's a sign of stress and lack of sleep. Get some rest!

I hope it goes away soon.



answers from Minneapolis on

I had the same problem about a month ago-bout drove me nuts-I think it was from squinting to much-so I just massaged it-it finally vanished-never came back-annoying but not serious....

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