Weird Eye Thing?

Updated on February 02, 2012
N.G. asks from Arlington, TX
8 answers

Yesterday, my eyelid was twitching. Today, it started with a spot of blurry vision right in the middle of my line of sight. It looked like a pulsating spot of flashing lights. So, in case I was having a fatal stroke (I have a fear of strokes...), I asked my boss for a couple aspirin, which she obliged. The eye thing spread, my peripheral vision went out. Then, as quickly as it came, it was gone.

What the HECK was that?!?! Never happened before.

FYI: This all happened within about an hour.

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answers from Richmond on

Yeah, you're probably going to die in the next 30 minutes.

I'm kidding.

My eye or lip gets twitchy when I'm under serious stress and feeling overwhelmed. Yes, when my eye twitches, it can cause some blurriness. Sitting in front of the computer all day also wreaks havoc on your eyes. They make yellow tinted glasses to wear when you're in front of the computer all the time, they help a lot.

Signs of a stroke:

sudden numbness/weakness on one side
sudden having trouble speaking
sudden severe headache
sudden change in vision (would not come and go, like you described)
sudden difficulty in walking

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answers from New York on

Did you just stand up? Do you have low blood pressure? I used to get the flashbulb effect right before I used to pass out if I didn't eat and have low blood pressure. Eye twitch can be caused by caffeine withdrawl or stress.



answers from Washington DC on

Probably a migraine aura but get it checked out just to be sure. Just an FYI, if it is a bleeding type of stroke an aspirin is the last thing you would want to be taking as aspirin thins your blood.



answers from Seattle on

Maybe you have a potassium deficiency. It's strange for sure, but it has happened to me before and someone told me to eat a banana, and it helped. My eye is twitching right now actually, and I so wish I had a banana but I dont. But I think mine is due to stress right now, not a vitamin thing.

Eye twitching can be caused by stress, vitamin deficiency, lack of sleep, too much caffeine, dry eyes, and allergies. I am sure there are more but there is a short list for you.

Might want to bring it up at a doctor appointment.



answers from Dallas on

Rachel's list is about stroke is a good one. I also twitch with stress.
Another thing, my mom who has diabetes goes through this sometimes. I not saying you have diabetes. You might just be experience blood sugar or pressure issues, that's generally when her eyes go strange.



answers from Chicago on

go to the eye doctor now. a retinal guy as quick as possible. your retina may be tearing. it may be nothing but a retinal tear has a really short amount of time in which you can fix it. I know this as I am totally blind in my left eye.
I had some flashy stuff that I ignored thought it was a migrain. i waited til the next day to go. turned out i had a major tear in my retina. they did an operation, fixed it for about 2 weeks tore again. in all I had 6 surgeries. but still no vision



answers from Dallas on

Sounds like a migraine, more specifically an aura. I started getting them years ago. I went to an eye doctor & a neurologist just to be sure. I found out that some of what I thought were sinus headaches were actually migraines!



answers from Denver on

That sounds like a migraine - sometimes I just get the vision issues without the head pain - and one of the triggers for me (that a migraine is a comin') is the loss of vision - things get kinda squiggly (like words will be missing the middle letters and stuff) then I get all wavey peripheral vision. YOu might have stopped the actual headache part with the aspirin (if I catch it at that stage and take some Tylenol it doesn't turn to a full on migraine) but if it's unusual for you go see a dr. You don't want to mess with your eyes.

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